New PS3 160GB box shot

Box shot of the upcoming 160gb PS3. As you can see it comes with Ratchet & Clank: Quest of Booty, Last Guy, Gran Torismo 5: Prologue and Super Stardust HD. Hows that for £340?

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PirateThom3808d ago


It's £340 and includes 4 network titles?

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty
The Last Guy
Super Stardust HD?

That's only £40 more than the 80GB...

FreestyleBarnacle3808d ago

Yup, pretty cool eh? Something good comes to Europe for a change.

PirateThom3808d ago

Honestly didn't know that, that's amazing value.

thor3808d ago

Wow disagree bandits are go!

PirateThom3808d ago

You say "bandits", but it's one person with multiple accounts (as it always is).

Anyway, my little brother is getting a PS3 for Christmas and I just informed my parents of this.

TheDude2dot03807d ago

I can't believe that it is all one person because who would log in to 6 different accounts just to disagree?

Mozilla893807d ago

thats who lol well for my part I gave everyone agrees.

juuken3807d ago

Happens all the time. ._.;

Apparently someone is seething with hatred for the PS3.

But anyway, that *is* an excellent value.

Jeromejones3807d ago

i wish there was a way to find out who has disagreed/ agreed with whoever has posted.

AznSniper3807d ago

Incoming 80GB PS3 price cut for Europe to £199 with regular 160GB PS3 to be £299?

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xBot Lemmings3808d ago

The xbotches are disagreeing poor bastards

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3807d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| The BEST Console in the WORLD ;-P

Joejoefhosho3807d ago



theKiller3807d ago

"a perfect bundle" for the europians!!
man thats so huge!!! 4 games PLUS 160GB?????? and there is a possibility that u get LBP too with it!!

i cant ask for more for just 340GBP

well that bundle will really compete with the 360 price cuts!!

M3 Superhero3807d ago

Damn this is a sweet bundle.

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Sevir043808d ago

GT5:prolouge, Ratchet:Q4B and SSDHD. the last guy is a bit left to be desired. Still all that plus 160 gigs of space and a Dual shock 3 controller. Thats hot stuff.

all we get is the uncharted game plus a dual shock 3 and 160 gigs.

meepmoopmeep3808d ago

agreed. that's a sweet deal

uxo223807d ago

That is an excellent deal. Nice job Sony!

orakga3807d ago

but what about those people who don't actually want all those games? honestly, I think Sony should focus less on "bundling", and more on actually presenting a lower price.

who agrees with me?

thereapersson3807d ago

IGN *did* give The Last Guy a 9, though.

But yeah, it's not everyone's cup of tea...

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Sena Kobayakawa3808d ago

this one gon sell like cup cakes.

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

TrooGamer3808d ago

I am buying that..thank you Sony and LBP and Fallout all released on same day.

Get in!!!

Bob Dole3807d ago

Same day??

F(_)ck m.... Bob!