The Last of Us Part 2 Trailer Analysis - What Did We Learn?

From PlayStation Universe: "I mean, the scene at the dance was so ineffably touching and enchanting I almost forgot I was a 29-year-old man sitting at home in my pants eating breakfast when I saw it for the first time this morning; exhibiting the kind of atmosphere, near flawless animation, and emotionally charged dialogue that we’ve come to expect as standard from a Naughty Dog game."

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windblowsagain131d ago

We learned all over again that Elle is a lesbo.

Cringe worthy that part. Hopefully no more kissing in the game. Just not needed or normal.

Other then that. All good.

KickSpinFilter131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Kinda like in God of War, anytime polygons start crushing it. It's pretty Cringe worthy, at least in TLOU2 it was a pretty good transition with her with a Knife in someones head! Boom! Really was best moment of all the E3 2018 shows.

WorldGamer131d ago

The setup was perfect. Love the direction this is going for sure, not to mention the tech behind the game. Naugty Dog is at the forefront of taking video games to the level of the best movies in terms of atmosphere and storytelling. As a guy who loves a good story, I like the fact that they are choosing to depict Elle as a hero who doesn't fit the mold, setting up complex dilemmas that will surely factor into the motivation throughout the game.

As a lifelong gamer, I'm glad the industry is becoming more inclusive, despite a very loud minority who would wish to stifle progress due to their own petty inadequacies. To progress!