Microsoft Game Studios: The New Five and What This Means for Xbox

At their annual E3 conference, Microsoft announced that they will be acquiring 5 new studios- Playground Games, Undead Labs, Compulsion Games, Ninja Theory, and The Initiative. What does all this mean for Xbox and the future of Microsoft?

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Sciurus_vulgaris225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

My Predications
1. Playground "Studio 1" - Forza Horizon subseries
2. Playground "Studio 2"- Open World RPG (Likely Fable)
3. Ninja Theory- AA to AAA Single player games.
4. Undead Labs- Either more State of Decay games or AA titles
5. Compulsion Games - Indie to AA games
6. The Initiative- Big AAA games

Aside: I hope to see the new studios work on new IPs and old/classic series.

DiRtY225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

After State of Decay 1 became a hit, MS signed a deal for 2 sequels with them. So I expect them to do State of Decay 3 next. I think MS might finance them very well to get it from AA to AAA. And I mean this only from a budget perspective, I think State of Decay 1 and 2 are fine games by their current standards.


Playground 1: Forza Horizon (AAA)
Playground 2: Fable IV (AAA)
Ninja Theory: New IP (AAA)
Undead Labs: State of Decay (AA)
Compulsion Games: New IP / We Happy Few 2 (AA)
The Initiative: New IP (AAA)

Any news who is developing Battletoads?

CaptainOmega225d ago

It means we really won't see anything until next gen.

Agent_00_Revan225d ago

Yea. Good on them for FINALLY investing in studios, but this should've been done many years ago. Even back when the First time they said they were committed to 1st party games. That they're only doing this now means there won't be anything until Next Gen. That also puts them in a good position come the launch of the next Xbox, but that also means fans can continue to expect the same drought they've had all this generation of exclusive games.

maybelovehate225d ago

Hopefully it means these studios will have more resources to make even better games.