Dead or Alive 6 Targeting Stable 60 FPS; Switch Port Not Considered Due to Technical Challenges

Technical Challenges are preventing Team Ninja from considering a Switch port of Dead or Alive 6, but they're targeting Stable 60 FPS on All Platforms.

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FallenAngel1984153d ago

Them jiggle physics too advanced for Switch to handle 😅

OnDec76153d ago

Sucka, they took the " jiggle mechanic " as you call it out of DOA6 : you shyte

TheCommentator152d ago

Yep, and now they're "targeting" 60fps? Stable 60fps is mandatory for a fighter like this and any slowdown would ruin the experience.

badz149152d ago

Nintendo fanboys: lazy developers, confirmed!

PassNextquestion153d ago

They need 4k worth of pixels to display the jiggly bits accurately

Derceto153d ago

Ya, I really wouldn't wanna program this game for a toaster either. Those are some serious technical challenges.

Venox2008153d ago

well, give us DOA 5 Then :)