Sony - E3 2018 Let Me Down

William Writes - There was a lot of pressure on Sony this year to take it up another notch again, after showcasing some great E3’s over the last couple of years, but this year, it was nowhere near as good.

I really wanted to see Crash Bandicoot, Maybe a hint of a PS5, or an upgraded PSVR, some Final Fantasy 7 information, maybe bloodborne 2 or even Horizon: Zero Dawn 2, but most of all Indies and loads of games that I have yet to see or been announced.

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DarkVoyager225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

They showed 4 major exclusives that we’ve known about for years in which 3 still have no release date or even release window.

GaboonViper224d ago

What pissed me off was the format of the show and no surprise bar Resi 2, and thats multi, the only reveal was that bath tub game which looked crap, and it was barely just an hour long, where was Dreams, they were building up too it and nothing, Shenmue 1,2 and 3, nothing, FF7, nothing, really underwhelmed and disappointed but the games they did show.....WOW, stunning, but i hope they don't do this type of show format again.

DarkVoyager224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

“but the games they did show.....WOW, stunning, but i hope they don't do this type of show format again.“

Completely agree. They need to have their E3 format like Microsoft next time. The games Sony showed were amazing but the show itself was awful.

blackblades225d ago

To early to be hinting at ps5 when you got these good games coming. Why show horizon 2 etc... when they most likely going to be on ps5 which is not announced yet.

Xavi4K224d ago

It was just average and it looked less than avergae since it came after Microsoft amazing show

Skankinruby224d ago

Lol Microsofts amazing show? With what? Battletoads? More empty promises? Obvious sequels? Microsofts show was crap

Hardiman224d ago

Not sure why everyone is hung up on the presentations because we can't play presentations but we do play games and what was shown at Sony's was amazing! Also 90% of what was shown at M$'s show will be coming to PS4 so it's a win win!

doggo84223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Funny profile picture.

What will be even more hilarious is when death stranding releases on ps4, and once again, it will be another new ps4 exclusive ip which completely and utterly blows away any new IP microsoft have invested in this gen. Lmao, just sit down.

PCgamer98224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

I feel like we're at the end of ps4 era and sony is now preping up for next gen. I believe a lot of their devs are focusing now on the ps5 and games like bloodborne 2 or horizon 2 would be made for it maybe to combat that terrible initial line up like the ps4 had.

blackblades224d ago

All I know was I wasn't expecting much from what they had said before show. I was mainly looking forward to more reveals of soul calibur vi and some of there exclusive like ghost. So yeah I wasn't disappointed I never have my expectations so high like everyone else.

Hardiman224d ago

I didn't care for the format but all I care about is games and the games shown were freaking amazing! I don't watch these shows so much to be entertained. I watch them to see new games and/or new gameplay of said games!

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