E3 2018: Maneater's New Trailer Presents a Shark's Delight

Gamers may have logged several hours into the likes of Subnautica or Depth, but after all that time, haven't they ever thought to themselves "Man, why can't I ever get to play as the killer sea creatures in games like this?" Well, Tripwire Interactive have answered those calls with their first ever foray into publishing thanks to Maneater, an open-world shark simulation RPG from Canadian developers Blindside. The latest trailer for the game was revealed during the 2018 PC Gaming Show, and so far it does indeed look like a blast.

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crazychris4124155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

FUCK YES!!! 12 YEARS IVE BEEN WAITING FOR AN OPEN WORLD KILLER SHARK GAME, 12 FUCKING YEARS!!! I still play Jaws Unleashed, was actually playing earlier this year. It's over they won E3, Sony and Nintendo pack your shit and go home, nothing can top this. I can't believe it's actually happening.