Editorial: Ubisoft did more for Star Fox Today than Nintendo did in 10 Years

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Last year, we were treated to a strange collaboration between both Ubisoft and Nintendo with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and this year we were given even more goodies from the two companies with Starlink: Battle for Atlas and the inclusion of Fox McCloud. Now, this is very exciting news as Star Fox is getting some time in the spotlight and it adds more exclusive third-party support for the Nintendo Switch, but at the same time, how sad is it that Ubisoft has been able to do more with Nintendo’s franchise by simply showing off a trailer."

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Geobros126d ago

Unfortunately I have to agree with the title of the article.

TallonIV126d ago

Indeed, which is why I thought it was a great idea to have Fox McCloud in Starlink. It will give the Starfox franchise more recognition.

DivineAssault 124d ago

I was hoping the rumors were true about a new starfox game from nintendo. So many games i really wanted to see but i guess i didnt keep my expectations in check. Nintendo NEVER does exactly what they should or what people want. They march to their own beat all the way to the bank vault full of gold coins.

Sgt_Slaughter124d ago

Star Fox, F-Zero, Donkey Kong (until DKC Returns), Mario Party, Paper Mario, Wave Race/1080 Snowboarding/Pilotwings, so many franchises that are either ignored or given a B or C-Team treatment.

I love Nintendo and will always buy their consoles/portables but they have had some pretty big "what the heck are you doing?" moments when it comes to many of their IPs.

Rippcity124d ago

I mean, don't buy their stuff if you don't like what they put out. They are never going to listen to what their fans want if they buy their products regardless. When sales start to dip then maybe they'll start listening to what people actually want.

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