Sony's Underwhelming Press Conference

David from BagoGames writes: The E3 2018 Sony Press Conference had plenty of stand out moments. The Last of Us Part 2 looked stunning and so did Ghost of Tsushima. The Last of Us Part 2‘s gameplay showcased absolutely outstanding contextual animations and animation-blending. Its production values and level of detail put every other game to shame. Much like Uncharted 4 before it, Naughty Dog’s efforts make every other studio look a generation behind the times.

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masterfox222d ago

You know the thing is that the games displayed by Sony in this E3 are so god damn good and insanely stunning that whatever user comment, article displayed by journalist that wants or tries to downplay this Sony presentation it just feels like , haha keep trying my child ;)

UCForce222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Well, their games showed promise but their format and presentation are clunky and awful. I just hope that they don’t this next E3.

-Foxtrot222d ago

They won't, I honestly feel like because they knew this years E3 was going to be smaller, something they kept telling us, they used it as a chance to experiment with the format.

It failed horribly...and honestly I'm just glad it happened now instead of a year where it's one of their bigger shows. Imagine if this happened at a show where they had a lot to show and get through? It would have been a trainwreck.

SuperSonic91222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

It is deliberate.
If you noticed PSX is getting better and bigger while E3 is getting smaller.
Low budget but effective.
Sony E3 mafe sure TLOU2, GOT, Spiderman and Death Stranding is gonna sell multi-million units and its ajob well done.

Sony is up to something truly PlayStation. Greatness Awaits!

UCForce222d ago

@SuperSonic91 I know, but Sony have to do better.

221d ago
angelsx221d ago

Next E3 will be all about ps5 and The Last of Us 2 release date cross gen.

UCForce221d ago

@Ninja_Ryu Easy there, just don’t get cocky.

UltraNova221d ago

As I said, it was a mediocre presentation when it comes to Sony but the game play they showed overshadowed everything else shown in E3.

WickedLester221d ago

Thank God we dont play presentations. At the end of the day, content is what counts and Sony's was outstanding.

dreue221d ago

My oh my, for me it is all about games, and they show me the best, of all games, at least they show us games and gamwplay, format wise i dont really care.... Again it is all about games...but of course presentation could be better... But that is not the main factor....

StrawberryDiesel420221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Well i thought the tent presentation out of Last of Us 2 was a nice touch. Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us 2, Dreams and Death Stranding blow any exclusive on X Box One X away by miles. Its almost like Sony games are a generation ahead of anything on the One X. Hell, God of War 4 destroys anything from the entire One X catalogue lol. Is this author on drugs? And are u smoking what he has? You fan boys are grasping at straws like always. Keep eating crow while Sony absolutely trounces One X in sales, games, first party studios etc.

And all those multiplats MS showed off at their E3 like Cyberpunk and Shadows Die Twice will be on PS4 also. So try harder.

darthv72221d ago

There is still TGS and PGW and PAX and PSX so I bet there is much more to come over the next several months. I remember when MS used to do their "X" show as well. They need to get back to doing those like Sony has PSX.

OB1Biker221d ago

Yes it would have been cool for psx but its as if Sony gave the finger to E3 conferences. Its kind of amusing tbh that even so they still got the edge at E3 because E3 is not all about a conference to start with.

blackblades221d ago

Seems like people care more about the format and presentation then the beautiful games/gameplay that people went there for.

Omegasyde221d ago

I am still trying to figure out why they did pre-e3 announcements when they had so little to announce + using 2 locations.

Whomever planned this Sony event needs to get fired.

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chrisx222d ago

I know right? "David from BagoGames writes: The E3 2018 Sony Press Conference had plenty of stand out moments" yet goes on with that headline. it's pathetic really.

Darkwatchman222d ago

It’s not pathetic? Defensive much? You know how the internet takes wordsmith out of people’s mouths. I STARTED WITH THAT so people would know that I’m not hating just to hate. It had good moments, but it was ultimately underwhelming in the grand scheme of things, especially compared to Microsoft’s. Underwhelming does not equal bad. Underwhelming means what it means. Just because it’s underhwleming, that doesn’t mean it had no redeeming qualities at all.

Fanboys are so defensive and annoying, my god.

-Foxtrot222d ago

"Fanboys are so defensive and annoying, my god"

Don't edit your article after people call you out then use the "fanboy" card...what's next? "You guys are such trolls".

Darkwatchman222d ago

Are you dense? I never edited anything in the article. What is posted now is how it was published and went live. I have not gone in and changed anything. I started the article with the positivity so no one could put words in my mouth because here’s a concept. You can acknowledge the positives of something while still finding it underwhelming. It’s not all black and white, my guy

CaptainOmega222d ago


What's pathetic is you damage controlling your article.

Grow up.

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IamTylerDurden1222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


I can see the criticism of the intermission after TLoU 2 showing, but to dismiss Sony's conference as "underwhelming" when they showed probably the two best games at E3 (TLoU & Tsushima) is silly. Not only TLoU and Tsushima, but Death Stranding, Spiderman, RE2, and Control were all fantastic gameplay demos. Nioh 2 was a huge suprise as well. But more importantly Sony's big 4 games all had fantastic gameplay demos that really were the class of E3. Sony also had much more coverage after the stage demonstration including 15 min of live Spiderman gameplay with Insomniac.

Multiplat trailers are nice to see, but what really counts is how your own games look and Sony's big 4 were jaw dropping. The presentation was obscure, but do not discredit what was shown. The Last of Us II was special.

Majin-vegeta222d ago

intermission was crap but at least we got a free game so thats a positve

Darkwatchman222d ago

I did not discredit what was shown. I begin the entire article by highlighting what impressed me, including shadow dropping black ops 3 as a bonus free PlayStation plus game. I’m not discrediting anything. You can find something underwhelming while still acknowledging its strong points.

-Foxtrot222d ago

There's a huge difference between "there presentation was so shit this year what the f*** were they thinking" and "there conference in general was really shit" because the latter sounds like you are calling the games or that they didn't have anything to show.

The presentation structure was awful but honestly almost every game they showed I was excited for, I just wish they had used the intermission to just show the multiplatform trailers we saw in the Microsoft conference, least then there's no filler or dead air.

IamTylerDurden1222d ago (Edited 222d ago )


You edited your article. Smh.

Anyway, you claim the Microsoft conference was much better and you praise the games they showed as well as the amount of games shown. How about the fact that they showed Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, and Pubg which were basically commercials for already released Xbox exclusives? How about Captain Spirit, Tales of Vesperia Remastered, and an indie game via a single dev (staring a fox) all getting their own legitimate stage time? Those were 6 terrible showings used solely for advertising and padding. Oh btw, Gears Mobile? Don't forget that. They also boasted about 50 games and 18 exclusives ect but a portion of those games were counted from a 2 min indie sizzle real.

You claim the Microsoft show was filled with fast paced rapid fire game announcements yet they had a long boring segment advertising Game Pass. Phil also came out for boring monologues multiple times.

The Microsoft show was much better than last year, and it had a great collection of multiplatform games, but it was not a spectacular show. This was not Sony E3 2015 or 2016. It had its flaws. It was a good show because of the multiplats, but i prefer the incredible gameplay demos and the classy nature of Sony's show.

Darkwatchman222d ago

I did not edit my article at all??

IamTylerDurden1222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

It really feels like Microsoft viewed E3 2018 as a huge competition while Sony just wanted to show people what they have. Microsoft tried desperately to stuff the show with anything they could while Sony just wanted to show us the good stuff. SE actually showed 2 PS4 console exclusives called Babylon Falls and Quiet Man. I'm sure Sony could've worked a way to show them on their stage. It would've added 2 more new "EXCLUSIVES". Sony could've shown Days Gone and Dreams even though they had a heap of coverage pre E3. But they just went with a different style, really the antithesis of Microsoft. And that's okay because the big 4 carried the show.

I guess it's just preference, but aspects of Microsoft's show turned me off. I find it funny how arrogant Microsoft was and how many times they said "EXCLUSIVE" even if it was timed. I don't believe Sony said "exclusive" once. I love how Microsoft refuses to reveal sales numbers yet they were all about numbers at the conference. It's just interesting. Different strokes i suppose, but exclusive and 1st party games are what count most at your conference, your OWN games, and Sony killed Microsoft in that area. Sony, MS, and Ubisoft had good showings. The rest was bad.

manabyte77221d ago

The downvotes to your comment just go to show the utter lack on reason by Xbots. All four of Sony’s exclusives with actual gameplay shown blew away anything shown exclusive to Microsoft. Just tip your hat to Sony. They have the best internal devs in the world, and it shows. My god, give Xbots anything at all to grasp on, and they pounce on it like rabbid dogs. All I can say is thank god for Sony, and I hope Xbox cult members enjoy their subscriptions next gen. Especially once they jack the prices and ditch the incentive once those suckers are hooked.

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Ninjamonkey82221d ago

It isn't that tbh im glad Sony showed great games but E3 has evolved into more than just that now its expected no mater who you are what position in what fictitious race your in E3 you put on a show everyone will remember hell isn't like 10 people turn up to see it. This thing is global this what makes the world pay attention and people love a good show. Imo everyone let themselves down this year.

DanteVFenris666221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Sure there games were better then what Microsoft showed off for exclusives.

But no need to be a fan boy. The presentation was mediocre and disjointed. Xbox had a better presentation. Which is the first time I admit that sense I’ve watched e3. Also nothing new wasn’t shown in sonys conference. Why the fuck did Sony not make dmc 5 an reveal for them? Why did they let Microsoft take everything?

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CaptainOmega222d ago

The only thing that turned me off was the format of the conference. Overall they showed off 4 big games in detail, including other surprising games that made it a fine E3. I'm sure they'll take a different approach next year.

affrogamer222d ago

They had already given us a heads up on what they were going to focus on, their top 4 upcoming exclusives. They showed the best looking games and best gameplay out of all the conferences. I don't know how you can possibly look at that as "underwhelming".

rpvenom221d ago

If I'm not mistaken.. Sony awhile back mentioned that their going to focus on making PSX (which is more for the fans versus the press and industry). Meaning they're not investing a lot of money to impress critics anymore at E3. E3 also costs them a lot of money.. Maybe they wanted to downplay this years conference so that PSX stands out more and since that is more for the fans and gamers.. why wouldn't they? Plus it probably cost them way less to do that then to partner with E3.. I am obviously speculating but I do recall comments made where Sony is pushing more for PSX versus an E3 presence.

The 10th Rider221d ago

Yeah, except last year's PSX was unimpressive too. If I remember correctly they only announced a single game and it was a remake.

RpgSama221d ago

Definitely, the format was garbage, hopefully they will never repeat it again, having said that, their games were the best in the Show, TLOU2 made a tomb raider producer say it was fake, that's how amazing it looks

maybelovehate222d ago

Yeah, it just wasn't fun. Oh well. It is just a conference. It means nothing at the end of the day. We can all go back to playing games instead of watching them and forget it ever happened.

Razzer221d ago

Agreed. “Winning” E3 means next to nothing in anything other than fanboy bragging rights. Ultimately, E3 is just PR fluff.

Razzer221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Your point? I mean you didn’t have to go back to last year to find instances of me saying what company “won”. This year I said Bethesda won and MS beat Sony. It still doesn’t mean a damn thing in the larger scheme of things. So not sure what point you think you just made.

Relientk77221d ago

They needed more games, announcements, and surprises

My opinion

zackeroniii221d ago

Was the same old recycling of forza, halo, and gears surprising?

Razzer221d ago

And how does that make Sony’s conference any better?

alb1899221d ago

The announcement was a surprise because we haven't any news from this titles.....doesn't matter that they are sequels

Prince_TFK221d ago

What surprising is the acquisition of 5 new devs. But hey...that is not important right?

Razzer221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Yep. Laydon even said don’t expect surprises. He wasn’t lying. The whole thing was ho-hum.

Jinger221d ago

I mean Nioh 2 was a surprise. Wasn't expecting a sequel announcement yet, but I don't mind, I freaking love Nioh

Ristul221d ago

Control was also a surprice, but yeah, not exactly Sony's strongest E3, I also think they want to release some of what is in the pipeline before they announce new stuff. Lets face it, they have lots of stuff in the pipeline so holding back a little could be a good thing for next years E3. I still think they had the strongest games with the best demonstrations of said games, Microsoft did good too though. Nintendo didn't show as much of interest (for me) witch was a bummer.

Razzer221d ago

Sure. I’m primarily talking about first party/exclusive surprises. Think that is what Laydon was referring to as well.

blackblades221d ago

Have ya heard the crowed reactions they sounded surprised when they seen the gameplay of the games and nio2.