Death Stranding Only Has A Single Playable Character, Combat Is Not Mandatory

Hideo Kojima has finally revealed the first gameplay footage from Death Stranding and it has turned out to be a completely different game.

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Tankbusta40130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Game looked soooo pretentious and awful. I don't know what Kojima was smoking when he made the trailer(maybe smoking is mandatory to "get" the game) but I have zero interest in this title after seeing it.

Will get down votes from Kojima disciples :)

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Ninja_Ryu130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It was only a handmade silent trailer with no explosions/gun fights. Be patient. Kojima always do this :)

Tankbusta40130d ago

Honestly first impressions are lasting... Wish I wouldn't have even seen it.

Eiyuuou130d ago

You’re entitled to your own opinion, as am I to mine.

Thus I voted to disagree.


Looks like guys know it but since its hideous it gets a pass.

xX-oldboy-Xx130d ago

Wrong mate - it looked better than anything shown at that other conference. It will be unique and interesting at the same time.

bluefox755130d ago

I think you're being downvoted because it's a dumb comment, nothing personal.

gapecanpie130d ago

Borefeast just like mgs5 Kojima has lost it.....

HeisenbergX130d ago

Wow that was pretentious ? really dude ? This game is easily the most interesting game this E3 !

I can't wait to see more.

And what were you expecting up votes ? lol this guy

And no you are not getting down votes from KOJIMA DISCIPLES.. you are getting down votes from people who actually have good taste in games and value originality.

PaleMoonDeath130d ago

Lmfao, combat was optional in EVERY Metal Gear also. Filthy casual.

nRicosS130d ago

Yup, and there is a trophy for it

Bobafret129d ago

You are such an elitist, and over video games. That is just depressing.

CrimsonWing69130d ago

No you get downvotes because you basically judged the entire game by a trailer that didn’t seem pretentious and awful.

DivineAssault 130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I think it was brilliant. Hes not going to show everything with it so far out but its so damn different. Theres weapons, theres stealth, theres cool characters, & some freaky ghost demons. A baby, time warping, & great actors. Maybe its too cryptic for most but metal gear trailers were just as mysterious.. This is Kojima with a huge budget. Give the game time to cook before dismissing it. Hell, we didnt even see the human enemies yet. He has experience & a unique style. Have a little faith. He's earned that much

I_am_Batman130d ago

If you took the time to criticise some specific things you didn't like instead of just saying that it "looked soooo pretentious and awful" you might have people actually engaging in a discussion with you. The last sentence of your comment however seems to indicate that you're not really interested in a discussion.

ludicrous130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I agree with you. I do have question regarding walking in the vast barren waste land though. I hope that it is more like small segment (skipping scene) not like an actual open world where you actually have to walk. I can understand trying to convey the desolate theme, but if you actually have to walk for hrs, it will just become a drag rather than something meaningful.

Like a good YouTuber, you edit and cut your video, showing what need to be shown. Showing everything make it uninteresting, and god know if someone gonna stream walking sequence (i hope isn't true) in death stranding from beginning to the end.

Greg2801130d ago

You expecting kojima to just throw everything out there?
Like HERE this is the story people you dont need to find it out for yourself!

And did you really play mgs?
Because if you did then you clearly should know that kojima is al about teasing his fanbase.

And the trailer itself looked amazing. The traversal, climbing on the mountains and the environments looked stunning.

Cant wait for the next trailer!

Bobafret130d ago

Buying this game is thankfully not mandatory either.

UCForce129d ago

And you don’t understand Kojima work really. Combat is optional just like previous metal gear games. The main character does carry a rifle. So yeah, Kojima always hide his gameplay.

GNCFLYER130d ago

I'm with ya. I lost all interest. It was the only game of the conference that made me say WTF.

xX-oldboy-Xx130d ago

Isn't that a good thing? Don't you want to explore the world and have the story unfold before you? or would you prefer everything laid out in front of you?

GNCFLYER130d ago


I won't be having anymore comments about this game. I have no interest in it. I'm certainly not going to insult kojima or anyone who is interested. The whole video just weirded me out, it's not for me.

xX-oldboy-Xx130d ago

Up to you mate - but that's what a Kojima game are all about, weird characters, story lines. I don't know why anyone would expect differently going by what's been shown beforehand.

XiNatsuDragnel130d ago

Pretentious and awful = not good choice words dude. Basically if you want dialogue use netural words. But you don't want to your own.

xX-oldboy-Xx130d ago

Awful applies to GoW - the dialogue was cringey and sooo cheesy. Almost so bad it's good in a way, but still bad.

EverydayJoe130d ago

Doesn't make any sense to me right now. Must be trash.


n1kki6130d ago

I agree, i still want to see the game part. What will the actual gameplay have me doing, right now I don't know so I can't say one way or another if I am going to pick it up.

Rimeskeem130d ago

Please tell me what the game is about so that I know why I should not be interested.

sampsonon130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

you need to remember that the game is in maybe 2 years of development at this point so give it a rest.
2020 the game will come out.

Edito130d ago

Do you understood what this game is all about? What the gameplay feels like? I'm in the same stage without knowing what the hell is going on and I will find out once the game ships I trust in Sony and Kojima Productions and if you believe that he would bring such big names to produce a crap game that is pretentious and awful my friend I don't know what to say to you... Maybe you should wait for Gears 5 that looks worse than Gears 4.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod129d ago

LOL sure bug whatever makes you sleep at night.

Greyfoxdbz129d ago

I actually thought The last of us part 2 was waay more pretentious.

UCForce129d ago

Kojima always hide the gameplay like previous metal gear games because he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. You get downvote a lot because you made a dumb statement.

Eonjay129d ago

You know that is also a thing in the Metal Gear Solid series right...? Nope lol. You get a downvote for not know what yu are taking about and you yourself being pretentious for doing so.

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Legatus130d ago

Day 1 and to answer one of the biggest question will it come later to PC, this trailer below answer it in the first 5 seconds.

Only on Playstation baby

LegoIsAwesome130d ago

As much as I want to believe that its "Only On Playstation". Remember Yakuza series, they said on 2017 or 2016 that it will stay as Sony exclusive. Look at it now. Its coming on the PC. Don't be suprise if Kojima will announce a year after it release that a PC version is coming.

I guess the Persona series is next in line to get into PC gaming.

F*ck Sega.

(so tired to search for the article but just type yakuza and persona ps4 exclusivity in google)

Legatus130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Thing is Sony never, on any video or commercial for Yakuza or Persona 5 said "Only on Playstation". Correct me if i'm wrong but on Yakuza 0 and 6 box art it clearly says "PS4 Console Exclusive game" and on Persona 5 box art it doesn't says anything. Also Sony never on any promotial youtube videos for both games didn't said "Only on Playstation", so it's not true that Sony promote that for these two games. "Only on Playstation" label is only reserved for the games like Uncharted, God of War, R&C, Gran Turismo etc., so only for the true, full Playstation exclusives. So yeah, Death Stranding is full, true PS4 exclusive. 😉

LegoIsAwesome130d ago

Uhm im sure they said its just a error on printing on yakuza. Where in the persona 5 case that i have, has a "Only on Playstation"

UCForce129d ago

But the thing is that Yakuza series is own by Sega Third Party publishers, so i’m not surprised. However, Kojima is using Decima Engine which is GG ( Sony First Party ).

Legatus129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

"Uhm im sure they said its just a error on printing on yakuza. Where in the persona 5 case that i have, has a "Only on Playstation""

Uhm i'm sure they didn't said it's just an error because it says "PS4 console exclusive game" on the box of the both Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 6, so i highly doubt a company like Sony would made the same mistake twice. I don't know what box of Persona 5 you have, but the official box art is without "Only on Playstation", it doesn't say anything like on all the other multiplatform games.

Box art of the Persona 5:

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asad197130d ago

I think they are pulling a MGS 2. I am almost guarantee it

Chaosdreams130d ago

What I love:
The atmosphere. The tone. The bending of reality and the extent at which one is able to sense the changes. The playing of time. The ability to make a montage out of carrying supplies.

What made me chuckle:
The thought came to me that this'll be the most intense postal service delivery game, ever made.

RadicalCannibal130d ago

Yeah, you really felt the struggle of Daryll aimlessly carrying metal packages around what appeared to be quite a lifeless open world.

UCForce129d ago

I don’t think it lifeless. And I was right. This game is set on Iceland.

maybelovehate130d ago

Nothing so far about it looks fun to play. But still very intrigued. Love the art and atmosphere.

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deckardreplicant129d ago

how it's fun? Almost every game these days we get lay out the information before we play the game but Death Stranding is one game that we know 0 about and I am pretty sure we love it because of how surprising everything will be.

UCForce129d ago

Have you play any metal gear solid games ? Kojima always hide those gameplay in trailer before the game come out.

maybelovehate129d ago

I do enjoy the mystery. Feels very Lynchonian.