Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 free for PS+ users

PlayStation has set their E3 conference off with a bang thanks to the news they are releasing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for free for PS+ subscribers tonight.

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FallenAngel1984155d ago

Still not forgiving the exclusion of single player in BO4 which would be the only reason I’d even play BO3

In fact wasn’t BO3 the first CoD game that started getting PlayStation marketing deals?

BlacKJesu5155d ago

Shut up its free or go play a single player game

Cmv38155d ago

I love single player games, but every single player campaign in a cod game has been very underwhelming and formulaic. I won't miss it.


Disagree. I enjoyed Advanced and Infinite Warfare. I spent $60 on those games knowing full well I wouldn't even touch the multiplayer and I wasn't disappointed.

Eidolon155d ago

$60 for COD sp only. Jesus.

Eidolon154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

COD's are $20 like 2 months after release, it's very wasteful to spend that much when there are soooo many other games being released around that time, but you choose to play COD? Jeeesussss. I platted AW on Gamefly and I only paid $13 for 2 games out for the month. You must be rolling and dough to pay $60 for COD and ONLY the SP, not the MP which they spend the majority of their budget on? I wonder what other unworthy games you buy.

akaFullMetal155d ago

Pretty big game for psplus!!! Now I don't need to grab my disc if I want a quick play!

Cmv38155d ago

I'm too lazy to even check to see if I still own the game lol.

blackblades155d ago

It'll be my 1st cod since black ops 1

badz149155d ago

my first CoD since CoD 4 LOL

kayoss154d ago

it will be my first Cod since i switch to Salmon.

gigoran154d ago

For some reason, it allows me to download it but it has a lock with ps+ logo even though I have an active ps+ Subscription

Zeke68154d ago

I just downloaded and started it. Worked great.
You could try renew your licenses under system settings. I hope you get it to work.

hanko14154d ago

you guys are lucky, enjoy :)

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