PS4 Exclusive Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Looks Awesome in First English Gameplay

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise looks fantastic in one hour of English gameplay for PS4, showing off the new adventure of Kazuma Kenshiro.

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Pancit_Canton129d ago


*You are already pre-ordered*

129d ago
deadfrag129d ago

Its my impression or they have uncensored the game for the West ? It seems to be more blood and less black taint when we obliterate a foe.Maybe im seeing things.

masterfox129d ago

I was waiting for this version, hell yeah! ATATATATATATAT!!

Christopher129d ago

Didn't know this was exclusive. Too bad. But, at least there's a FotNS game coming out. Hopefully it's better than mediocre. We need to keep this IP going, it's way too much a part of our history to let go, IMHO.

Tankbusta40129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

If you want to see if it's good or not watch Salty Yens playthrough(he translates in english) you'll get a good idea whether or not you'll enjoy it right away.

Ashlen129d ago

Chris, make up your mind... are exclusives good or bad, or only bad when they are PS4?

Christopher129d ago

I'm not going to explain my point again if you didn't read it the last time.

Ashlen129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Chris Microsoft bought a company that was making multiplatforms (and had ties to Sony) yet that was ok... you don't see the hypocrisy?

If you had said it was OK for Microsoft to buy Playground I wouldn't say anything because Playground was basically just making Forza for Microsoft.

Sega's Yakuza team has been making games for Sony's console since PS2 it's perfectly natural for this game to be Sony console exclusive. Besides, it'll probably be on PC down the road if it sells well on PS4.

Christopher128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Buying a studio and having it make your IP is not the same as paying a third party who own their own IP to not publish it to third parties.

If Sony bought From Software, that would suck but it would be better than them paying From Software to stop making games for other platforms that From Software owns, such as Dark Souls (which they made because Demons Souls is an IP owned by Sony and they couldn't put it on other Platforms). Instead what they do is either allow them to make their IP (bloodborne is owned by Sony) or share in their third party games (Dark Souls and Sekiro).

You're trying to make the purchase of a studio equivalent to changing how third parties put out their games. That's not the same. It's all about who owns the IP, not about suddenly buying studios to make first party games only or the like.

Ashlen128d ago

Chris, Sony isn't paying to have the Yakuza team put their games on anything, they have been on PlayStation for around 20 years.

And I would argue that buying a publisher is worse than buying a game... your buying all their games. But don't misunderstand that as saying that I think buying studios is inherently bad. I just find what your saying to be contradictory to other things you have said. *cough* like other discussions.

Tankbusta40129d ago

Wow I didn't think this would get a western release. It's been great that Sega is bringing the work of the Yakuza studios to the west(and so I don't have to import them and half understand them as I don't speak Japanese)

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