Media Molecule Drops The Bass, Live DreamsPS4 Music Gig at E3 2018

"Media Molecule drops the bass with a live DreamsPS4 music gig at E3 2018. A wide variety of music styles were performed right after previous teaser clips." - ImpSpace

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FallenAngel1984132d ago

If you thought Crackdown 3 had a unnecessarily long development cycle, get a load of Dreams.

The key difference being that one game never got a release window.

THC CELL132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Dreams a a create tool not just a game
Mm need to get this right and I'll make a much better game in dreams than crackdown that like a boring arcade game on drugs and over actors

BeardedDrachen132d ago

Dreams needs a release date. This is unacceptable

-Foxtrot130d ago

I think we'll get a release date at Gamescom