Shadow of the Tomb Raider hands-on impressions - PC Gaming Enthusiast

We played Shadow of the Tomb Raider during E3 2018. Find out our thoughts on the third installment in the recent reboot of the franchise.

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SuperSonic91223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Not gonna support such douche baggery from Eidos Montreal even if I am Canadian.

I boycotted Tomb Raider reboot since the first one more so this time.

They need to be learn how to respect other developers to deserve respect.

The uncanny resemblance to Uncharted was their artistic decision so they must take responsibility for the direct comparisons.

Uncharted was an evolution of Jak and Daxter and not the original Tomb Raider.

Ninja Theory had the same problem with Enslaved being very Uncharted-like and also showed this negative behaviour towards Naughty Dog and PS3 gamers and suffered a boycott afterwards.

StifflerK223d ago

You're missing out.

Yes lots of devs have been inspired by ND, but ND has taken inspiration from many others - including the TR series, other games, movies etc.

If you boycotted all games that took inspiration from someone elses work I doubt you'd have much left to play.

SuperSonic91223d ago

Nah, I don't support arrogance and PS4 is not short of great quality action adventure games.

PUBG223d ago

Wow, well you go fight for your great cause! On your journey, you will fight to ensure that no developer ever says that Naughty Dog gameplay footage is fake...ever again!!!! I can't think of a better reason to boycott a game /s

NeoGamer232222d ago

I have no clue what you are babbling about.

Tomb Raider's reboot is its own game. Yes, it has an art style similar to uncharted. What were they supposed to do? Make a jungle adventure as a cell shaded game like borderlands? Almost every Tomb Raider was set in jungle environments long before Uncharted. I don't see either game being a copy of the other. They are different in a lot of ways. And they compete well with each other. Pushing each one to be better and better.