From Software Explain Why They Decided To Partner With Activision For Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was one of the surprise announcement at E3 2018 and it was developed by none other than From Software.

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lxeasy182d ago

"the reasons why they settled on a partnership with Activision was because they would be able to provide a lot of support to their development and it could help them work on their titles in ways that could help them get new references or information from outside places. This is why they decided to settle with on a Western publisher after years of working with Japanese publishers like Bandai Namco and Sony."

Palitera181d ago

Bring on the overpriced dlc!

Platformgamer182d ago

because they're allergic to money i guess

KwietStorm181d ago

That doesn't even make sense

Platformgamer181d ago

makes sense for me, i don't buy activision games, i buy the ones that interests me (like actually this and spyro trilogy) only as a used copy

KwietStorm181d ago

So then you're allergic to something with Activision's name on it. From Software isn't allergic to money. The game will sell regardless of whether you want it or not.

WitcheRivia182d ago

Activision won't tell them what to do so there is no need to be worried about them. Proof of this is that it's coming to Steam and isn't exclusively on Blizzard's launcher on PC like other games published by Activision these days.

vallencer182d ago

It's not coming to because they don't own the game or company. They own destiny and they own call of duty. So naturally it is going to be on

kwijgaming181d ago

If this game helps them make other non-Activision games, then more power to them. It'll help them build their international network.

OpenGL181d ago

They saw that Bungie was able to release multiple games with virtually no content that then were finished with DLC packs and thought "hey that looks good to me!"

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