7 things you absolutely need to know about Fallout 76

Fallout 76 might just be the Fallout game you never knew you wanted. With that in mind, we discuss the seven things prospective Vault Dwellers absolutely need to know about the game.

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Sillicur181d ago

Looking forward to this much more than I thought I would!

chrisx181d ago

the game lost me at "always online".

GlitchedAfrica181d ago

Always Online is not idea, but if there is no connection issues it should be good

camel_toad180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I really don't get the push back against "always online". If my console or PC is online it's barely an afterthought. I could understand it 10-15 years ago but most of the civilized world has a constant internet connection. I'm not intending this comment as an insult, just a curiosity.

Eidolon180d ago

I think it's more the fact they didn't announce is as an MMO, must more a multpliplayer-but-singleplayer experience, no NPC's, just players, etc... Well it's innovative, that's for sure, hasn't lost me at all, in fact I can't wait to play with my brother.

r3f1cul180d ago

always online has a very harsh reality not a lot of people tend to bring up and thats that ONE DAY, eventually this game will be useless and unplayable because they WILL WITHOUT DOUBT shut the servers down... i can and have still load up fallout 1,2,3, new vegas and 4 and fully enjoy what the games offer in a complete and functional form ... this will not be the case with always online crap like 76 sadly :/ its a very anti consumer way of making games IMHO because you are fully at the mercy of the game dev even more so than usual as if the game is at any point doing less than well and its no longer financially lucrative for them they can basically revoke your ability to play it entirely despite your purchase

MunchMiller00180d ago

1 thing you need to know, should be more than enough. Mandatory online.


chris235180d ago

people moaning about always online. there are so many games today that need to be always online. it‘s getting old. personally, i don‘t like the bright ambiente of this game. they should have started a new franchise and leave fallout be. fallout 4 was such a horrible trainwreck. and this one seems to continue the downward trend.

--bienio--180d ago

It’ mmo this is what people complain!!

Kabaneri180d ago

If theres something I learned from GTA online its that 95% of the players will kill you on sight. That would get annoying in a Fallout game.

r3f1cul180d ago

yep.. this is what all games with unchecked PVP always devolve into... KOS always and forever and i can not stress this enough FORGET about getting any enjoyment out of this game as a solo player which i would think practically all fallout fans are O.o so this is a very peculiar move to me on every front ... just bizarre that they would alienate the core demographic of a franchise so entirely ...

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