Ghost of Tsushima Is a Gorgeous, Brutal Look at Ancient Japan | IGN

A demo behind closed doors at E3 showed us the contrast of beauty and violence.

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UCForce223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I really like the realistic look on Japan. Also, Ghost Of Tsushima is more history accurate than BFV. There was female warrior in Japan. They were called onna-bugeisha.

SuperSonic91223d ago

I have been longing for a realistic samurai sword fighting game just like in Kurosawa movies.
And GOT fits the bill perfectly.

I hope they get the animations as smooth polished like in TLOU2.

oakshin222d ago

that's not going to happen to big and open for that level of detail and naughty dog sets the bar in that department anyway is the main reason I say this

MuddyWaters222d ago

I'm getting a vibe from Bushido Blade, this looks amazing.

jukins222d ago

yes and i hope it remains throughout as such. more counter 1 hit kill type thing

ABizzel1222d ago

I’m praying for a 1 v 1 mode like Bushido Blade. Please god or Sucker Punch let it be true.

ShadowWolf712222d ago

1. That's unrelated as hell.
2. There WERE women who fought in WWII. Yes, in combat roles. Primarily Resistance fighters but they were there. Everyone needs to chill, jeebus.

Internetratnik222d ago

Yup. People are retarded.

sher123win123222d ago

there were no women on the British army fighting on the field though, and its not really about women on games its about context, if i made a nba game and put women on it as a player, would you say the same????

annoyedgamer222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

EA is alot of things, and stupid isnt one of them. EA just duped everyone again by using women as a shield for them turning BF into a fortnight clone.

This happened before with the ME3 debacle. But back then it was all about gay rights at the time. So EA called its critics "homophobes" and oil executive lovers. And BAM just like that, the focus is on SJW topics..and not EA's corporate greed.

Majin-vegeta223d ago

To think that demo was just a side quest...mother of god

DarkVoyager223d ago

The game is gorgeous that’s for sure. Best wind physics I’ve ever seen in a game.

PhoenixUp223d ago

Sucker Punch doesn’t disappoint. I never expected them to make this kind of game

UCForce223d ago

Well, they are evolving.

SuperSonic91223d ago

It was a huge surprise indeed.

UltraNova222d ago

It speaks volumes how Sony is not afraid to take a risk and let their devs deviate from the norm.

Freedom and trust breeds creativity on a level we just witnessed in GoT.

thornh222d ago

Despite the awesomely brutal Last of Us 2 demo Ghost of Tsushima was the highlight of the show for me. It is my most anticipated Sony game after Spider-Man hits. Very well done Sucker Punch.

jhoward585222d ago

GoT was just a Demo that will eventually change by the time the final build of the game is released. And also, I highly doubt the PS4 can output lighting at that level. There no way in hell....

jhoward585222d ago

Come on now. Do you really expect the PS4 to output lighting like what was shown on the GoT demo?
Please explain if you will?

Bathyj222d ago

Are you saying it wasn't running in a PS4?

jhoward585222d ago

I don't think Got demo was running on a Ps4 base system. I think it's running on PC on a PS4 dev kit. Remeber the PS4 dev kit and PS4 base system specs are similar, the only difference is the S devs kit has more ram(for debugging purposes) and the spec is a little higher.

Shiken222d ago


PS4 Pro with HDR is a thing, sooooo....

ABizzel1222d ago

I doubt it’s running on PC. The only games that absolutely blew me away graphically in gameplay were The Last of Us and Death Stranding. The environments in those games were absolutely amazing, textures, foliage, all looked next gen.

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spicelicka222d ago

The game looks absolutely gorgeous, but I don't think I saw anything outstide the realm of PS4's capabilities? I'm not sure what about the lighting looks unbelievable to you.

firelogic222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

It's still baffling to me that even after seeing games from Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerilla, Kojima Productions, Quantic Dream, still question whether it's real or not. That Ghost of Tsushima demo was definitely running on a PS4 (probably a Pro) but nonetheless, it'll look that good on a regular PS4. No. It'll probably look even better in the end.

Edit: Actually, the article states that it was running on a Pro.

meshowz222d ago

IGN played the demo? What you say bout that?

jhoward585222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

That doesn't mean a thing. Thay could've played it on a devs kit for all we know.

This is the norm. Plus expect the wind physic in GoT to be downgraded as well.

AlphaCentyros222d ago

"The demo we saw was a live PS4 Pro playthrough" case closed. How about you actually read the article next time?

jhoward585222d ago

"The demo we saw was a live PS4 Pro playthrough" case closed. How about you actually read the article next time?
I don't believe everything I read...these claims by game studios happens a lot. The same was said about Anthem and look how that turned out in the final build of the game.

AlphaCentyros222d ago

Oh so you've seen a final build of Anthem already? Wow, please do enlighten us!

You don't have to believe everything you read, but in my opinion there's really no reason at all for you to be so cynical at this stage. I mean, have you seen the performance of God of War on PS4? What reason could you possible have to think that Ghost could not look just as beautiful on a PS4?

jhoward585222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


You see, I think Got lighting effects is about 3-4 times greater than Gow lighting effects based on what was shown so far by comparison. Another thing I noticed, Gow animation sequence/frame rate was in a more complete state, Got is not. Gow lighting effect was still downgraded even though it was in its complete state. Ok, Got frame rate is not fluent and the animation in Got needs more keyframes to make the movement a lot smoother. In other words, Gow seems more balanced out than Got if you compare GoT/Gow to it first showing appearance. Well, What I think will happen in the case of Got is that the Devs will trade in some effects for fluent animation/frame rate. If I had to make a guess the lighting effects will be downgraded to at least 30-35% in the final build of Got. The wind effect might also be downgraded a bit. Not sure how much though. Another thing I noticed, Got musical score/background sound effects arraignments/speech dialogue. seems to have more cues than Gow. The musical scores in Got changed almost every other 30(or less) seconds. I know that PS4 uses shared memory/GPU for the music. The more music cues/background sounds are added in a game the more hardware resources are needed from the hardware.

Edit: Lighting is very difficult to pull off especially if a lot of it is used in a game. Ask any Devs/3D animator/

Time will tell.

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thornh222d ago

Hahahahah! Go play God of War my friend. Your're correct, it was a demo that will probably change before the game is released. Just like the God of War demo at E3 2016. Though the level in the final game was similar it was still very different than the E3 demo. However, and I fully expect this form GoT as well, the retail version of God of War was better than the 2016 demo. The lighting in God of War is freaking insane. I suspect Sucker Punch will have all the help they need to ensure GoT looks as good, if not better than, the 2018 E3 demo.

OB1Biker222d ago

Just look at what they did in ISS for a launch (or so) game. SP sure know what they are doing.

dreue222d ago

Dude than you know nothing about development, and developers.... Agains it is not the machine that makes the gamw but the develipers use the machine, in this case the final game will at least the same or better.... Dudeyou just butt hurt.... We already saw it in motion, and games like god of war etc show this is more than realistic it will be in the base ps4, no problem... Dude go back to what ever you olay, because never a sony excluive demo was downgrade that it does not look what you expecting... God of war as better in the end than what i saw in the demo of e3.... So ya f you dude....

one2thr222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


Almost the same exact words of doubt, was said about the reveal trailer of Infamous: Second Son.


Come to find out, on release the game looked better than the trailer, especially when you get further into the campaign.


Did you guys not learn since last gen that Sucker Punch knows how to squeeze the juice out of a PlayStation properly,?

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