Playground Games: "Our best is yet to come" thanks to Microsoft acquisition

Creative director Ralph Fulton believes transition from third-party to first-party studio can empower his team to do more.

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strayanalog2204d ago

Of course it would have been funnier to mess with the press and say: "Good thing they bought us, because we already peaked." Oh well. Good luck, Playground.

Team_Litt2204d ago

Hehehe. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do outside of the Forza Horizon series. I've had my fill.

AngelicIceDiamond2204d ago

Yeah I can't wait to see PG's next game also.

TyrellCorp2204d ago

This is my most anticipated project from MS, fingers crossed for Fable.


Same, I mean, Im getting FH4 Day One but after seeing their engine in an open world and rendering gorgeous visuals at a high rate of speed (asset streaming) @ 4k, HDR, and now 60fps option on X, They should be able to do other style open world games that is not "Racing" focused.

PhoenixUp2204d ago

Forza Horizon 3 remains the only Xbox One exclusive to achieve a Metascore in the 90s.

Let’s see if Playground Games being acquired can make them top that 91 with their next title.

Team_Litt2204d ago

Wow. That's one way to put a cynical twist on this.

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kevnb2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

and it isnt even exclusive, not that metacritic really means anything.

UltraGaming2204d ago

Its an xbox one console exclusive... Or do we not seperate console gaming from pc gaming any more.

kevnb2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

When it comes to exclusives we also include pc, if its on pc its not exclusive. Although I do admit console exclusive does have some value since Sony and Microsoft offer nearly identical products separated mostly by game library. I mean the ps4 and xbox one are so similar it doesnt make a whole lot of sense getting both even if you miss out on some games, but the pc and switch are actually different.

strifeblade2203d ago

Actually kevn b it does mean sometthing.
These days most people who own pcs down't own a gaming pc that even goes on the xbox one level.
Most people who own ps4 don't own a gaming level pc that can play to the xbox one level or xbox one x level.
Its an exclusive because if a ps gamer wants to play the game- they need a pc or a xbox.
saying its not an xbox exclusive because its on pc implies its on playstation which isn't the case.
would you prefer instead of exclusive, maybe they should start saying


Does that make you feel better?

pinkcrocodile752204d ago

"I saw the videos for FH3 and bought the game when it came out.

After playing it I came to the conclusion I expected to, that it was really good and would recommend it to my freinds"

Soo... what the f@ck do I need metacritic for?...

Kaze242204d ago

I stopped looking at anything that gamespot scores, they usually give anything that isn't on the xbox 8's or 9's score out of 10.. Been playing SoT and SoD 2 which they give bad scores and they both been great and a lot of fun to play. Recently bought FH3, only cause I had a backlog and now had time to play it, it's so good.

PhoenixUp2204d ago

@ Team

How is it cynical? He said himself that the acquisition will result in the “best yet to come” as if they can do better than they’ve already done. I’m just holding him to his word

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maybelovehate2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

It will be hard to top FH3. Best racing game ever created.

bolimekurac2204d ago

it is the best openworld racer there is, i agree.