Todd Howard Addresses Fallout 76 Questline, PvP, VATS & Mods Questions

Todd Howard, Head of Bethesda Game Studios, revealed new details about Fallout 76, the franchise's first multiplayer entry.

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IRetrouk181d ago

Went from a day 1 to nah in one day fs, i love fallout but this? This dont sound like fallout to me. No npcs? Just holotapes, terminals and robots!!! Players will grief regardless, gonna be shit when you have built up ur base and some rando nukes it.

Imp0ssibl3181d ago

Except it makes perfect sense in the lore. In 2102 there are basically no factions and most vaults are still locked. Thus humans aren't really populating areas.

IRetrouk181d ago

There should be plenty of humans about ghouls and otherwise,not every human would have been killed or even eradiated so to have none at all to me makes no sense, they want to change a single player to multi, fine for fans that want that but this fan does not.

mkis007180d ago

It might make sense, but the fallout name means more than a world devoid of characters.

AcidDvl181d ago

Vault 76 is literally the first vault to be open.
How do you populate the world with human NPCs, if there are none?

Profchaos181d ago

Ghouls as they are still living and must have not lost their sanity yet.

fiveby9181d ago

Agreed. I think it makes perfect sense that the world is not heavily populated. Robots and various creatures make sense given the timeline. I am cautiously optimistic. But I won't pre-order as I am happy to skip the beta and review some vids before making purchase decision this fall.

LordJamar180d ago

Good bye then wont be missed

KionicWarlord222181d ago

I wasn't really convinced by the presentation.

I think they should of skipped this and stop the nonsense so they can get the next Elder scrolls out before CD Projekt releases there next masterpiece Cyberpunk2077.

They slippin in these streets.

EazyC181d ago

I really feel that Cyberpunk is a long ways off for some reason, I just don't know how they'll get that game working on current consoles. FWIW I wasn't impressed either, why not let Obsidian do another Fallout? I guess this type of game will sell more, but what about artistic/series integrity?

LordJamar180d ago

We just gonna ignore. Star field and new elder scrolls game? Or the fact this is just a spin off vs 4 single player fallout games? Stop overreacting

showtimefolks180d ago


yes we are gonna ignore games which are years away from being released to discuss a online fallout game that not many asked for especially after their campaign last of of saving single player

Profchaos181d ago

Massive fan of fallout but significantly disappointed. I'll be skipping this one.

I don't want to spend time progressing only to have my settlement randomly nuked.

Also if you base the game around the kindness of others online is essentially going to be gta online or red dead redemptions lobby just an all out death match

Alexious181d ago

He said they're working on a solution to minimize griefing.

GamesMaster1982181d ago

Only way would be if we could log in a set it so my game is private and I never meet another player unless I invite them . Other than that I don’t think I’m going to bother either with it. The online community is going to be a cancer like gta online. Don’t get me wrong when online is done right it can be amazing, like yourself and just friends.

Profchaos180d ago

I remember when rockstar gave players the ability to launch orbital strikes in online it turned into chaos but now in fallout you can nuke every and all the work they put into their base.

Same concept really

Lighter9180d ago

Ikr? I swear. Some people are not hearing the facts because they're in such a hurry to judge a game that they haven't even played yet.

terrorofdeath180d ago

How about something like the Division where you do see other players in safe zones but then doing quests is just you and your team. Then maybe add an option to toggle PVP?

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gamer9180d ago

Calm down, there's 25 players in a map 4x the size of fallout 4? So that’s about 6 players in the fallout 4 map. I'd worry about seeing nobody at all than a deathmatch

PiNkFaIrYbOi181d ago

I just want the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, won't play the game but the spiffy things in the edition are awesome.

GamesMaster1982181d ago

I too would like that, but I can’t justify the price for a bit of plastic and a game that I on on the fence about

Elwenil180d ago

I'm 100% behind the game, but I agree, $200 is a lot for some plastic, cool as it is.

Now if it were a T-60 or X-01 helmet, I'd probably have to reconsider though. ;D

DeadIIIRed181d ago

I'm fine with the direction they're going, but am a little concerned that the quests are going to suffer for it. A huge semi-online world is great, but not if it feels empty.

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