Xbox vs Sony E3 2018 – Who Did It Better?

Whose cuisine reigned supreme this year?

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affrogamer131d ago

Sony showed the best exclusive games but Microsoft had the better conference in general

Obscure_Observer131d ago

Microsoft won! Sony did show amazing gameplay videos for their upcoming exclusives but no surprises on the new exclusives front. The intermissions was awful and the musicians were there for no reason other the filling the void made by the lack of new games to show.

Definelly the best Microsoft press conference in recent years.

Definelly the worst Sony press conference in recent years.

Majin-vegeta131d ago

MS showed nothing new or exciting it was all predicatble stuff aside from Battletoads

affrogamer131d ago

I wouldn't say no surprises cuz RE2 Remake and Control came at a lotta gamers' surprise but yea I give Microsoft the edge

Septic131d ago

Finally Microsoft wins an E3 conference after a long while.

But Sony's exclusives looked great. But why show so little and no release dates?

Also Shenmue, when is that coming out?

uRaDecepticon130d ago

"aside from Battletoads"
You trollin', lol.

tontontam0130d ago

remove all the world premiere games which are also coming to ps4 then slap it on sony's presentation. xbox loses. halo gears forza saving xbox all over again endless cycle.

81BX130d ago

My only knock on Sony was the stupid intermission and no SOCOM?

trooper_130d ago

What the heck did Microsoft show that was so special?

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UltraNova130d ago

No one won this E3. Lets be real for a minute here. Its was the most average E3 showing in recent memory. MS showed nothing new and exciting (apart from Ninja Theory's acquisition) and Sony left us wanting more even if their game play videos were the best part of the whole E3 conference. I hope they left the exciting stuff for PSX!

Boring and uninspired...

morganfell130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Sony was honest. Their show was brutal and specific. They also made anything Phil Spencer ever said about console power immaterial.

Sony had confidence in their games. They didn't throw 40 multiplatform games at you and wave their hands to try and distract you from the standard HALO (no gameplay) Gears, and Forza.

If you think MS had the best conference and is leading the field in pushing video games forward then you were one of the people over whose eyes Redmond was successful in pulling the marketing wool. Come this time next year and those physics calculations and cloud power in Crackdown haven't shown up and you realize nothing MS has promised is materializing, just remember what happened. Some people never learn.

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Ninja_Ryu130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


The only thing I will say is that Sony can do a lot better at PSX and Paris game week this year. We have to wait another year (E3 2019) for Microsoft to announce new games.

TheCommentator130d ago

Agreed. I'm not really a fan of what Sony showed but I can definitely see why many would feel that Sony's games look more interesting. They have a broader appeal. All in all, MS did the one thing they really needed to do, which is to show the world that they really are committed to making games (even if their holiday lineup is sparse). Speaking of sparse, wasn't that the moment in time when Sony finally got down to business and pumped out games?

OT: Phil talked yesterday about how the studio acquisitions were going to affect games output. It sounded to me like MS has more games that could have been shown and that they may be making some more announcements later this year too.

TheCommentator130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@ tontontam0

- Forza was expected, yes, but what it delivered was not. 72 player online, dynamic weather, dynamic seasons that are even unique year over year, terrain deformation upgrades in muddy and snowy conditions, a 60fps mode, and more.
- Gears 5 seems to be a lot more story driven, which is what MS needs to focus on, right? The combat looks really intense too and that's where the fun is in gaming so gears is pushing both boundaries.
- Gears Tactics is basically X-Com, so it's not even close to the same gameplay of the main franchise. This genre could use a new AAA addition and if it's as good as X-Com it's going to be pretty sweet.
- Halo Infinite is attempting to reboot the series in some ways, and even though it's a long way off it's good to hear that they intend to rethink how Halo is made (look what the new God of War did for that series). Also, a new engine means that even an open world experience is plausible; 343 can build the engine to suit their goals.
- Battletoads!!!
- Both of the SoT DLC updates look really fun too, adding significant amounts of content to the game and definitely going to keep player interest high.
- Let's not forget that even though it wasn't revealed at the show, Rigor was announced too.

At any rate, I don't think you watched the same conference I did because it's not just the expected Halo, Gears, Forza that debuted this year.

Snakeking33130d ago

Really Microsoft won what did they show good that’s not coming to PlayStation halo had no gameplay Spider-Man will trump Forza this holiday gears is milk to hell and crack down is forever MIA there was known need to show what everybody already new all Microsoft did was promote multiplac for Sony there’s no way I’m buying a one x now after they mention the next Xbox is in development when the one x just came out lasted year

Aenea130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I agree with affrogamer, not with you, well only partly.

Yes, no surprises from Sony, amazing gameplay videos, boring filler, etc., etc. and MS their conference was anything but boring, they've learned well from Sony in the past few years, much better...

BUT, what I do not agree with and what I don't get from you is that you complain about Sony not having any new games to show, yet all MS did was the same thing. Sure, FH4 is new, Gears is new, Halo was just a teaser and we all knew those 3 were coming already anyways, no surprises there AT ALL. Then they showed DLC of games we know or showed games we've seen before but the majority of the games MS did show were games that are multiplats which weren't exactly surprises either...

So presentation: MS much better than Sony
Exclusive content: Sony much better than MS
Surprises: neither had any
Number of games shown: MS showed more, most were multiplat tho

So fifty/fifty I feel...

Obscure_Observer129d ago


"Sure, FH4 is new, Gears is new, Halo was just a teaser and we all knew those 3 were coming already anyways, no surprises there AT ALL."

No one saw Battletoads comming which you´re trying to forget.

And yes. FH4 is new and will feature a 60fps mode for the X. So, pretty DANM AMAZING if you ask me.

Halo Infinity is NEW and will take the franchize in a new direction. It may be not exciting for YOU, but it´s definelly exciting for HALO fans like myself.

Gears 5 also will be different from everything with see so far on the franchize, which is good and refreshing.

I´m sure that Microsoft reafirming that their AAA games would be day one on Game Pass took the haters and naysayers by surprise.

And i´m 100% sure that 5 studio acquisiton announcement took the world by suprise! 5 NEW STUDIOS!

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pwnmaster3000131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Tbh it was a tie for me. if I only had a ps4 or a xbone, both company conference wouldn’t had convince me to buy the other. It was really good tho.

I do say Microsoft had a better presentation and Sony had the better exclusive. I literally almost turned it off when the guy in the beginning was performing lol. They redeemed them self quickly thank god.

What about Nintendo though?

Lightning Mr Bubbles130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I thought it was about a tie. Playstation showed the 2 games I cared most about in The Last of Us 2 and Resident Evil remake. Their exclusives looked very good but they allowed XBOX One to reveal way too many third party games that are also coming to PS4, and that probably made the XBOX One conference more exciting that it needed to be.

Will any of this affect sales? I still think PS4 had the better exclusives and still getting all those third party games XBOX One revealed. So, I don't think it's going to matter much in sales. In that case I think PS4 took care of business and did what they needed to, But as far as just who won the showing, the conference itself, I guess XBOX One.

pwnmaster3000130d ago


I don’t think it will affect sales. It’s 2018, people have access to internet and can easily find out if any of those games are strictly Xbox exclusives.

If We are judging which conference was more entertaining, then yeah I would say Microsoft was a little more entertaining.

alb1899130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

The games that impress from sony were in the last e3 and some of them in the 2015 e3!
From MS we saw new halo, forza, gears, ori and new studios acquisitions. MS did won.
But i must say that the must impressive game was on ps4 conference......ghost of tsushima, what a piece of art!

remixx116130d ago

I dont think youve been keeping up with sonys last couple e3s

Neither the last of us 2, ghost of tushima or deathstranding were at any of them.

alb1899130d ago

remixx116, so it is the first time sony talks about the last of us 2, ghost of tushima or deathstranding? Weren't they present on others e3?
Whatever you say Sir!!

Goldby130d ago


You are gonna bite those words. 343 is still working on that engine. They haven't even finished making halo infinite. Expect like 4-5 years before it releases, I wonder how many e3 that will be at

yeahright2130d ago

@alb "remixx116, so it is the first time sony talks about the last of us 2, ghost of tushima or deathstranding? Weren't they present on others e3?
Whatever you say Sir!! "
I think the only one that has been at E3 before was death stranding. Now remix is using some fuzzy logic to get around death stranding being shown at a previous E3. But for the others, those were at different shows, not E3.

Goldby130d ago


Actually Spiderman was at e3 2016

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oasdada130d ago

Totally agreed! The games were phenominal at sonys's stage but wernt that mich announcements.. MS won by sheer number of games they showed

81BX130d ago

Agreed. MS had the better overall conference moving forward and Sony had the better exclusive now conference. As a gamer of both, this E3 was better by far than years past

gamer7804130d ago

Ms had more variety in their exclusives even if it were the big three plus some timed. they also had more 3rd party which will look best on Xbox. They also had announcements to bolster xbox's future games.

Eltortugagames130d ago

Both companies banned on a lot of things not coming out anytime soon..

Aceman18130d ago

Conference wise I'll give it to MS but it was propped up with a bunch of 3rd party games I know I'm getting for my ps4, but where it matters most Sony won with their exclusives shown period.

Plus that RE2 surprise was boss lol.

No Way130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Im really surprised to see your agree/disagree ratio so positive..

I completely agree. As a game show, Sony pulled it out. But, as a conference Microsoft had the better show overall.

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GamesMaster1982131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Both were good I say. Not amazing but good none the less . Win win for us gamers this year . Was hoping for the rocksteady new game and a new MK ,but fair enough still happy .

lxeasy130d ago

Microsoft definitely had the better conference this year. That doesn't happen often.

GamesMaster1982129d ago

Well i thought both were decent, but if i had to pick. Then Sony would edge the win for me as it had the most games from the two that interest me the most. But overall now i would say Capcom are the winner of E3 2018 for me personally, DMC 5 and Resi 2 amazing.

XiNatsuDragnel131d ago

Sony and Microsoft won for me

81BX130d ago

That last of us 2 gameplay was beautiful. Spiderman looked meh. I'm getting a pro for tlou

remixx116130d ago

I enjoyed the spiderman demo, it was very...spiderman.

Came off somewhat classic

OffRoadKing130d ago

Anyone who watched that Spider-Man gameplay and calls it "meh" should get their head examined.

81BX130d ago

In spidey's defense he's lame AF. Don't get me wrong the core mechanics are solid and it's sure to get great reviews but I never really cared for him. It's my thoughts, reflective of the specific character not the game as a whole

PhoenixUp131d ago

Shouldn’t the headline say Xbox vs PlayStation or Microsoft vs Sony instead?

Besides who cares which had the better conference when you already know which platform will receive the most games

isarai131d ago

MS had more surprises even if they were 3rd party multiplat games, the real kicker is the aquisition of the studios. Glad to see they are actually taking it seriously when it comes to building their first party.

That being said Sony gave me what I've been waiting for, for me personally nothing tops finally getting gameplay on these games I've been dying to see, though dying light 2 came close.

So to me it's more a quality vs quantity deal and I'm biased given how much I love tlou. Biases aside to me they kinda time for different reasons personally

BeardedDrachen131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

They should have been aquirying these studios years ago. They don’t get an A on the homework for turning it in late.

Mmmkay131d ago Show
aconnellan130d ago

You’re right. So what do you want from them? They didn’t acquire them years ago, and they are now. Would you rather them keep going without acquiring new studios?

Sitdown130d ago

This has to be one of the most irrational and illogical responses....we are talking about what was presented to us today, not what you feel like should have been done. You don't give today's classwork an F because you feel like the subject matter should have been done years ago.

Linktothepast130d ago


In your own words "we are talking about what was presented today" - none of those studio acquisitions presented new Xbox exclusives. That is the problem. His analogy was spot on.

343_Guilty_Spark130d ago

You would have gave them an F no matter what

NeoGamer232130d ago

Yes, this was a step in the right direction not a resolution to all their issues.

And sending a paper in late is much better then not ever sending it in.

shiva1130d ago


"Microsoft has shut down so many lately"

In last two years MS shut only 1 where as Sony shut two.

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