GameCube Controller Support is Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

GameCube Controller support is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch, according to the E3 Nintendo Direct announcement.

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-Foxtrot181d ago

If the Gamecube controller is so popular, something they saw last gen when they did this with the Wii U version of Smash Bros why not just make the official Switch pro controller an updated Gamecube one.

Neonridr181d ago

People already own the gamecube controller, you can still buy them. People already also own the pro controller. Gives them options on what they want to use I guess. I don't know why they would redesign their pro controller when the other two already exist.

strayanalog181d ago

Definitely not a bad thing. Admittedly, I'm curious how the joy con and Pro Controller do with Smash.

Sgt_Slaughter181d ago

The adaptor has to be coming back I'd assume, otherwise this would be pointless.

I wish they'd officially allow Wii U Pro Controllers as well, although the adaptor I bought makes that possible.

Relientk77181d ago

GameCube controller is the best controller for Smash