Death Stranding Gameplay Footage Running On PS4 Pro At 4K

Hideo Kojima talks about the gameplay reveal of Death Stranding.

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Elda154d ago

Intriguing but bizarre! I gagged at the end of the trailer there standing was the Iconic Lindsay Wagner from The Bionic Woman starring in the game as well.

WitcheRivia154d ago

If that was gameplay then I guess it's confirmed that it's just a walking simulator.

boing1154d ago

Problem with reading comprehension? Read the tweet again.

Bhai154d ago

Hmmm he mentioned "Silent" trailer... just like the earlier trailers of MGSV, sometimes a hospital, sometimes a fiery whale...
I am stoked for the action trailer!

Muzikguy154d ago

This was one strange trailer. It hasn’t swayed me though. Kojima tends to do stuff like that and I can’t wait for this game

stefan_771154d ago

I don't understand what this game is

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