E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Comments on Delay to 2019, Why We Haven't Seen Big Hero 6's World

Franchise director Tetsuya Nomura described why Kingdom Hearts 3 moved from its originally planned 2018 launch window.

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FallenAngel1984131d ago

“Tetsuya Nomura said the delay from the originally intended 2018 release window came about less so for development reasons and more to be mindful of the game's worldwide launch window.”

Square Enix is releasing Dragon Quest XI & Shadow of the Tomb Raider in September and Just Cause 4 in December. That means Kingdom Hearts 3 could’ve only released in October or November and Square Enix didn’t want to jeopardize sales so they moved it to January for a safer period. Personally I believe a title like KH3 would’ve sold well regardless if it released in the holiday season like FFXV before it.

On the topic of Big Hero 6 it reminds me of how Kingdom Hearts’ original tagline was “You'll never know who you'll run into next.” That statement was so true for KH1 when I played through it not knowing what Disney property I’d travel to or who’ll show up. Nowadays in this era we demand all the worlds be shown to us. That kinda ruined Dream Drop Distance for me, so I wouldn’t mind if some surprise worlds were kept secret until the release. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t even talk about Big Hero 6 until release

InKnight7s131d ago

Actually its quit simple most of important SE games were released in the later of financial year. As example the FFXIII trilogy, FFXV and FFXIV expansion (maybe). So its a habit.

GamesMaster1982131d ago

Actually loved that frozen world that was shown. Maybe my little daughter still a frozen fan might enjoy it also. Well done Disney and Square.