Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Fantastic New Artwork and Tons of Information

CD Projekt RED opened the floodgates and disclosed new artwork of Cyberpunk 2077.

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maybelovehate132d ago

Kind of wish they had shown the gameplay demos everyone is talking about instead of the trailer. Don't get me wrong, the trailer was awesome but I just wanted to see straight up gameplay so bad.

Abriael132d ago

Same here. My colleague sees it tomorrow, and I'm envying him. A lot.

Chaosdreams132d ago

I would like to see gameplay, because detail (while lovely) only goes so far. I'm on the fence with how this FPS (Or First Person RPG - with some shooting) experience will be. I believe them on their intent, but ultimately the gamers end up being the judge of its implementation.

Relientk77132d ago

This game sounds so promising, and loved the trailer they showed, can't wait to see gameplay.

robtion131d ago

The more I see the more this reminds me of Judge Dredd. They are even refering to Night City as a mega city in the promotional material. Ricocheting bullets? Check. Apartment blocks so large they function as self contained microcosms within the city? Check. Themed gangs? Check. The list goes on.

DivineAssault 131d ago

Really cool looking game and concept. This is probably going to be a next gen launch title even if it makes it this gen.