The Xbox E3 2018 event didn't give people a reason to buy an Xbox One

Even Microsoft themselves can't make a compelling case for the Xbox One as your primary gaming platform.

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maybelovehate217d ago

For the logical person I would think Gamepass is probably the best reason any company has given for gamers to get a console in a very long time. A lot of value there not found anywhere else.

Eonjay217d ago

I feel the opposite way, I feel like GamePass is squarely targeted at the Xbox gamer. Why, because essentially, you are paying for the ability to play Microsoft Studios games day one. The real value comes from the idea that their games are worth subscribing too. I feel like first you have to get people to say 'I want to play Gears and therefore I need an Xbox'. Then you need people to say, 'oh look I want to play Gears but it may be a better value to just subscribe to the pass'. I think the desire to play their games has to come first.

maybelovehate217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

There are way more third party games in Gamepass than first party games. Although the Day 1 1st party games alone do make it worthwhile. Forza Horizon 4 by itself is worth the offering they have available right now which is a year for 60 dollars. But if you didn't previously own an Xbox you are looking at getting over 100 games for basically 5 dollars a month with the current deal. Can't see how anyone could argue with that as a gamer.

Eonjay217d ago

'Can't see how anyone could argue with that as a gamer.'
That doesn't make sense because if that were the case everyone would be subscribed to PSNow. We don't have to ability or desire to play everything just because its there. You first have to see something that you want and older games aren't going to do it for most people. Because of this Microsoft sweetened the pot with its own NEW releases. Those new games are time and time again what we see reported as the reason people take the plunge with the trial and what not. So your Forza example and my Gears example are the same. I think we really agree where the starting point is.

maybelovehate217d ago

@Eonjay: PSNOW doens't offer day 1 games. Or even good games for a long time. Plus they are streamed with bad latency and low resolution. GamePass is basically the perfect subscription platform right now. You are playing actual games. Good games. Games like Fallout 4, Gears 4, Halo 5, MGS5. No bs streaming or low resolution. Does it make sense now? I am talking about people who don't have a console here. This value is undeniable. If you were looking to get into this generation of gaming there is no value being offered anywhere else like this.

But yes, the cherry on the top is the Day 1 exclusives. You will basically be playing the best racing game out there for 5 dollars this winter.

yeahright2216d ago

@maybe " Can't see how anyone could argue with that as a gamer"
I can. just look at sea of thieves and state of decay. If gamespass take hold, situations like could be the norm. They'll release broken or unfinished games and bank on people saying "oh well, I'm only out $10 but can play all the other titles that have been patched" Then fix the new games at their leisure. EA is probably salivating at the thought. Not to mention, that after that first month is up, and you're about to cancel that sub, all of a sudden they announce expansion pack or patches that will address your concerns and get you to re-up.
It seems like a good value on the surface but it can mean bad things for the industry long term.

Chevalier216d ago

I agree it depends on your taste in games. The kind of games I like are on PS4 and Switch mainly which aren't the types of games on Gamepass. The price is good, but, its actually cheaper for me to just buy the 1 or 2 games I want outright than to pay for a pass for a year and in the end I own the game.

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shinoff2183217d ago

Eww digital only. Atleast you can borrow the games. I like owning personally. Physical releases is where it's at

thrust217d ago

Someone stuck in the past here

UCForce216d ago

@thrust Or some people don’t like being tackled on digital.

shaggy2303216d ago


What do you mean by "being tackled on digital"?

If you mean that if you own the game you can play it forever, then I have some bad news, not all games will work in ten years time.

The likes of Battlefield, CoD, Dark Souls, Fifa, Madden etc. all use some sort of online server, whether its being used to track stats or co-op/multiplayer, they will still require some sort of sign in to a server. If the games doesn't get a response from the server the game wont load (just like it doesn't with BF1)

I agree that a huge amount of games don't require these sort of sign ins, but a lot still do.

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Themba76217d ago

this is why im sayig microsoft didn't win there is no reason to buy an xbox one x.

StifflerK217d ago

MS are pushing the Win10 ecosystem , the XS, X1 and Win10PC are different entry points/options for customers - so long as you're a customer - regardless of platform they're happy.

Sony are pushing PS4/PS4Pro/PSV/PSNOW as their ecosystem.
Same with Nintendo with the Switch/Wii U/ 3DS/ Mobile.

Services like 'Play Anywhere' / "Backwards Compatibility' (Xbox) or Crossbuy / Remote Play (PS) Club Nintendo (Nin) reward customers by adding perceived value to whatever they invest into the ecosystem making it more likely they'll stay a customer.

If you think playing Xbox games on PC somehow harms MS, or somehow invalidates the game in question, it doesn't.
If you play Gears 5 / Forza Horizon 4 on PC you are a customer of MS, and part of their ecosystem, and they are getting your money.
The same applies to playing PS4 games on PC via PSNOW or Nintendo games on a Mobile etc.

The gaming industry is changing, but 'some' people still define it by the way it 'used to be' not by the way it is right now. Those people are missing the point of what these companies are trying to do.

shinoff2183217d ago

Ms is trying to change it. I personally don't like what they, they being ms is doing so I won't be a customer. I would absolutely hate not owning my games. Physical releases are far superior imo. When I want to play an old game I grab it off the shelf and pop it in. What happens in ms's future when I want to play an old game I better hope it's on there or I'm screwed. Again another reason for physical releases. There's room in gaming for digital and physical. Ms trying to kill physical gaming makes me hope they fail, fail really fast before they screw up gaming

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