The Last of Us Part II Looks Spectacular and Brutal in First Gameplay Reveal

The massively-anticipated sequel of The Last of Us got an extensive gameplay reveal at Sony Interactive Entertainment's E3 press conference.

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Septic181d ago

Game looks MADDD! DAY ZERO

Eonjay181d ago

It's hard to believe how good the graphics and gameplay are. Just wow.

TripleAAARating181d ago

Are you kidding me???.... my goodness. I had to pinch and ask myself "is this real?" at times watching this on the edge of my seat. WOW mind BLOWN!

ABizzel1181d ago

Seeing this and Death Stranding action had me believe that this is running on PS5 specs, because these games absolutely destroyed everything else shown at E3 graphically. Absolutely blow away.

Part 2 looks like it will continue being one of my favorite games of all time.

181d ago
UnSelf181d ago

If anybody in here has a problem with homosexuality, then don't buy the game. Sony, nor Naughty Dog, wants your money.

You motherf*ckers are the reason there's so much hate in this world.

salmonade181d ago

@ UnSelf... dude just stfu. I'm fully excited for TLOU2 and I don't give a crap about Ellie being a Les, it's the character and part of the story. But you going around spouting your bullcrap is not helping anyone or anything. In fact you're doing a disservice to whatever it is you're trying to defend. You're making things worse.

morganfell180d ago

"Seeing this and Death Stranding action had me believe that this is running on PS5 specs"

Kojima tweeted it was running on a PS4 Pro.

starchild180d ago

Extremely impressive visuals and gameplay. The AI and world interaction seem to be breaking new ground. Truly astounding stuff.

Nicaragua180d ago (Edited 180d ago )


Wow, your virtue signaling levels are over 9000!

Im glad that we have wise mediators like you to guide us through the complexity of human interaction, although perhaps next time try to tone down the cringe.

inveni0180d ago

I love the way they grab at their wounds.

Brave_Losers_Unite180d ago

You can disagree with UnSelf all you want but he is %100 correct.

AnubisG180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

UnSelf and Brave_Losers_Unite,

I see that the left-liberal SJW crowd has shown it's ugly head. Sony does not care about anyones political views. Sony does not care if you like or hate homos. They do want your money no matter what. Sony is out to make money not to make a political statement you left-wing liberals. The real world is not constructed around your feelings and what you think is right and wrong. You can deny hard facts all you want. There are people who don't like homos but will buy this game regardless. I don't like homos either but they have as much right to do whatever they want and live the way they want as long as they aren't trying to show it down my throat. Just because I don't agree with homosexuals way of life, I still respect their right to that lifestyle and won't do anything to hurt or stop them. You can disagree with people but that doesn't mean you want to destroy them. Welcome to the adult world you left-wing SJW children. There is a clear agenda in TLoU2 and I said this a million times. Drukman said it loud and clear, he is a huge fan of a brain damaged person called Anita Sharkeesian.

kneon180d ago


I can believe it. Do you not recall how phenomenal TLOU looked compared to what had come before it? Well it looks like they've done it again. I'm curious about the environmental damage. For example when Ellie was thrown through the glass. It didn't look like a scripted event so I wonder if they have given most world objects more realistic destructibility or is it just a select few. It's so difficult to tell with ND because of their seemless cut scene transitions.

And it looks like this is going to be brutally difficult on grounded mode, possibly even more so than with the original.

Salooh180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

nSelf and Brave_Losers_Unite
Naughty Dog have the right to do what they want. They have their own convictions but their beliefs are not adopted by everyone so it is normal to have such reactions and people like you need to accept the existing of both reactions. Who are you to decide morality and start dividing and spreading more hate. That's what you are doing. Not only you are subjective, you also against the western governments that these developers obey, they allowed both point of view to exist so you have no right to judge who is right and wrong morally nor legally.

Looking at it objectively, If i believe homo is normal, i will try to convince and encourage others to accept it. If i believe it is a bad ethic i will try to do the same and not raise my kids to adopt it. It's simple morality choice, i have the right to choose! You have the right to choose ! But don't come and act superior to me ! :>

Seriously though, glad that not everyone is childish like that in this forum..

UltraNova180d ago


Daf*** ? What the hell happened to you spewing that crap without provocation? Get the hell out of here with that crap.

S2Killinit180d ago

Wow, Naughty Dog at it again. I swear, without ND gaming would be missing a crucial element. They are just something else.

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Kribwalker181d ago

The Last Of Us 2: Tomb Raider Uncharted looked great, but it didn’t look any different gameplay wise then tomb raider

Blastoise181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Difference is Ellie is a likable character. Lara isn't a badass anymore, she's always whining and her voice actress is dreadful.

Naughty Dog are just the best at this kind of thing

Eonjay181d ago

Um you had to dig deep for that one lol.

UCForce181d ago

It’s look more dark,gritty and brutal.

rainslacker181d ago

Seriously? There were several new elements added to the game play.

Better stealth than before. More ways to move around and use the environment. New weapons and better fluidity between them....although that can be viewed as a step back since they went more for realism of usage in the first one, and looks to be some new crafting techniques.

The game play of TLOU is far and away more involved than what I've seen from Tomb Raider, and it's nowhere near as arcade like as either UC or TR.

181d ago
Drakeized181d ago

Doesn't matter . PS4 owners get to play both.

twiggytree12181d ago

"it didn’t look any different gameplay wise then tomb raider"

You mean that game that completely ripped off Uncharted? You know Uncharted.... That game that was developed by the same studio that created The Last of US?

Hardiman181d ago

You know what you are doing and there's no way you believe that unless you are being deliberately obtuse!

Chevalier181d ago


" God of war mixed the gameplay up from the previous ones and was quite different then anything else. This one not so much"

Wtf? Tomb Raider only wishes it was as good as a Naughty Dog game. Krib trying so hard to downplay TLOU2 reeks of desperation. Love the 'owning' all the systems angle to try to downplay Sony exclusives, very original. As original as say Tomb Raider ripping off elements from Uncharted and TLOU. The angle that TLOU has to 'mix it up' is hilarious. Maybe you haven't heard the saying don't mess for a good thing.

doggo84180d ago

The last of us 2 us about 3notches better than tomb raider. This reveal was nothing shirt of mind blowing. This and ghost of tsushima too.

outsider1624180d ago

Also the ai in Sottr didnt look that great. The part where there two guys together. one left to check out the distraction and lara killed the other. Lmao..the other guy comes back and says "hey a body! Looks recent", lmao he was just killed a sec ago.

GamesMaster1982180d ago

You got to be high . It probs was the most best looking trailer this year . Look hate PlayStation if you want . That is coming from a ps fan that has liked halo since the first one and I still do . But bad graphics , you just trolling now bud simple as that .

doggo84180d ago Show
No Way180d ago Show
bigmalky180d ago Show
Madmoose180d ago

You know what, I didn't really think of that way, but upon going back and looking at it, yeah I think that you definitely have a point. Certainly not a bad thing given that they're both were pretty good games, but can certainly see where parallel such as that could be drawn.

bu3ouf91180d ago Show
Davidgr2180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Are you crazy? Tomb Raider looks outdated compared to TLOU 2. Ai on Tomb Raider is so dumb. Btw when you’re comparing use “than” not “then” ..because then you’ll seem an idiot.

Hungryalpaca180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

What? Did we watch the same trailers?

dreue180d ago Show
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Vizigoth04180d ago

Well that being said Shadow of The Tomb Raider is coming to PS4 as well so we're winning twice.

pinkcrocodile75180d ago

OK OK, take a deep breath or nip off and knock one out. Then come back and talk.

I loved the trailer to TLOU2, the lezzing it up scene was very sweet then coupled with the ultra-violence later on made for fractious viewing.

I'm waiting for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Assasins Creed Odysee, ori, gears 5 and Spiderman personally

I'm not going to play this, not because it isn't good but because Zombie games (I know infected / spores etc are till the same to me) freak me out (I'm the same with SOD2 mind)

Realms180d ago Show
Flewid638180d ago

It looked more like TLOU than Tomb Raider to me.

Christopher180d ago

You're blind of you can't see the differences or you're just boiling it down to the most basic concepts to make a remark that can be made about most games out there compared to others.

I guess Ellie is climbing trees and shooting arrows while Lara is using environments in dynamic ways for cinematic combat moments?

Have we entered a world where we can't have similar concepts with different storylines in gaming now or are you just making comments to rile others up? It's not like these will be releasing at the same time either.

ComBaTs0uL-79180d ago

Haha I was thinking the exact same think it does look and play a lot like tombraider anyone who says different isn't looking at the same game clip

DigitalRaptor178d ago (Edited 178d ago )


Rainslacker and Christopher TORE you a new one with facts. The directors of the game were interviewed post-conference and everything that they talked about that was new and unique to The Last of Us Part II was confirmed and corroborated in the gameplay.

You're only here to troll... calling it UNDERWHELMING, meanwhile it's taking away E3 award nominations like the rest of the PS4 exclusives.. ;)

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Atticus_finch181d ago

Beautiful, emotional, brutal and impeccable. I am beyond impressed.
Damn! I knew it would be good but WOW.

S2Killinit180d ago

I don't know how Naughty Dog does it, but damn!

gameslayer2411181d ago

I agree, but the amount of people saying that they won't be purchasing it because of the lesbian imagery/scenes is already quite staggering, and I have to say, I'm incredibly disappointed with the lack of mature gamers in the current market.

Atticus_finch181d ago

They are inspired by the bigot in chief, It truly is a shame.

181d ago
Salooh180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I don't like homo, i was even expecting this scene because of the dlc yet when i saw it, it really killed the mood for a minute. So imagine those who didn't expect it.

I am still buying it but i understand why others wont, buying it or not doesn't make a person smart or not. It's their choice -.- . I don't watch music movies/games, does that mean there is a lack of maturity ?. I see from them a bad influenece/behaviour and it is repulsive to me and not my taste, so i avoid them, that's my right to do. Same in here but since it is only small part of the game i choose to ignore it, others don't and that's fine. It is their freaking choice !

You people so emotional and offensive to others beliefs, seems like you have the ultimate truth with these type of issues, share with us your objective morality so that we can grow like you -.-

Christopher180d ago

***share with us your objective morality so that we can grow like you ***

Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.

Salooh180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

''Treat others as you would wish them to treat you.''

Yes, You don't want me to say homo is wrong or right, well you don't get to say it too.

Just share your own opinion about it and keep it to your self. That's fair to both sides.

As for proving who is right and wrong, that's a different style of discussion/debate that most people don't use lately. I would respect those who hold beliefs based on evidence. It doesn't matter if this evidence truly is reality or not. Bringing evidence about your beliefs shows you are honest and trying. Admitting and fixing mistakes is another hint that you are honest.

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Lamboomington181d ago

The combat was the most intense thing ever. The amazing thing is a lot of that will be a part of the normal combat systems and not fully canned sequences, judging by the first game.

rainslacker181d ago

Certainly stepped it up in the game play department. Graphics are amazing.

Ghosts also now became an instant buy for me. I like they made it more like how people fight with katanas, instead of just hack and slash focused....and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Death Stranding looked great, but now I am more confused than ever. But I think it's going to be a mind f**k kind of would be expected from Kojima.

And Spider-man is looking better than ever. Can't wait.:)

181d ago
rainslacker180d ago

I rewatched the trailer this morning, and it seems he might be someone who delivers the dead. At one point, he's carrying a body on his back. The entities I'm not so sure about, or what relation to life/death the characters have. Some interesting theories out and about though.

combatcash181d ago

Wow simply wow!!! This looks fantastic, I just wish they would remove the whole hiding in grass feature, IMO it takes away from the experience when a decent portion of the character is exposed, and the AI still behaves like they can't see you.

Strange_Evil181d ago

Make room boys... Game of the generation incoming

OB1Biker180d ago

The game play looks phenomenal and graphics too. My problem though, just like for Death Stranding, is we don't really know what it's about and too many question marks while it was said to be a deep dive.
Hopefully ND won't dodge too many questions.

Veneno180d ago

Gameplay looks exactly the same as the first game, just prettier and tighter animations. I was hoping for some surprises. But I know the story will be great which is what will keep me going.

babadivad180d ago

I'm hyped. I know this is kind of ridiculous refering to a zombie game. But this game seems less realistic than the Original.

How are the human enemies so stupid? On TLoU 1, human enemies were the toughest ones. They seem Tomb Raider stupid on this game.

How are they not seeing her? She ran into the grass that you have surrounded. So Shoot into the grass. It's just a small patch.

I hope this was just a show case of how you will take out enemies and not a true indication of how intelligent the A.I. is.

I'm hyped either way because I want te see how tye story continues. I'm just mildly disappointed by the AI.

We'll see.

Goldby180d ago

It was probably programs that wY for the reveal gameplay trailer, to show the mechanics they wanted to without leaving the ai up to chance at Messi g up the gameplay

Christopher180d ago

You're arguing design, not AI.

The design question is if the game is more focused on shooting or stealth. Can Ellie last in a gun fight with multiple enemies at once or is the design to utilize stealth more to take them out one or two at a time?

If it's stealth focused, then AI design should match that. That means you need to have AI that stops shooting at times when otherwise it would spell your death because one or two shots is all it takes.

I get your complaint, but AI should not be designed to necessarily be realistic but to match the game design. If it was realistic, then they wouldn't just hide behind cover and would approach us constantly and shoot at us and we would never live. But AI is designed to use cover and not do that so we can win.

ziggurcat180d ago

Difficulty level affects how smart the enemies are - playing on easy let’s you get away with so much more than if you were playing this on the hardest difficulty.

IamTylerDurden1180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

The Last of Us II was easily the best demo/trailer shown at all of E3. Naughty Dog truly are artists at the highest level of game development.

Visuals were breathtaking and animations were the best i have ever seen. The melee combat was fluid and dynamic, almost hard to believe it was real.

The enemy AI was remarkably lifelike and the combat had a beautiful ebb and flow to it from intense stealth to brutal combat. It was honestly next level, it almost looked next gen.

The demo was violent, but also beautiful and touching and real. This franchise has a real weight to it, you can tell that there is so much depth and such thoughtful writing. No other studio does it quite like Naughty Dog.

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skydragoonityx181d ago

Naughty dog doing what they do best... RIP to any competition

RadicalCannibal180d ago

You gotta love a bit of lezzer action

pinkcrocodile75180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

What is it with Straight Guys and "Rug Munching" I've never understood it.

I think it was sweet and well done. I know you'd probably want a "Ga$h-a thon". Filthy buggers. LOL

RememberThe357180d ago

It's like having a juicy steak sitting in front of you then the cook comes out a plops an other right next to it. If you knew you didn't have to finish both you'd all for it, more the merrier.

Nicknasty180d ago

Ehh, maybe if you're a pimply faced teenager. Seen it all already and it's starting to just get annoying now. It's supposed to be hip I guess these days. Lame

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IamTylerDurden1180d ago

Nothing touches that gameplay trailer. TLoU II is next level. Sony won E3 on the quality of their gameplay.

Sevir180d ago

They have no competition... Is is another 9 million plus seller at release.

ABeastNamedTariq181d ago (Edited 181d ago )


Before anyone whines, no one cares about your wrong opinion, let the developers make the story and characters they want.

Oh, also, must say, this format is horrible. Sony loves to fix what isn't broken when it comes to their conference formats lmao.

Becuzisaid181d ago ShowReplies(8)
Saijahn181d ago

Nobody cares about your wrong opinion - you to you.

Can't wait for this game though