Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice directed by Miyazaki, plus Screenshots & Story Info

Fextralife translates content from the Japanese announcement of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, revealing Characters, Story and even some Ninja Tools

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Fextralife182d ago

Heads up: This has Story translations not in other articles :)

Da12RespectA181d ago

This was easily one of the best games shown at E3.

Fextralife181d ago

Indeed! There's more info coming out Tuesday morning

Smokehouse181d ago

I agree. There were a lot of games shown this year that crushed my expectations. I’m not a soulsborne player so I wasn’t interested in shadows die twice or From software’s next game. I was blown away, it’s a day one for me easily. I’m a huge nioh, onimusha and tenchu fan. From software killed it this time, I thought it was a new tenchu lol. The wall hug animations were the same.

fenome181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Anybody know what time today the embargo lifts on the behind closed doors demo? I'm trying to squeeze as much info about this game as possible.

Thanks for the new translations on those story bits Fextralife!


Just found out the embargo is up at 11am Pacific, guess I should've slept in a little bit :p

Fextralife181d ago

Np! There's more on the article I published today - feel free to ask any questions!