E3 PlayStation Review: An Almost Perfect Disaster

Did Sony hold it together despite terrible pacing? Here's Pause Resume's PlayStation E3 2018 review

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Nacho_Z224d ago

Sounds like the conference itself didn't go well but when I'm popping these top quality games into my PS4 the field where I grow my fecks will be barren indeed.

1-pwnsause-1224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

The format of the show was trash, but the games show promise and excitement, that was the good thing of the Xbox conference, it kept a good pace

Sony better not do this again next year

UCForce224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

I hope so. Sony really need to step up with their format next year.

solideagle224d ago

Disaster: "a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life"

I dont see any of these in Sony's E3 conference. lol at these articles. They are all out of their caves today :D

Rude-ro224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Gaming media.. literally
Sony pacing = disaster
Microsoft = great steps to the future of their console... 8 years after the drought started... and their third party deals dried up.., after a gen with two up graded Xbox ones and announcing that work has begun on a new consoles(notice the plural).. slated for 2020... and have no release dates for gears or halo, and showed off another forza..
But pacing is now the name of the game.
E3 was a dud this year.. the only benefit is seeing which media outlets have a paid biased lean even more so after fluff review pieces over the last few months.
Awesome time to be a gamer all around. :/

SethBrundlefly223d ago

"...the field where I grow my fecks will be barren indeed."
I'm stealing this.

Aceman18224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Yes ppl can complain about the pacing, but where it matters most the games they surpassed everyone so far without a doubt. If it wasn't for the 3rd party games MS conference is just ho-hum imo.

For me E3 is about the games not the conferences themselves. I mean Nintendo proves that with those direct shows.

NeoGamer232224d ago

Yes, it is about all the games.

Third party included. I liked what I saw this year at E3 across the board. Was the first year I truly felt we are in the new generation. Until now I felt like and have often called this generation the recycle generation. There is still a lot of recycling but this year the lineup looks like they are actually pushing the hardware finally.

Skankinruby224d ago ShowReplies(1)
Viryu224d ago

For me the problem was, most of the things have already been revealed. Simply some gameplay videos were released, for games that were teased at previous E3. Nothing to see here, carry on.

fiveby9224d ago

I think we're seeing Sony hold back as they are beginning a transition period development wise. First party studios beginning work on next gen PS5. Too early to announce or show anything. Show the games coming in the next 12-18 months. It's still a solid lineup coming with 1st and third party over the next 18 months. I did not care for the conference style at all though. It felt disjointed and for Sony, amateurish, with the venue and 4 commentators. But substance wise it was still good. That all said, Sony has all the games for the next cpl years and will likely continue to dominate the competition.

gtxgamer2224d ago

Yes revealed but we still had to see the gameplay. I feel this e3 wasn't that great.

Microsoft - had a good showing but this e3 was pretty much a do or die for them.

EA - complete snoozefest they never learn.

Square enix - very short but they brought the games with like no interruptions.

Bethesda - Was good, but what I found funny/cringey was them trying to get an applause from the audience after every sentence lol(that Amazon echo/Skyrim trailer was hilarious though)

Ubisoft - didn't really show much but the obvious just dance trailer every year. Not to mention they showed content for games already out. Assassin's Creed was an obvious reveal, was nice to see some beyond good and evil 2 gameplay though.

Sony - they usually let their games do the talking but I was surprised by the lack of new game reveals/teases. Glad they showed off TLoU gameplay though!! And Spider-Man!

Nintendo - I was hoping for a bit more reveals. Glad we're getting Mario party!! That'll be a fun game for the switch.

Overall there was a lack of surprise reveals this year!! And lots of no shows..I was hoping to see

The new avengers project
Borderlands 3
Animal crossing
A tease of next year's pokemon title
Syphon filter
FFVII remake
There's so many more but my head's drawing a blank rn 😔

Christopher224d ago

I don't know how many more times Gearbox can tell people that Borderlands 3 wasn't going to be at E3. No one should be surprised it wasn't there at all.

Christopher224d ago

I think it's at that point where if they have something beyond 2019, they're holding off on showing it because it might become a next-gen game. So, they may not want to announce anything new and major until they can put it out on what they expect out of new hardware.

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