Devil May Cry 5 Japanese Twitter account shares story, character, and gameplay tidbits

The Japanese Twitter account for the Devil May Cry 5 series shared new information on the action game sequel following its official announcement yesterday.

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chrisx159d ago

Nero now looks like DmC dante I'm not feeling the looks but whatever I'm hyped af that a real DMC 5 is incoming. been a long time coming

Nyxus159d ago

Can't wait to play this!

FallenAngel1984159d ago

Not digging what they did to Nero’s face

PhoenixUp159d ago

I’m still surprised Dante himself wasn’t front and center during the reveal of this game

SegaGamer159d ago

I don't know why, but they seem to be making him a secondary character though.......even though the fans love him.

corroios159d ago

Don't like this version of Dante, it really lacks the bad ass style of the old version...

PhantomS42159d ago

We haven't even seen him besides a 15-second clip. He's got the look down and the voice actor. Nero is the one that looks super weird.

hulk_bash1987159d ago

Looks like an older dante with slightly longer hair to me. Plus we've only seen a small clip of him on a motorcycle.

GrimReaperGamer158d ago

You do know the main character showcased in the trailer was Nero right?

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