FromSoftware New PSVR Déraciné Connected to Bloodborne?

Sony's E3 2018 Playstation conference had a final surprise in store for the post-show, with the unexpected announcement of a work between Sony Japan Studio and FromSoftware, an upcoming VR title called Déraciné.

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gangsta_red130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Yea...pretty telling how many new VR games Sony showed.

Nothing shown from this game was particularly interesting and definitely nothing to convince me to get into VR.

Fextralife130d ago

Part of me thinks they may have just wanted to flash "FromSofware" on the screen at least once

luckytrouble130d ago

They kind of blew their VR load with their pre-E3 announcements. Between pre-E3, the showcase, and the post show, they showed at least five new VR titles (either full or at least VR capable). That's pretty solid.

It isn't like VR games are magically a ton easier to make than any other game, and it's endlessly tricky to show VR in the showcases effectively since the VR effect is hard to sell without someone actually putting on a headset.

Knushwood Butt129d ago

Looked intriguing to me.

Could be cool to get immersed in that days gone type of world.