New Jump Force Gameplay Pitches Zoro Versus Sasuke Uchiha in Explosive Battle

Jump Force by Bandai Namco shows two more characters in a new gameplay video, Zoro from One Piece and Sasuke from Naruto.

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OnDec76179d ago

Arena based fighting games suck

GameBoyColor179d ago

yeah I'm tired of them. The graphics look pretty, effects are sweet, but the actual gameplay itself looks like more of the same and actually even clunkier than the storm games.

Cajun Chicken179d ago

Seeing that it's Jump, I'd love to see some Yu Yu Hakusho love and kick the s**t out of Frieza.

Chevalier179d ago

Yusuke was in the PS4 Jump game so I hope he's returning too.

Cajun Chicken179d ago

Yeah, but I want Kuwabara to beat up Freiza and WIN. That would be a crossover bigger than Infinity War, lol.

XxSPIDEYxX179d ago

Vegeta, Yusuke Urameshi, and Mob psycho 100 characters please!

frostlatch179d ago

I mean it looks pretty but not sure if its really appealing as yet another crossover.