Super Mario Party Revealed At E3 2018

Nintendo at their E3 2018 Press Conference today, revealed a brand new Mario game - Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch.

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FlyingFoxy180d ago

Hmm.. i didn't notice the carriage/car BS from newer Mario Party games, i hope it's not in it. Somehow i think they probably screwed it up again though. Hope they added online play.

All they gotta do is make an MP like the original N64 titles and add online play, don't see what the problem is tbh.

stupidusername180d ago

I still play mario party 2 and 3 on the N64 with friends. The newer ones I've never liked. I really hope Mario Party is back. From what we've seen it looks like it, but I agree - they've probably found some way to screw it up. Crossing my fingers though.

Sgt_Slaughter180d ago

It's confirmed to be the board-game style of movement, and each character will have an additional dice block that is unique to themselves. The regular block only looks to be 0/1/2/3/4/5 so it might be a bit different than the originals but closer than 8 through 10.

FlyingFoxy180d ago

Yeah sounds promising so far. Just hope there's some kind of online play, even if it's on smaller modified boards with less turns to make the games a bit shorter.

Gh05t180d ago

Have we heard if it allows online play?

I am getting pretty tired of Nintendo making multiplayer games but not online.

FlyingFoxy180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

We don't know yet. There's not really any excuses for them to exclude online play, unless they come out saying that it's meant to be a local party game again.. or words along those lines.

Even if they add it as DLC later on it would be something.