With Battlefield V and Black Ops IIII getting battle royale modes, how will Fortnite and PUBG fare?

From Daily eSports: "Fortnite is carrying the entire genre, literally and figuratively, on its back for the most part. Its total player count has just surpassed 45 million. The first year of esports competitions for the game will have a $100 million prize pool. Everyone’s getting in on the action by forming their own squads. Its Pro-Am display on E3 is hotly anticipated. You’ve got gamers facing off against celebrities and athletes — how can that not be a must-watch event?"

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Antnee534221d ago

I think fortnight wont have much to worry about because it will always be free and that cost less than 60 doallars

UltraNova221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Fortnite has nothing to worry about. Look I dont know about CoD's take but Dice will surely knock it out of the park. The only thing that will limit the appeal of BFV's BR mode is the WW2 setting/weapons, vehicles etc when compared to PUGB's modern setting. One thing's for sure though Frostbite will rein supreme above all others both in terms of visuals and performance.


Well said! Fortnite should not be compared to those 3 which all have similarities in setting and realism. I love PUBG, but I know how well the Frostbite engine is optimized and that will be a big factor for Xbox at least if BFV BR comes out swinging with 60fps and looking better with destruction! Not sure how the gun play in COD will work for long range engagements? Guess we will see!

annoyedgamer221d ago

I really wish consumers would stop supporting these cash grabs. Battlefield is now no better than Call of Duty.

T2X221d ago

The new one supposedly will not have any mts, and I thought they said no need for premium pass anymore. So, there's that.

FullmetalRoyale221d ago

You’re absolutely right about the no premium pass this time around.

MunchMiller00221d ago

It's staggering and baffling that people still haven't learned that with EA, it's not what they say, it's what they don't say.

If you expect BF V to be free of any scummy post-release monetization schemes, then wow, you are thick headed.

MatrixxGT221d ago

So stop supporting games people want to play? Please list games that are not set out to get cash from consumers...I’ll wait.

kevnb221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Pubg is mostly a pc game and call of duty and battlefield have been dying on pc. I mean seriously call of duty and battlefield don’t come anywhere near selling even 1/3 of what pubg sold on pc. Fortnite will be fine also since it’s free.

EmperorDalek221d ago

Fortnite will be fine, Pubg will die off.

kevnb221d ago

Why would pubg die off from call of duty and battlefield? Look at who the pubg audience is...

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