After Sony's E3, PS4 Is Still the More Appealing Platform

Twinfinite writes "Even in the face of such a substantial and aggressive conference from Microsoft, Sony’s still reached loftier heights."

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chrisx130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

for sure. the gameplay videos shown were so guy just decided today to buy a PS4 after I showed him ghost of t gameplay video. and ms just showed me those cool multiplat games I'll be playing on ps4 too.

naruga130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

by far far far the best console choice ....end of story ....i saw Nintnedo s E3 show and i was completely frustated by their unbelievably BAD show , boring , annoying and only one game that was just a Port !!1.........i m choosing PS4 again and again .....the one and only

SpringHeeledJack130d ago

Sony easily had the best E3 yet again, they have the best games. Didn't fill their presentation up with the annoying "world premier" phrase, which were multi platform titles anyway.

S2Killinit130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

that TLOU2 gameplay though, damn!

Baza130d ago

*xbox fanboy*
Sony had awesome games but MS had a way better conference!

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SuperSonic91130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

PS4 is Quality over Quantity.

To simplify... its obvious who will sell multi millions of hardware and software 1st party or multiplats.
After all the smoke and mirrors clears
PS4 is still the reigning undisputed champ of console gaming

Cohagen420130d ago

Considering there are more games on PS4, seems they have both covered.

morganfell130d ago

And quantity of quantity too. The numbers do not lie. Microsoft went out and spent money on marketing. marketing, by paying companies to show their world premier MULTIPLATFORM trailers on their stage in order not to draw attention to ...HALO...GEARS...FORZA... and some people were fooled by this. Not enough gamers capable of thinking for themselves and seeing through the subterfuge. Sony is releasing Dreams this fall. Dreams a brand new IP designed to allow you to easily unleash your own dreams in a game. Spider-Man is coming and what a ride. I feel sorry for them. Well, there is always Forza.

Vandamme21130d ago

PS4 is on fire. Spider-Man, Days Gone, Ghost of Thushima, Death Stranding and Last of Us 2. They all look great. Ni oh 2 was a big surprise. Sony definitely had the best E3.

OmnislashVer36130d ago

Did you tell him about the PS4-Pro?

CorndogBurglar130d ago

Ghost of Tsushizaki stole the whole show for me!

finbars75130d ago

I still thought Control by Remedy and 505 games was the most pleasing and surprise game of E3 and at Sonys conference. Wish everyone would be more open minded then just the 4 main games they showed. Control just had something special about it and very different.

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masterfox130d ago

is still more? is even hell more appealing !!, lol I had the urge to try to hug my PS4 for all the beautiful games that are bringing! :D

S2Killinit130d ago

every generation I look back and I know a Playstation was my best purchase in the past 7 or so years, electronic or otherwise.

OmnislashVer36130d ago

This was by far the most beautiful conference when it comes to graphics. These games are something else, and will definitely carry me to PS5.

DeadSilence130d ago

Well you can play all multis on it plus alot of exclusives, of course it is.

Deep-throat130d ago

If you care about them in the first place.

Sekiro+RE2 remake+Cyberpunk 2077+Red Dead 2 > anything

DialgaMarine130d ago

Look at all those games most people will be playing on PS4.

Lokii130d ago

Deep throat must be new to gaming

BiggerBoss130d ago

On PS4 you can play ALL of those, plus TLOU2, GoW, Ghost of Tsushima, and more.

Can't say the same for Xbox.

Markusb33130d ago

Arhhh the classic multiplayer only gamer. I guess every single ps4 exclusive is no good ? You can lie to us buy not yourself and not ya mum x

morganfell130d ago

So he us saying multiplatform games are better than anything? Ha ha I guess that's the mentality of people whose favorite machine only has multiplatform games. Talk about bitter.

Wow, Its amazing how well Microsoft's marketing plan works on some people. Sony doesn't have to muddy up the waters. They just go BAM! Nothing to match these, end of story.

Aura7541130d ago

Look up "unique value proposition".

dreue130d ago

Lol, bigger than the last of us, than spider man, death, ghost, days gone and mofe are games that ibalso need to play so if i have a ps4 i can play all you mention and more.... So go back to xbox where the games are like air....

Dragonscale129d ago

@deep, yeah all those plus all the fantastic PS4 exclusives is even better. Seems people do care which is why PS4 is currently kerb stomping the competition and why the fanatx are so salty over Spiderman exclusivity.

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Servbot41130d ago

You can play 90% of MS's showings on PS4. Not sure how that doesn't make Sony the clear winner since Nintendo's was just Smash Bros patch notes.

Neonridr130d ago

well they did also have Mario Party (which looked fantastic) and Fire Emblem (if that is your cup of tea). But a lot of indie and/or ports too. To be fair Nintendo did say they were really only showing stuff that was coming this year.

Madmoose130d ago

Hey man, that's your opinion. A lot of people (including myself) felt their Microsoft had the better conference overall. There's still a lot of e3 left though, so we can see what else might come out as a last minute/day surprise or whatever for these guys.

thexmanone130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

But those 90% of MS's showings that can be played on the PS4 Look and play better on Xbox one X.
Xbox is the clear winner for me.



they may look a little better on xbox one x, but they play exactly the same because it is the same game. They will look better on ps4 vs xbox one though, which make up majority of the user base.

DerekTweed129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Someone who has an Xbox can play only 90% of the games from MS conference on their xbox.

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Neonridr130d ago

TLOU2 looked fantastic. I was in awe of that gameplay reveal. So much emotion in these games, I don't know if I can handle another go around lol..

TLOU2 and Smash were my games of E3. Spiderman looked awesome too. Other solid titles, but Death Stranding we still don't know enough about and Ghosts looks beautiful but I need to see more before I can fully make up my mind.

Still a good time to be a gamer, all 3 had good, but not great presentations.

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capjacksparrow130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@ Wynn_1980 Don't worry, I'm sure Ellie won't ask your local baker to make a cake for her wedding, you can breathe easy.

VanSky130d ago

I'm really excited for Resident Evil 2 Remake!