Xbox's E3 2018 showing was strong, but more than anything it makes me pumped for next gen

Whatever way you slice it, it's too late for the Xbox One to pull any significant market share back from PlayStation - but Microsoft's E3 showing bodes well for the next generation.

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PhoenixUp129d ago

It makes me more satisfied with the current gen more than anything else

It further reinforces how I don’t need to upgrade any console anytime soon when the library for the ones I have already is so packed.

Idk who has the time, money and energy to play through so many titles that they don’t have a huge backlog

Septic129d ago

Very true to a large extent. When the foundation was so brittle there was very little Spencer could do to right the ship but man have Xbox tried.

The studio investment was the one thing lacking and I hope it doesn't just stop with those 5 studios.

Unlike last gen where they were already going in confused and weak, this time shit has got real. Xbox have been smacked around and are clearly eager to fight in the console arena the right way. With a combined focus of best in class hardware and investing in studios for their exclusive content, Xbox are going to give Sony a far better fight next gen.

Competition is great.

CaptainObvious878129d ago

I think it's really telling when you're more excited for next gen.

And how many times does ms need to show their lack of support before people get just a little sceptical? They acquire a few studios and all of a sudden everything is forgiven? No chance of ms falling back into their normal ways?

Krangs_Uncle129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Ori 2 looked great, and Forza will blatantly be very good. Otherwise underwhelming as usual.

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