Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference may be underwhelming, but it promises a great future

With Sony leading the console race in this current generation, many Xbox fans are hoping that Microsoft will catch up especially with its E3 2018 Press Briefing.

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Krangs_Uncle128d ago

I'm struggling to see what was so amazing about the conference in all honesty.

People seem to think that acquiring Ninja Theory (while quite cool) was the best part of their show. Sony recently BUILT a new studio created from ex Naughty Dog members, but don't seem to feel the need to announce it at their E3 conference (I doubt they will anyway).

Was anyone NOT expecting a new Halo, Gears and Forza? Or even Ori?! Where are any interesting new IP game announcements?

Gears looked bad story wise from the old gears I used to love... Why you are playing as that woman is beyond me. Halo was an in engine teaser essentially that wasn't particularly impressive. No significant firm release dates (I only bring this up as MS fans used to drill Sony for announcing games this early). Crackdown still looked extremely subpar.

Ori 2 looked great as I'm sure Forza will be.

What exactly made this so amazing? Was it just comparatively with regards to their previous showings? Mentioning they are making a next gen Xbox is a bit of a middle finger to the people buying the X 6 months ago, no?

Septic128d ago

"Gears looked bad story wise from the old gears I used to love... Why you are playing as that woman is beyond me"

Eh? Looked great to me- finally narrative shift from bro-dude to more a serious offering. I don't see what the issue is playing as that woman. Playing as Fenix's son was a bore- he was such a bland character.

"Halo was an in engine teaser essentially that wasn't particularly impressive"

Lol what? It looked insane. That engine looks mad.

Ori and Forza, like you say, look incredible.

We've also got a nod to the classics like Battletoad.

"What exactly made this so amazing?"

What made is amazing is that all the haters and doubters of Xbox wrote them off, proclaimed the demise of the brand and then in comes Spencer showcasing that the opposite is the case. That Xbox are serious about competing in this arena, righting all their wrongs.

Yes Sony have a FAR more robust first party outfit but MS is clearly putting up a fight, even if a lot of these moves will yield results in the future. 5 studios in one year is no mean feat. For YEARS Xbox has been accused (rightly) of neglecting fostering studios and its own talent. Now its starting to do that.

Plus the fact that the next Xbox looks set to be something really special based on what Spencer is hinting. They are aiming for best in class hardware. Now they are sprucing up their software.

uth11128d ago

studiod have a history of going to shit under MS's ownership. So is MS buying a bunch of studios that make MS exclusive content to begin with really a win?

ABizzel1128d ago

There was nothing underwhelming about this conference besides the lack of exclusive games for 2018, which was horrible.

Everything else was at least good if not great. They had some good indies, good showings for 3rd party, good announcements of acquiring 5 new studios, great pacing for the entire show, and paved a good future for Xbox with what looks like a solid 2019 line-up already, continuation of Game Pass, and the Xbox 4 being in development.

No it wasn't an amazing conference, and no it wasn't an underwhelming conference. But it was a good one.

corroios128d ago

It was much better then the last with all the PR about 4k and power.

At least they got Forza, Halo and Gears. You must understand that they don't have studios to show anything more then that. Crackdown is not Triple AAA game is another AA game...

They are trying to send the message that next gen they will get more exclusives games, mainly from Ninja Theory because the other studios already are working with them.

Its wasn't amazing and even the reaction of the crowd shows that, but better then last year,

morganfell128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

The Gears direction is bad. It used to be this brutal world. Sweat, death, fear. Men laughing because they knew there wasn't anything to go back to and death was breathing down their neck. They weren't going down without a fight. It wasn't about living but rather not dying so you could keep killing because that was really the only life you had. It had nothing to do with them being male. It was Gears, not Life is a Strange Gear. This braid and beanie girl, so cute in her armor...that isn't Gears. You would think after the feedback from 4 they would have righted the ship. But its like watching The Force Awakens...and then seeing The Last Jedi.

And HALO? That was the announcement from MS I was waiting to see...and it wasn't an announcement. No announcement. A name. That's it. A distinct feeling that says no more HALO games this generation.

The last thing, why bring up new Xbox architecture? You already have your "most powerful console" tagline. Why scare people away from buying that by telling them you have something faster coming? Does Phil know something about the Sony conference we do not?

MasterCornholio128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

"Does Phil know something about the Sony conference we do not?"

Maybe but Sony said they are not revealing any hardware at their conference.

To be honest the way Microsoft did their conference was due to the criticisms that they received over the years. They knew that they had to show the public that they are still laser focused on gaming.

morganfell128d ago

Elsewhere on N4G I did state that perhaps they were just trying to reassure people that thought they were getting out of the hardware business. It just seems odd and a bit dismissive of your own console. Think about it. We heard almost nothing about the X1X. When you add those next Xbox remarks to the fact that HALO Infinite will be next gen and the odds are it won't run on older Xbox One units it smells like abandonment. It just seems odd. Those are the two E3 questions hanging out there. Why mention that and what's Sony's big game for the Holiday Season.

2pacalypsenow128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

And to be honest majority of those studios have not made much noise and were already making games exclusive to Xbox anyways, except for Ninja Theory.

And Gears did look pretty lame.

128d ago
2pacalypsenow128d ago

Knowing MS's track record, that doesn't mean anything.

morganfell128d ago

Ninja Theory partnered with MS once before. They were given freedom. Its why the first reveal showed Heavenly Sword running on a 360 dev kit. Then their project was dropped. Sony picked them and their project up.

Jaypi03128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

While I obviously can't speak for anyone else. I think the show in general was pretty good, the confidence that was shown, along with a wealth of new games announced were really great, sure they're going to be on the other platforms, but judging the conference alone on what was shown on it's own, I enjoyed it.

I don't get why people keep trying to throw XBOX under the bus, there's nothing wrong with admitting it was entertaining. It's okay to enjoy something without having to constantly compare it to the competition. When I watch the Sony press conference i'm not going to sit around wondering what Nintendo or XBOX is going to do.

As far as gears goes, I don't play the series, but i'd imagine they game itself will explain why you're playing that women. And ALL companies seem to show off their games a bit too early, just to get people hype, or to show off the tech, we all know this, why is it an issue outside of just having to wait?

And with regards to them making a new XBOX, we don't know if it's going to come out in a year, or two, and it's not like people really have to pick up new consoles right away either way, not to mention more often than not, retailers will give deals for trading up consoles.

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zerocarnage128d ago

I enjoyed watching it to be honest.

I mean that samurai game shown looked lovely, dmc 5 and I especially liked the look of Forza horizon 4 which is set in Britain.

There were some good games shown but when it finished I actually wondered where were the 50 games because I could of sworn I only seen half that.

I thought it was a great show especially the acquisitions. I expected something like that to happen and Microsoft bite back at all the Sony fans having digs across social media, I mean when you poke a sleeping Dragon you are going to get burnt at some point and it happened to the fanboys..

128d ago
Jaypi03128d ago

Say what you will, but it was an entertaining show at the end of the day.

akaFullMetal128d ago

Microsoft is starting to right the ship finally, let's just hope now that they've acquired studios there will be bigger and more games coming with out delays and being under performing.

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