Valve's hands-off approach to moderation is part of a larger problem with game classification

From Destructoid: "This week, Valve announced they would permit any game to be hosted on its market-leading platform, Steam, as long as it did not contain illegal content and is not what can be classified as a "trolling game". This met with praise from people who criticise what they perceive as any form of censorship, but also with a lot of annoyance and anger from people who felt that Valve was washing its hands of its responsibility to reduce hostility on the Steam marketplace. "

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Cobra951130d ago

I'm frustrated by the lack of comprehension on this issue. I don't care about the political slant of content on Steam. I care about obvious piles of steaming excrement plopping all over it, without anyone pulling out a shovel and a bucket. The saturation of trash is suffocating that storefront. Giving the garbage trucks an official thumbs up at the gate can only lead to an utter blight.

SegaGamer130d ago

I actually agree. I'm all for having all types of games on the store, but some of these games are made just to make a quick buck. Throw in cards and about 500 achievements and you have the addicts jumping on board and buying your game too. I'm also seeing a lot of these games come up on the steam sales every week now, which means we get less good games going on sale.

Derceto130d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself.

iofhua130d ago

GOG is turning out to be a much better platform. They are letting in the anime games with fan-service that Steam has been censoring, but aren't letting in the crappy cell-phone games and half-assed amateur garbage that Steam has been flooded with.

Plus none of the games on GOG have DRM, and are mostly free of microtransactions as well. There are a few exceptions, but the for the vast majority you get the whole game for the price paid up front. That's awesome.