E3 2018: Sony and Microsoft Took Vastly Different Approaches To E3 This Year

Ign's Tom Marks writes: "Microsoft seemed to lean into the prestige of having a “WORLD PREMIERE” at their show, instead of the traditional badge of pride that is exclusive games. Sony may have pushed even further into the exclusive hook by giving fewer games a longer spotlight."

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PhoenixUp129d ago

“Do you show a lot of stuff quickly or a little stuff for a long time?”

Either way the gamers won

Lightning Mr Bubbles129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

XBOX One's plan was to showcase the entire industry of third party games and hope just a few people would be too dumb to know that all those games are also on PS4. I guess that's one way to make your press conference more exciting than the competition.

PS4 just chilled back and while they had a few surprises of their own, they mostly just showcased the substance of their exclusive games.

As a Playstation fan, I think we dropped the ball just a little, giving the XBOX One the appearance of life when they really have nothing, all the games they showcased are also on PS4, except for the fading franchises Halo and Gears of War.

I guess we will see if any of this affects sales in the coming months, and while I not saying that this is going to necessarily change the console war, I think they missed a chance to stomp on XBOX One.

I'm coming out of E3, with a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth because PS4 could of done better considering all the leverage they have.

Elda129d ago

I agree with most of your post but Sony did exactly what they said they were going to do & that was to showcase the 4 games they're working on.They stated this was not going to be a traditional Sony E3 blowout conference,just a showcase of how far they've been working on their games.Once they stated that I didn't have my hopes to see any new exclusive reveals though I figured they would show a couple of new things & they did which was Control,RE2 & Nioh 2.I'll say next E3 they'll be showing off some new next gen exclusives.

lociefer129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Sony had the perfect plan: shock and awe with last of us 2, put some filler games and announcements until we change rooms instead of taking big screen time, then give a deeper look to our upcoming exclusives with a sprinkle of new announcements . The execution though... was not the best

Septic129d ago

Microsoft's approach was better albeit not perfect. I would have liked to see a bit of what Playground Games have been working with regard to their new IP, if they could show that.

Sony's show was meh but the games looked great. TLOU 2 looks stellar. Gameplay should be insane although it was quite scripted.

Wonder what Ninty has in store for us.

AlphaCentyros129d ago

I'm pretty sure most of what we saw in TLOU2 was not scripted. Yes, it looks scripted, but that's just because Naughty Dog is amazing in their execution.

AcidDvl129d ago

Contextual ≠ Scripted

It's clear that anyone who claims that demo to be scripted, never played a Naughty Dog game. You're always in control.

Krangs_Uncle129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

The exclusives for Sony were looking incredible.. And on that merit alone won E3 for me. E3 is to show me why a console is worth it compared to the others, and the exclusive material showed that Microsofts format was way better though.

The format for Sony was mind boggling bad. I couldn't quite believe what I was watching at points - completely disjointed, no direct audio stream for TLOU2 (WTF?!) and not a very likeable cast of presenters in the intermission. They had it handed to them on plate this year with 4 of the most anticipated exclusives this gen (arguably), and still managed to mess it up.

Would it have been hard to have the big 4 spread out evenly in an otherwise 'normal' presentation, with interesting announcements in between (whether is be release dates etc). The ending was abrupt, and the show was too short. very disappointed. No magic.

People will tell me my expectations were too high, but I'm actually referring to the format, audio issues, general confusion in scheduling - pacing issues. Call me spoilt, but I can only refer to the magic that Sony have shown in previous years.

Hopefully I am just jumping the gun way too early, and I hate to say it, but I also wasn't sold on that cut scene on TLOU2.. Not because of the lesbian scene, but just in general - the beginning was reminiscent of a Dawson Creek episode, which seemed to be lacking the expertise in script nuances that the original had. The gameplay on the other hand was mind blowing.

pwnmaster3000129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

If you combine Sony’s exclusives with Microsoft’s presentation, that would of been the best E3 conference. Sony had a great idea but didn’t really go as plan and made it shorter lol. What ever try new things right? Just don’t do it again.

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