Is Joel Alive or Dead in The Last of Us: Part II?

We have a lot of questions about what to expect from The Last of Us: Part II. Chief among them is, “Is Joel alive?” Did we get an answer at E3? Find out here.

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PhoenixUp127d ago

I can see The Last of Us moving past Joel, but I can’t see Uncharted 5 moving past Nathan

FTLmaster127d ago

I think he’s got to show up somwhere. A flashback at least, right? He was so critical to the story in the first game. But I do agree that the series can eventually re-focus on Ellie and other characters going forward. I’ll miss Joel, though.

naruga127d ago

for me if it doesnt include Joel is a lame and a failure option for the game...LOUs=Joel( Ok Elli was a good char but for secondary only) who the f wants to paly with a psycho girl i dont what the heck are thinking there inside ND ...but neil lame Druckmann is destroying the game

popopdc127d ago

Agreed, definitely can't envision Uncharted moving past Nathan

kneon126d ago

I can. Chloe and Sully could team up for an adventure. Or Chloe and Charlie, Sam and Sully Or skip ahead a further decade after Uncharted 4 and you could have that new character pick up the torch.

chrisx127d ago

Neil Druckman has already confirmed that Joel is out there. he's def alive.

Iceball2000126d ago

But is he “out there” physically or spiritually. That is the question.

MrSwankSinatra126d ago

Ya'll clearly didn't pay attention because the asian guy that was talking to ellie confirmed that Joel was alive.

Iceball2000126d ago

MrSwank. But is “old man” him?

GNCFLYER126d ago

Yeah I'm thinking hes a prisoner somewhere and ellie and company busts him out halfway in. At least that's what im hoping. Joel is the perfect character for this game. Roughneck, beard, flannel lol, etc..

firelogic126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Joel is alive. Probably. Neil was asked about the reference to him in the demo, "your old man..." He started out by saying, "well, Ellie may have a new father-figure at this point in time....JUST KIDDING! It's Joel. He's talking about Joel. It's definitely Joel."

So there you have it. He's alive, at least at that point. He may be dead a year after the church scene though. Church takes place 4 years after the first game. The gameplay section takes place 5 years after the first game.

MrSwankSinatra126d ago

If yall payed attention to the trailer the asian guy pretty much confirmed that joel was alive, no whether he dies later on in the game, that's speculated.

Kyizen126d ago

They said it time jumps so I think he will be im parts of it but something crazy happens

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