Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018

Tune in for Square's E3 2018 Showcase. Kingdom Hearts III, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, and more?

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Nyxus2177d ago

I hope they'll show FF7.

-Foxtrot2177d ago

Probably get like 10 seconds of footage

"See you in another year everyone"

Personally I'm hoping they show off Kingdom Hearts III more and the Collector's Edition

InKnight7s2177d ago

Another decade*
with another year with magazines pictures that does not represent the actual game at alll.

-Foxtrot2177d ago

Well...what a waste of time

Alucard_4202177d ago

SE may have a surprised with the SONY show, besides that KH3 yeah was pretty disappointing.

NovusTerminus2177d ago

If they show it I expect it to be a teaser, and then a trailer during Sony tonight.

MrWonderful2177d ago

I’ve been hoping that for 15 years now it seems

Omnislashver362177d ago

Since they showed off Kingdom Hearts III at MS's conference it's looking like a high possibility. Fingers crossed.

Bhuahahaha2177d ago

its for next gen. like they always do

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PaleMoonDeath2177d ago

Give me some of that Tifa sugar baby.

indysurfn2177d ago

lol.... You know people want Final Fantasy when Square shows Kingdom heart...some other cool looking action rpg's ...tomb raider.....Dragon quest Xi announced it is available for pre-order today, and in stores 9/4/2018. AND THEY STILL GET MOSTLY COMPLAINTS.

That should tell you somethings square!

Heck the demand for turn based jrpgs should have done that.
Heck the reception to Final Fantasy VII remake should have done that.

Even after nearly 20 years you get that reaction and you still have not finished returning to your roots? I know it takes years for turn based games, even for other studios but come on!

PaleMoonDeath2177d ago

That's deep man, but I did not get my Tifa sugar. Not a happy Moon.

indysurfn2177d ago

lol......I'm with you Palemoondeath.

2177d ago
luckytrouble2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

Hoping for some good surprises that I'll have to watch after the Sony conference tonight. Curse this work thing.

Fullmetalevolust2177d ago

They'll have a good mix of Western and Japanese titles judging by what they have announced so far. I'd rather what Japanese games they're developing and how far along is FF7R.