Anthem: Bioware wants you "to feel like a badass"

Gamereactor spoke with Cory Butler at EA Play in Los Angeles.

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masterfox130d ago

Badass expansion pack $19.99 , schedule released Q4, 2019 :D

PapaBop130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Or for $29.99 get the super duper elite deluxe edition pack, 3 days early access, an exclusive big badass gun and a badass paint job customisation option

130d ago
130d ago
yeahright2130d ago

Sorry bioware, once my favorite developer but now part of EA, I 'll buy your game used if I really want to play it, but so far, I don't.

chronoforce130d ago

Talking that Dragon Age 2 talk.

Zjet130d ago

Online only confirmed.

No thanks, i'll be skipping this just like i will the Division 1 and 2, For Honor, and Fallout 76.

There is no reason why i shouldn't be able to play this game OFFLINE without connecting to servers.

UnHoly_One130d ago

No reason except for the fact that it's a shared world that changes based on other player's actions as well.

If you don't like that type of game, that's fine.

But there is definitely a REASON why it's online. That's the type of game it is.

130d ago
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