The Last of Us Part II Includes Jump, Prone & Dodge; Druckmann Confirms Joel Is "Out There"

Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann just confirmed new gameplay and story details on The Last of Us Part II during a live stream Q&A.

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AspiringProGenji224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

The Last of Us was amazing on PS3 but it is on PS4 where this series is gonna reach its full potential. That melee combat was awesome. Can't wait for the multiplayer with all these new additions to gameplay

Take your time with this Naughty Doge.

Alexious224d ago

I reckon it'll be 2019, though maybe second half.

AlphaCentyros224d ago

Yes, probably fall 2019 at the latest.

odderz224d ago

Wonder if Joel will show up in the game

morganfell224d ago

I think so. But I am puzzled by this:

"This shuts down fan theories that he might have been dead, even."

They directly mention "Her Dad" and his strictness when it comes to security. Who did they think the characters were discussing? Also did they think all of his scenes were flashbacks? I bring this up because Baker himself acknowledged he was working on the game and its listed on his IMDB page as well. Some theory these people had.

I would hope to get a playable level or two as Joel. I really want him introduced in a scene when Ellie is in trouble and he shows up a little grayer and longer in the tooth and just smokes some people that deserve it.

RememberThe357224d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if he's morphed into a sort of antagonist and we get different playable characters.

ocelot07224d ago

He showed up in the original reveal trailer did he not?

Gamist2dot0224d ago

People believed it was all in Ellie's head - nice theory though.

OB1Biker224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Exactly. It seems to me the story goes like:
Ellie and her girlfriend are raped and her gf gets killed while Ellie gets pregnant. Joel came in time to save her.
I would have liked some answers about the PGW trailer. I've always had the feeling it might not be a flashback about her mum. In the gameplay we do see the same sort of shit going on with these guys hanging and gutting people

The_Sage224d ago

If you read the article, Neil says Joel is in Jacksonville, where Ellie is.

CaptainOmega224d ago

Really legit gameplay.. i hope the dodging is as fluid as it looked in the reveal.

Imp0ssibl3224d ago

It's Naughty Dog. Smooth animations is exactly what they do best.

Christopher224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

That lean back dodge from the knife attack I hope is real and was amazing.

SuperSonic91224d ago

The smooth as butter animation, contextual dodge mechanics and interactive environment is incredible.

gtxgamer2224d ago

Game of the year material

Alexious224d ago

I mean, they won more GOTY Awards than GTAV in 2013 with TLOU. They were even able to beat Rockstar, which is self-explanatory.

italiangamer224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

I think Rockstar is glad that The Last of Us 2 is not coming out this year :D. Still can't believe they managed to beat GTA V in 2013.

No Way223d ago

They "beat" them in only awards, though, ay? Not sales? I don't really care, either way. But, I'm sure Rockstar cares more about the sales than the accolades. On a side note, I'm not really surprised to see a game like The Last of Us overtake GTA. GTA is a great game and great franchise but it's been done, we've seen it. TLOU came out of nowhere and blew us all away. It was new, it was refreshing, we remembered it. It stood out. I'm sure that's why it overtook GTA, in Game of the Year.

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The story is too old to be commented.