Command and Conquer: Rivals - The game that the C&C fans didn’t want

"A couple of days ago, EA announced a brand-new "C&C" game called "Command and Conquer: Rivals". Well, it's a F2P mobile game...So here's my take on it." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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CorndogBurglar127d ago

Whoever thought this was a good idea should be banned from the video game industry forever.

TGG_overlord127d ago

Me and my two brothers is going to light a candle for C&C next weekend, because the series is now truly dead for real.

CorndogBurglar127d ago

I remember buying the original C&C and being totally blown away by it. Then Red Alert.....Tiberian Sun....Generals.....Red Alert 2......and the glorious C&C 3. Such amazing games.

It's such a shame.

And I don't get it. C&C was doing great. They made a bad decision with C&C 4 and turned it into something totally different and the fans made it clear they didn't like it. So why not make a new one but take it back to its roots? You shouldn't just stop making them when you already know you had a winning formula. Just doesn't make sense.

PapaBop127d ago

I was joking during the cringe esportsy thing they were doing that all EA need to do know is call it c&c to really seal the deal.. I WAS JOKING DAMMIT! Someone do us a favour and take this abomination to EA's deathpit and put it to rest alongside Westwood and all the other once great studios EA ruined.

TGG_overlord127d ago

I lost my sh** once I saw the so-called Kane character in the game...I just thought for myself "My god...What has EA done to you!". I'm just going to ignore this game and play the classic C&C games instead, a lot of people are still playing C&C Red Alert online + via LAN.

Tankbusta40127d ago

Disgrace...I loved the CNC series so much. It was even the ONLY video game my dad ever enjoyed playing. To see how EA has now completely destroyed this series makes me sad.

TGG_overlord127d ago

The best thing that the C&C fans can do right now, is just to pick up the old games and pretend that "C&C: Rivals" don't even exist...

TGG_overlord127d ago

I was asked to sign-up for the pre-alpha of "C&C: Rivals", I'll pass on that one...

Fist4achin127d ago

EA money grabs. The sad part is that casuals are going to be touting this as badass when they don't know anything...

TGG_overlord127d ago

Just look at what that video game PR-person said on Twitter...It's pretty obvious that they don't care about gamers or what they want, it's all about money.

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