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At E3, CD Projekt Red is giving live demonstrations of its next title, which just happens to be a first-person RPG.

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Ninja_Ryu130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

First Person RPG?? I thought it would have an option to play in third person.

Magnetar130d ago

I trust them to make this choice. They feel it makes the game more visceral and immersive. The game sounds amazing and if this is the route they want to take, I fully support them.

“This first taste of Cyberpunk 2077 was unexpected and nothing short of amazing We know CD Projekt Red has a firm handle on player choice and narrative – which are both evidenced here – but now we see this dev has first-person shooter chops as well. The combat looked dynamic, fun, and filled with RPG elements galore”

Can’t wait to see more.

-Foxtrot130d ago

If they want people to trust them with such a controversal decision why not show actually gameplay, even if it's just 10-20 seconds long to show the game in first person?

Something to say "Here you go guys, it's in first person BUT LOOK, awesome right...nothing to worry about, as you can see this is why we chose to make it this way".

It helps with the backlash.

Magnetar129d ago

Maybe they’re not ready too. Get over it.

-Foxtrot129d ago

Oooo look at the big man

Jeez. How immature can you get

Magnetar129d ago

Haha. Immature? I’m not one of the people crying because a developer chose to make a game the way they want too.

combatcash129d ago

@ foxtrot we didn't see last of us 2 or tsushima gameplay til E3. They'll show it when they're ready.

Bastrad129d ago

I'm glad they're upsetting you Foxtrot. Most games you don't like I tend to love, so that's a good sign. A good indication of how good a game is is how upset you are. That's my N4G litmus test.

Really looking forward to the game now, cheers.

frostypants129d ago

@-Foxtrot, honestly, why should they care about the backlash? What impact does it have? They know what they're doing and the game isn't close to release.

joab777128d ago

Exactly. They would NOT do this unless they thought it was a good decision. They didn’t do it to make it more like Cod. They are doing it to give us an up close experience with the world they are crafting.

joab777128d ago

@Foxtrot. They did! They trusted journalists and the backlash is absurd. Imagine if they showed it to the world of knuckleheads who just follow the latest opinion and retweet a million times.

This is a bit more controlled. They are obviously not hiding anything. And we have known this for quite some time.

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GTgamer130d ago

I really thought it would of been 3rd person after seeing the character in the trailer but maybe I gotta play it to know what feels best

--bienio--129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

This game going to be a massive flop!! Only first person?!! Idiots!!

xX-oldboy-Xx129d ago

You don't really believe that?

--bienio--129d ago

I bought 4 times th Witcher and I love to do this again! But with cyberpunk they not going to se my money! Fuck them!

Vegamyster129d ago

There is plenty of reactions from outlets who got to see gameplay before us praising the game, i'm not worried about a camera angle ruining the game.

qu1ckset129d ago

Lol bunch of cry babies! First Person is much better anyways, I’m so stoked for this game , and was even happier when I found out it’s FPS..

Gunplay will always be better with first person!

combatcash129d ago

Lol they're not going to see your money. Honestly I'm more worried about days gone than this game, after it's mediocre gameplay.

OT79129d ago

This feels like RE 7 all the way... Someone love it, many hate it.

UnHoly_One129d ago

That's funny. Having known very little about what this game was going to be until now, I am probably going to get it JUST BECAUSE it's first person.

boing1128d ago

Idiots?? Dude... Smh :-(

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m2stech129d ago

nah they said you only see your character during cutscenes and in inventory menu which is missed opportunity because no amount of RPG element would add RPG feel to a FPS game at least in my opinion just like deus ex.

UnHoly_One129d ago

I'll never understand this mindset, although I know there are a lot of people that share your thoughts.

Why does seeing your character help you role play? Wouldn't seeing through the character's eyes be the ultimate way to role play?

Seems that way to me.

The first person view is a large part of why Elder Scrolls and Fallout are my favorite RPGs.

Andy_Dee129d ago


I always see your comments.. Nothing short of trying to trigger ppl. Nothing intelligent and always some excuse on why this and that. Leave his impression as it is. He told us this and that is that.

NXFather129d ago

Excited clapping with simultaneous whistling at the top of my lungs. =)

Ceaser9857361129d ago

TBH i am disappointed to learn that its a 1st person RPG But from what i read it sound interesting will need to see gameplay to decide whether i will spend on this game or not

Bastrad129d ago

First Person RPG, like Deus Ex and System SHock? Excellent, most immersive way to play.

UnHoly_One129d ago

Yeah I am suddenly very excited for this game.

KyRo129d ago

This is one of the most overreacted things I've ever witnessed in gaming. All this backlash for a camera view... Some of the greatest RPGs ever have been first person and they've said the game was built around the first person perspective.

babadivad129d ago

Haven't had a game in this genre since the original Mass Effect.

joab777128d ago

I trust them. And I guarantee this game will be exactly what I think. It will be an amazing rpg in an insanely realized and immersive world, unparalleled story and questing, with great customization.

We view games like half life and Bioshock as classics, some of the best games ever made because of their ability to mix FPS with rpg and world building elements.

I applaud the decision because these types of games are rare and difficult to make. I have the utmost faith in them!

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chrisx130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

so what's point of all the hairstyles, tattoos, outfits and customizations when we won't even be able to see our character while moving? should have just put in the 3rd person option like Skyrim, which I only played in ,3rd person.

rynodigital130d ago

You'll still be able to see your character in cut-scenes but I see your point.


Or when you interact with anyone just like the Witcher 3

-Foxtrot130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Exactly my thought, I know you'll get to see them in cutscenes but what's the point of that...seems like they are giving us all this stuff yet limiting it because of it being in first person.

I mean I doubt we'll be in cutscenes that long to even notice, we'll be listening to what's going on.

--bienio--129d ago

only this decision cd project shoots itself into its own goal. fan does not forgive this stupid decisions for me this game does not exist any more. idiots.

mav805129d ago

Have you ever played an RPG before? The cutscenes will be half the game.
I don't understand why this has been controversial at all. CDPR wanted to make a first-person RPG. Okay. So what? I don't typically play first-person because I don't consider the games that use them (TES/Fallout/FPS) to be very interesting games. I know CDPR is going to deliver a great game though, so I don't care which camera angle they choose.

Smokehouse130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Will probably see them in the dialogue stuff like the witcher camera.

neutralgamer1992129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Do like rainbow six new vegas where you have gameplay 1st person and while in cover you are 3rd person

I like CD project red but they need to treat their fans right show us this gameplay. Fans have been waiting for so long now

TomatoDragon129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Same thing I've always said about Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Hell, any first person game where you create a character. If you're meant to play it in the first person....why have a customize character option?

nitus10129d ago

Skyrim had first and third person perspective and you could switch between those modes on the fly.

Personally, when fighting in Skyrim I preferred third person perspective which is rather strange since I preferred the first-person perspective when fighting in Oblivian. Of course, other gamers would prefer different styles but at least in both games, you had the option.

TomatoDragon129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Those modes were clunky as hell. Oblivion’s was straight up unplayable. Even Bethesda said that the games were made to be placed in the first person. Forcing yourself to play in a mode that is less than ideal, just to justify the character creator, doesn’t cut it.

UnHoly_One129d ago

Do you run around staring at your character constantly in 3rd person games??

I mean, shouldn't you be looking at where you're going, and the enemies and stuff?

I can't believe there is an uproar over this. lol

Antifan129d ago

The entitlement coming out of your comment is mind boggling.
99% of players played Skyrim in first person alway, so what exactly is your point?

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Blu3_Berry130d ago

Oh damn first person view? I dunno about that, really hoping it will be third person view. If it stays in first person view I may end up passing it unless its more of an action RPG.

--bienio--129d ago

Exactly what’s I’m going to do. Idiots!! Announcing game 2012 a NOw everything looks like one massive mistake!! If I want to play game like that in first person I can already play human revolution etc... idiots it’s going to be flop:/

starchild129d ago

I'm sorry but that's poor logic. There are many games with first person viewpoint and many with third person viewpoint. I could just as easily say "if I wanted to play a game in third person I would play Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Bloodborne, Mass Effect or any other of the thousands of games with that perspective".

Some people might prefer one or the other, but ultimately it's up to the developer to decide what's best for their game. Personally, I'm getting tired of the third person perspective because most of the games I've played lately use that perspective and it's all beginning to feel a bit samey. A well done first person view can be very immersive, in my opinion.

Kyizen129d ago

Yeah...Skyrim sucks cause it is first person /s...and dont say you played it in. 3rd person cause not many did.

SharpCT130d ago

Wow... I’m speechless.

I pray to god this isn’t true. First person???? Why the fuck would they try to make the trailer feel like it’s a open world 3rd person rpg?

Especially after the way they have described the game.. character customization?? But you won’t be able to see it?

Driving cars, and vehicles are in first person

Smh... let’s pray to god CD project isn’t this stupid. They are supposed to be the “saviors of gaming”

Witcher 3 wasn’t first why make this one only first person?

VerminSC130d ago

Let’s calm down. I’m sure they know what they’re doing

Bahamut130d ago

I don't pray to god for anything, man. That's asking a lot.

TedCruzsTaint129d ago

Killzone was in first person, so why make Horizon third person? See how one has nothing to do with the other?

yeahright2129d ago

One was a shooter going to action adventure. this is from rpg to rpg.

UnHoly_One129d ago

Fallout was an isometric top down game and it went to first person and now it's one of the best RPG franchises out there.

I think the game will do just fine.

Soc5129d ago

So 3rd person = saviors of gaming and 1st person = really stupid
I think there’s a little more to it than that Lol

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rivaldoo777130d ago

I really don't like 1st person but I'll buy it regardless Cruz its CD PROJECT RED