Opinion: PlayStation E3 2018 – Great but not worth the E3 crown

The PlayStation conference just ended and Gaming Boulevard concluded it was a great showcase but due to the lack of a big surprise, the crown remains in the Xbox camp.

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Septic131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I think the games did the talking. Really excellent showing although I have some questions about Death Stranding.

Spiderman looks MAD.

TLOU 2 looks next gen.

Ghosts looks sick

But the presentation/format of the show was way weaker than Xbox. Don't like this format of overly long talking but luckily the main thing were the games. And stuff looks great.

Ninja_Ryu131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

The only surprise Microsoft announce was purchasing Ninja theory imho and showing Ori. Other than that all they announce was the same exclusive games Halo,Gears, and Forza and just multiplatform games. Maybe Sony was holding back again because of PSX. I'm surprised they didn't show Dreams.

The 10th Rider131d ago

Battletoads? Sekiro? Jump Force? Dying Light 2? All but one of those are multiplatform but I still thought they were pretty surprising.

Septic131d ago

Yeah but it felt way more epic. The format was better of the show itself by a mile.

Sony 100% had better showings of their current games though. TLOU 2 got me hyped. Spiderman looks great and Ghosts looks sick.

Both great overall though.

Elit3Nick131d ago

Like Septic said, Sony had a much better showing of exclusives, but Xbox had a great presentation that was enjoyable all the way through.

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aconnellan131d ago

"The only surprise Microsoft announce was purchasing Ninja theory imho and showing Ori"

I've never understood this - does an announcement have to be a surprise to be good now? What did Sony show that we didn't already know about?

hulk_bash1987131d ago

Sony had the better exclusive games in my opinion. But Microsoft had the better E3 presentation. Not liking the format Sony decided to go with this year. But whatever, the games they showed were next level. Interesting that they didnt give time to Days Gone though.

Godmars290131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

"What did Sony show that we didn't already know about?"

The RE2 "remade". Control.

Though I think a sizzle reel of middleware would have helped to forgive the presentation.

"Epic"? No.

But I do think MS did do well better than Sony at presentation. And that's counting the dead air of the sports segments.

nix131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

We were spared from hearing "World Premier" every stupid 30 seconds... Come on guys how can you already forget that? Lol.

I think they did the walking part for the press ppl present there but damn they forgot us. But honestly, I would have liked to take a stroll after watching that TLOU 2 footage... And perhaps light a joint too... Hehehe...

Skull521131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Nothing new, which leads me to believe the PS5 isn't far off. Wasn't quite as good as Microsoft, I'd say 6 out of 10.

Sony was just as delusional as Ubisoft and even Bethesda. Sure we all like music, what makes you think we want to see music acts at e3? No one cares, everyone in the audience had the look of "well this is awkward..." on their faces.

PUBG131d ago

Sony's 4 exclusive games look like they will be their best ones yet, and they did look fantastic. The one thing you can see with Sony, is that they invest almost entirely in single player games, and leave the multiplayer games to 3rd party.

FinalFantasyFanatic130d ago


Would you prefer last year's E3? This year was certainly an improvement overall for both companies.


Nope, PS5 is about 3 years away, no focus on hardware for the next 3 years so expect something in 2020 or 2021.

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pwnmaster3000131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Agree, it was a good show but the presentation killed it. Not necessary for that music show in the beginning. Like I said in my other comments, I doubt Sony will show off some new games. They don’t need to. The 4 exclusives were enough for me. They were probably one of the best things to be shown in E3. I don’t really care for the other stuff since they already have several studios. I think this E3 was for Xbox, since they had the most to prove.

imo, both Sony and Microsoft was on the same level. Just depends what company you like better and what kind of games you like. If your a Sony fan, Microsoft conference didn’t change your mind to get a Xbox and if your a micro fan, Sony conference didn’t change your mind to get a ps4. I give both B+

-Foxtrot131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

The way I see it, put all the multiplatform games shown at Microsoft's E3 and inject them into Sony's presentation...then think about them both if you want to do comparisons.

I wouldn't have liked to have seen the exact same trailers as it would come off as filler and people would still moan.

rainslacker131d ago

The music was there to build anticipation for what they were about to show. In both instances it was obvious what was coming.

While I think live performances such as that are wasteful when they could be showing the game, they do add to the experience.

In Sony's favor, at least these live performances aren't cringeworthy like at every other conference where the music tends to only appeal to a single type of audience, because the music Sony has tends to be more universal

SpaceRanger131d ago

How was the presentation/format weaker?
All they did was show games and gameplay. No PR, no rambling on phrases we hear every year, or unnecessary presentations.

Not enough cgi or vague trailers?

Concertoine131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

The "pre-show" ran like 35 minutes into the presentation and it felt like they were padding even more than MS' stage talk. These table talks dont usually happen til after the show, with good reason.

They even said not to expect much from this conference at this pre-show which was frankly kind of strange

Then it was just back-to-back trailers which is cool, but it wouldve been cool to see some of these devs elaborate on their games. Seeing the DMC 5 dev go up there and tell fans he was making the game we've all been wanting was pretty hype and lent confidence to the game.

rainslacker131d ago

There was a whole ten minute break after tlou where they had staged commentary doing noting but pr.

However, I think many people, including myself, thought the conference started with tlou. When it was actually started after the intermission. After the break, the pacing was fine, albeit short, and there were a couple games I feel they could have spent more time than a trailer on. Kh3 got a.lot of time, and as much as I am looking forward to that game, it's already gotten a lot of time before e3, and at ms conference.

J-DARKnes131d ago

Not enough 30 cgi, I mean Microsoft shows no gameplay of halo and people go crazy. The gameplay from ori was cool but everything else was meh, also why would Sony show the same games every else showed at e3? RE2 remake was a nice surprise and control by remedy also.

XtaZ131d ago

Twitch chat was literally spamming and begging them to shut the fuck up with all their smalltalk and continue with the game showcase. The smalltalk dragged on for sooo long.

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RpgSama131d ago

Sony easily won, The games looked on a whole other level than the competition, Microsoft may have showed more third party games, but at the end of the day their conference was more Forza, Gears + Halo.

Concertoine131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

The 5 new studios (of which 3 i’d call a big deal since the others were second party devs) is a big win for the MS conference.

Yeah, this shouldve happened years ago but still, this inspires confidence in my Xbone purchase for the first time in a while. Also, Playground games’ new open world IP is a solid announcement that i think youre overlooking.

Greg2801131d ago


Its great for microsoft to have new studios, but it takes years to make games. So you wil probably not play them on the xbox you have now.

It was a good conference for the future of xbox, but not for right now

Dark_Knightmare2131d ago

@concertoine how were the other three a big deal when one doesn’t have even more than one employee and won’t have nothing to show for a long time and the other two have released nothing but mediocre games besides hellblade from ninja

blackblades131d ago

Don't forget control and nioh 2

131d ago
Christopher131d ago

That choice in having a stage change was a horrible decision and not worth the atmospheric representation with TLoUP2.

Games shown were good, but no new dates on anything and some games should have a release date and have been on that stage in some way (Dreams).

The 10th Rider131d ago

Yeah, at the very least couldn't they have set it up so that they can host the entire conference there? That intermission was close to 15 minutes long. What an absolutely awful way to start a conference and it killed the momentum from that TLOU2 showing.

rainslacker131d ago

My thing with that is that the atmosphere is only relevant to those in attendance. A couple thousand vs the millions watching world wide. Those watching didn't get that experience, and we didn't even get go hear the crowds reaction. They even made it seem like the crowd didn't react at all. Those millions watchinthere treated to an intermission with staged or talk, with info that wasn't all that interesting, and a COD trailer.

Terrible decision on Sony's part, but at least the rest of the conference was good.

hulk_bash1987131d ago

Why they were relegating Dreams to transitions between trailers is beyond me. MM are trying to create something amazing and they aren't getting enough attention. The games that were shown blew me away, but the presentation itself was just average.

Ceaser9857361131d ago

Well Sony said it way before E3 that they will focus on only 4 exclusives mainly and it wont be like the traditional e3 they do and will be little different.. So i was well prepared and loved the 4 big AAA games.. Sony is already in the driver seats and they can enjoy that luxury because they are doing so well... and these 4 AAA games along with Days gone will do very very well for Sony and most of them are system sellers too ...

gangsta_red131d ago

The thing is MS just showed way more impressive and better games. Even their multiplat selection was better shown off on their stage.

It was great that Sony actually showed gameplay for their games which I have always said should be what E3 is about. But besides TLOU and Spider-Man the others didn't really build any excitement for me personally.

Control and RE 2 was also good but Death Stranding and especially that VR game were terrible the rest of the show could use a better format for next year.

Ninja_Ryu131d ago

"The rest of the show could use a better format for next year."

You mean this year at PSX. I really believe that's Sony's E3

pwnmaster3000131d ago

Let’s be real here. The best game they showed were multiplat. your telling me what they showed for gears, halo, forza is better then tlou2, ghost of t, Spider-Man, and death stranded.

You don’t know anything of death stranded yet. They just finally showed us a little bit of gameplay and it looked beautiful.

I’m knocking Microsoft because I thought they were just as good but most of the games showed were multiplat

Goldby131d ago


It was also very evident that both companies not only had two difference messages to say in regards to their show but also the philosophy I think.

MS had how many computers on screen just showing titles of the game showing on the bug screen, huge lights and multiple stage enterences. Not saying that's a bad thing, just that's how they do it, flair and lights.

Sony instead focused on 4 titles, 5 if you include the dreams clips, and wanted to create a show that matched that, more intimate experience between Sony and the audience, now saying Shawn wasn't scripted, but it felt more like a conversation between Sony and the players versus Phil's sales pitch or self evaluation.

That may be just because I have heard and said who knows how many self evaluations in my life.

rainslacker131d ago

I think death stranding is the kind of game you'll have questions about even after you've played it. Seems like a really atmospheric mind f**k kind of game in true kojjma fashion.

I wouldn't expect to have many questions answered before release, but I'm sure more questions will be presented.

monkey602131d ago

I had a feeling Microsoft was going to have a better showing. They had an excellent night and it was very much needed for them. The Xbox games individually don't stack up against the PlayStation ones. There is a quality in them that is just unrivalled. But Microsoft had a more exciting night.

In terms of the Last of Us looking next gen. I'm seriously starting to consider that it is next gen

ziggurcat131d ago

I'm excited for the new Remedy game, too.

imtiyaz6131d ago

MS had a better e3 showing and some great unveilings but when you look at the bigger picture, PS owners will be playing 90% of the games showed on ms’s conference and their own exclusives. By the end of next year Ps fans will have Tlou2, days gone, ghost of tshushima and Spider-Man to play while Xbox will only have another Halo, gears and forza

stefan_771131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

TLOU 2 looked about on par with the last two Uncharted's graphically. We don't know what next gen looks lie anyway since it's 3 years away

Muzikguy131d ago

E3 is about games. Sony had them. I don’t know what else they should’ve done

terrorofdeath131d ago

Didn't like the in between format of the show. Having everybody in one tent just for the LOU2 trailer then moving everybody to the other tent for the rest of the show, then it finishes with a panel talking about the games - making me think that there was still another part of the show to be seen.

I don't know, it just seemed all over the place. And seemed like the show was more for the people physically at the expo.

pinkcrocodile75130d ago

I liked the games coming from both conferences, though I wasnt a fan of the inbred banjo player the pipe blowing soloist mind.

I loved the new studios announced, which is what we needed to hear, the hint of xbox 2 was nice too albeit coming nearly a year after Shawn Layden hinted at PS5.

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hench07131d ago

Easily worst conference of 2018. Was less than an hour if you take out the "intermission"

The 10th Rider131d ago

Not great, but worst is hyperbole. Square Enix's was 90% unnecessary and EA's was pure trash . . . hard to get much worse than either of those.

ObviousGoldfish131d ago

Definitely worst except for the lesbian antics

-Foxtrot131d ago

So what? Add in all the third party titles and the same trailers we've already seen, most of them being at Microsofts, Bethesda or Ubisofts?

It added onto the game portfolio...and if they showed new games, ones not ready then people would complain they are "showing games too early". Can't win.

PapaBop131d ago

Worse than EA's? Come on, at least Sony actually showed their games in action, for that alone puts it above EAs. The presentation was horrible that's for sure but at the end of the day, the games they properly showcased was by far the best games shown at E3 so far. Ghosts of Tsushima was absolutely mind blowing, as a fan of Samurai movies, the combat looked incredible and those visuals were insane.

Platformgamer131d ago

worse because of the lenght? are you on crack?

AnubisG131d ago

Not worst this year. But it is the worst Playstation E3 conference in the past 8-10 years or so.

Lionalliance131d ago

Worse than EA? how exactly?

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DarkVoyager131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I agree. Xbox had the better E3. Sony showed great games but it was far too short and there wasn’t and surprises or anything. Pretty disappointed. I didn’t like how they did the show this time around.

Baza131d ago

Oh yeah, you’re right. Sony showed better games. Microsoft’s better E3 presentation is gonna sell tons of systems!

bolimekurac131d ago

but only spiderman comes out this year, looks awesome but the other main games are far far away in the future

Greg2801131d ago

It was far to short beacause sony did not show 30 multiplat titles...

The gameplay sony showed was on a whole other level then anything i have seen before.

I do agree with the format of the show, they shouldve work that out a lil bit better.

But overall sony won it easily for me

Lokii131d ago

Only reason it was shorter is because sony didn't fill it with stupid buzz words and lies. Sony wins again.

-Foxtrot131d ago

I thought it was pretty decent for being a smaller show

One of the better shows this year

AnubisG131d ago

No, this was bad. You can't even call this a show. They might as well could just uploaded a video of the games to youtube and be done with it.

-Foxtrot131d ago

Presentation sucked but I enjoyed the games.

They did say it was going to be a smaller show ages ago and constantly reminded us.

AngelicIceDiamond131d ago

So understand Sony has the crown this gen. With many consoles sold and their games fly off store shelves. They have nothing else to prove this gen, as arrogant that sounds, its pure truth sorry. They can afford to take it easy and really not do to much tbh no point they're giving what gamers want.

Sunny_D131d ago

What kind of hyperbole is that? Are you forgetting that they showed us never before seen gameplay of 3 highly anticipated games we have yet to see? That alone was worth the wait.

The 10th Rider131d ago

Great? They literally didn't show a single new first party game. The only thing that saved it is that EA and Square Enix had such awful conferences and Ubisoft didn't impress much either.

neocores8055131d ago

lol sorry they are not xbox. All the 1st party studios are working ON GAMES lol but u would not understand ur so us to that xbox lol

The 10th Rider131d ago

I don't even own an Xbox . . .

porkChop131d ago

Yeah, the first party teams are working on games but didn't *show* them. That's kinda the problem. We know Sony make fantastic games, that's why we wanted to see and hear about them. But they didn't show much.

remixx116131d ago

They honestly didnt need to show any new games cuz we barely new about the ones they had announced, really they just needed to do a better job of presenting it.

The last of us 2 and ghost was mind blowing and spidey was near top teir as well.

But death stranding didnt show much, no release date for dreams and the weird first half hour really pulled it down a peg.

DialgaMarine131d ago

They’re going to announce everything their studios are working on at the same time. This is a process of of having a few games to talk about at a time, so that it’s easier to maintain attention and avoid the titles canibalizing each other’s hype, and then announce the next wave as each game draws closer to release. Guarantee we’ll likely get release windows for TLoU2, GoT, and DS at PGW and PSX, along with some new game announcements. As it stands, Sony is still on top of the exclusives game.

Greg2801131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Why do they need to show a new one? They already have enough first party games coming.

They showed us gameplay of their big games that are coming up.

A new first party title will probably be for the ps5 anyway.

And Nioh 2 was a great surprise.