A chat with Phil Spencer about next gen Xbox consoles

Eurogamer: During Microsoft's E3 2018 media briefing, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced work had begun on "the next Xbox consoles". Here's the quote in full:

"The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming."

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UltraNova130d ago

Glad to see MS committed (apparently) to xbox hardware. So how is this going to go? Are they going to wait for the PS5 and design the next xbox to be even more powerful? How long will that take? How is Sony going to react to this strategy? Are they going to say we dont care, let MS have the power crown while we let the games speak? What about MS's promise to double down on 1st party games? If it turns out true then how will Sony react then?

Lots of questions, finally exciting times ahead!

AspiringProGenji130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

How is Sony going to React? Keep doing what they are doing but better. MS is the one trying to take hints from Sony. Some of the things Phil Spencer said were the same they been gettingcriticed for in contrast to Sony and stuff Sony has been doing for years already

UltraNova130d ago

I think that much is clear man...but even asking these questions today is progress in terms of consumer friendly competition among the two companies.

Septic130d ago

Xbox finally got its shit together and that's the main thing.

The future looks great because Spencer's statements were backed up in a way that few can dispute.

And I'm genuinely excited to see what Xbox does with the new hardware. Sounds like Xbox wants to carry on having the most powerful console on the market.

That's the kind of fighting spirit that Xbox was missing from the start of this gen. Now with Phil at the helm from before the start of the next gen, things will be Very interesting next gen and not as one sided as it has been for most of this gen.

nix130d ago


75% games were all multi-plat.
only 3 exclusives releasing this year.
talking about future console when one just came out a year back.
same halo/forza/gears

you guys love being a yoyo. this is pretty much what MS has been doing all these years since last few years of 360. bare-bone game lists, dependent on multi-plat and powerful hardware. but every year you guys cheer MS for doing the same f*cking thing. you guys are hilarious and i feel pity sometimes.

Septic130d ago


You're obviously clueless. Hilarious that you have so many agrees.

"you guys love being a yoyo. this is pretty much what MS has been doing all these years since last few years of 360. bare-bone game lists, dependent on multi-plat and powerful hardware. "

Really? MS always does powerful hardware since 360 days? Pray tell which alternate universe that is?

Does MS also always buy 5 studios in one year? Hmmm okay.

"but every year you guys cheer MS for doing the same f****** thing. you guys are hilarious and i feel pity sometimes."

Every year? I've given Sony the win at E3 for the last 3 years iirc. Who is this you guys?

Despite so much fake concern about no studios being invested by MS, when it you have not 1 or 2 but FIVE studios being acquired by MS then you still spout nonsense.

"you guys are hilarious and i feel pity sometime"

How can you be so insecure despite the PS doing so well? That's the really hilarious and pitiful thing. And your commend below is even more telling where its obvious you cannot fathom the next Xbox possibly being more powerful than the PS5 with your knee jerk comment.

Your comment alone tells me Xbox is doing things the right way. 😎

AspiringProGenji130d ago

What I can see Sony doing as a direct response is announcing their rumored San Diego new studio and the acquisition of Quantic Dreams

343_Guilty_Spark130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


Except they aren’t doing the same thing.

They invested in 1st party like you wanted.

They are committed to having hardware superiority and no doubt they will since the Surface team helps design the Xbox One X.

They are committed to Xbox Game Pass - an exclusives will be on it on day 1. I might add the service seems very popular.

They are committed to backwards compatibility.

They are committed to getting Xbox on more devices through an as yet to be revealed streaming service that will leverage Azure.

They also had a lot of Japanese games this year. The game from FROMsoft looks great. Neir Automata will be a new game for many. And the definitive version of Tales if Vesperia looks great!

I’m not sure what you’re whining about.

yomfweeee130d ago

2 of the studios Microsoft acquired already made exclusives for them, so that really changes nothing.

Compulsion games is a small indie studio who hasn't done anything great.

Ninja Theory isn't the only big news really.

The fifth studio wasn't an acquisition, but a new startup.

Not much has changed and no new IPs were announced.

crazyCoconuts130d ago

If you take out the production value, the lip service (cloud, streaming, next Xbox, etc.) I think you're left with little new outside of the studio acquisitions. And it's hard to imagine a great deal more exclusives coming out of that arrangement since almost all have already been putting out Xbox console exclusives. Not a huge difference after the dust settles outside of Ninja Theory switching sides.

morganfell130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Phil made a big deal of talking about how they are deep into building the architecture for the next Xbox. How it will truly be able to deliver amazing games etc etc. He spent time on this. Why? You already have your "Most Powerful Console" tagline. Why undercut your own console sales by telling people to wait because something more powerful is coming? Does Phil know something about the Sony presser we do not?

"Xbox finally got its shit together and that's the main thing."

No they didn't. They started picking things up. But they will have it together when games are hitting shelves without being canceled and there is a steady flow. Until then, it is just another promise and by now people should know better.

130d ago
uRaDecepticon130d ago

Its obvious Sony will have to come out first with theirs, seeing as how its strongest console can barely keep up with Microsofts; then to add to that, games will become more demanding in processing power and the like.

morganfell130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

"...seeing as how its strongest console can barely keep up with Microsofts"

Define keep up? Do you mean sales? Do you mean on a spec sheet or where it matters - what the gamer experiences.

Try watching the Sony press conference tonight and discover who is having trouble keeping up.

choujij130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

When you compare all the studios they shutdown to what they've now acquired, would you honestly say they're in a much better position now?

They're definitely taking some steps forward after taking so many back, but it's far, far too early to say they have their shit together. But I can understand how some will cling to whatever positive change they make in hopes for a bright Xbox future. As for me, I'm a realist and I'm not convinced or excited yet. Their fans deserve a lot more imo.

Edit: I do want to note, I quite enjoyed the format of their show and the way they presented.

uRaDecepticon130d ago

The topic is about hardware, hardware means specs, Sony has the weakest. But I like how the goalposts are being moved.

rainslacker130d ago


I wondered if Sony might hint or announce new hardware because Phil seemed to be jumping the gun on mentioning next gen, while the x1x really wasn't focused on as much like the past couple e3's.

Then that was amplified by Bethesda announcing their next gen title.

While there may not be an announcement of new hardware at Sony's conference, it may very well be that Sony is readying the next gen, and it may come as soon as next year.

Was just a couple things that didn't add up otherwise.

That being said, if Sony releases the ps5 next year, the it puts me in a very difficult position, because they would be very hard pressed to release a new console next year, or at least be hard pressed to justify it since the x1x hasn't even been justified yet. That could leave Sony at least a year to itself for the next gen, which would be really bad for me since more power has proven to not be that much of a factor to.peoples purchasing decision, and by the time ms does get around to releasing their next console, Sony is likely to have stood games coming after the.launch draught.

uRaDecepticon129d ago

No rebuttals? Didnt think so...

PepsivsCoke127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

@uRaDeception. Bro! More like uRDeceived! You’re trying to say Sony has to release their new system first because they can’t compete with Micro$oft? What planet are you living on!? They’re killing the “most powerful” system with their weakest version of the PS4. Sony should wait for Micro$oft to release their “most powerful” system even more powerful than their last “most powerful” system. Then Sony can release an actual “more powerful” system with actual games! Lol!

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AngelicIceDiamond130d ago

Sony will continue to do what Sony does best and that's release must have AAA games. They have no reason to change their strategy because there strategy is perfect and straightforward its MS that needs some serious catching up to do.

UltraNova130d ago

I agree, but shouldn't Sony strive to have the most powerful console as well? They surely can!

AngelicIceDiamond130d ago

They can. With MS renewed focus they won't cheapen out on the hardware X1 and make it gamer focused. But I think both are gonna be on par power wise this time around maybe one with a few extra bells and whistles. I don't see much of a power gap here tbh.

Bobafret130d ago

Even as an Xbox only gamer, I have to agree. Sony has made all the right moves and MS has to react.

mcstorm130d ago

@nix get where you are coming from but this gen has been about Microsoft finding its feet again after what whappened last gen and the beginning of this one.

The last 2 years has been about righting the Xbox name and getting the X out as well as improving the services like game pass. This year is about getting new studios onboard and working on the new IPS and improving the services they have in place as well as stating that going forward the Xbox games can be played anywhere cloud, console ect.

Might not be for you but you can see where they are going for me Sony have dropped the ball alittle bit so far as the pro is not really needed as a console and sales are showing that and VR seems to of gone the same way the vita did. Hoping Sony can step things up again though as I'm sure they will but Microsoft are showing changes and Nintendo are also doing the same which for a gaming fan is what we want to see.

130d ago
CBaoth130d ago

MS this whole gen has been a screw up, but Sony really disappointed you with the PS4Pro? LOL VR hasn't taken off industry wide but I don't see you criticizing Valve or Occulus either. Nintendo? They killed off their 8th gen console so they could hype up their 9th gen handheld. So spare us the white knight vibe in the future, Nintendo doesn't deserve a seat at the table (in an article about next gen consoles).

mcstorm130d ago

I see Sony can do no wrong then yeah? Come on all 3 made mistakes and also great turn arounds.

PS3 had a lot of mistakes when it came out and made Sony improve over then generation and also hit the ground running with the PS4 but wasn't the pro the console to show off the VR side? Also this site was telling us vr is the next big thing in gaming. I have no issues with Sony but can see where they have gone wrong just like Microsoft did the end of the 360 and start of the Xbox one as well as Nintendo with the wiiu. But both the Xbox x and switch are putting them both back on the map and to say Nintendo don't deserve to be up there shows how fanboys are come on Nintendo make some of the best games by any developers

conanlifts130d ago

My prediction is that ms will either go with a single premium console or launch a budget and premium offering at the same time. By offering a more expensive premium console they can be certain to win on power.

As for sony i doubt they will care too much. As it stands their reputation for 1st party games is far superior to microsofts MS have everything to prove, sony just need to keep doing more of the same. A console with good power to price and an established lineup of high quality games still gives them the edge.

130d ago
Obscure_Observer130d ago

I´m glad that Phil Spencer just cast another stfu spell on the haters that were expecting Xbox to become some streaming service.

Great times ahead.

130d ago
Imalwaysright130d ago


Look at who replied to you. The guy that thinks knows everything about MS strategy but was proven utterly wrong yesterday when they announced that another Xbox was on the way.

130d ago
Imalwaysright130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


Really? You're the one that said these pretty little gems: "Xbox isn't even a console anymore, its a service." and this "Xbox is a service and platform not hardware" or this "Xbox is a service not a device i.e. a platform" and another one "Its just a Xbox branded PC"

You also said this "The problem is, Microsoft really doesn't want people to buy the console to start with and these stupid fanboys still don't understand that simple point. They want these Xbox hardware guys to plug up a Windows 10 machine and buy games from the MS Store. I don't know whether to laugh or cry." and this "Satya is the cloud man, not the hardware man"

You were proven 100% wrong yesterday and you say that I have MS colored glasses just because I react to the absurd and delusional things you say? The expert in what MS is and isn't going to do? Hilarious. Next Xbox is coming. A console, hardware that in your own words doesn't exist and MS doesn't want gamers to buy but still coming anyway.

Imalwaysright130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


So isn't the next Xbox and yet in the next 2 or 3 years MS will spend billions in R&D, marketing, production etc etc and for what if they are just waiting for the services to be ready? Why get stuck with hardware for the next 10 years if they don't want people to buy it or so you say? Guy, you need common sense glasses. You are not as smart as you think you are and you come across as being completely delusional.

OffRoadKing129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

So that's how they get people to buy their consoles and play their games, by casting spells. All makes sense now. If only he could cast some spells to make those recent meta scores disappear.

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bluefox755130d ago

I think they put way more stock into "power" when they made the X. I think they thought it was going to bring their sales closer to sony's. Obviously this didn't happen, and I don't see them keeping the focus on power again like they did with X. As switch and ps4 have demonstrated this gen, games take precedent over hardware power, especially when your studios are so good they still have the best looking games on console despite the power disparity. I don't think Sony is too concerned with what MS is doing, and that's a good thing imo.

ImGumbyDammit129d ago

Not being concerned what your opponent is doing is bad and that is how you lose the battle.

“Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

nowitzki2004130d ago

Right now Sony isnt worried about MS

Imalwaysright130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

That's exactly how they felt right before releasing the PS3 on the market but I'm sure that they learned their lesson and will keep doing the best they can.

OB1Biker130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Phil announced the next xbox consoles are in the work. I think, considering Phil s style we might expect the same sort of announcement as for the X, at next E3 conference. Like a vague video giving some spec.
I doubt Sony will announce PS5 next E3 but more like early 2020 special reveal like for PS4
I believe both will release the next gen at the same time because as early as the new tech allows it

Xbox conference was good because of mu!tiplat and pacing but they need wait to announce new IP.

TheProblem130d ago

The only reason Phil Spencer started talking about next xbox is because of the rumblings of PS5.

He did the same thing when the pro was coming along.

They know the PS5 will come first and this is almost like a "please please wait for our console. It's also coming"

We all know what will happen if PS5 launches before the next xbox and so do Microsoft.

ImGumbyDammit129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

No, he did it to quiet the rumblings of people (mostly PS4 fanboys) who say the Xbox is dead, Microsoft has no interest in doing another Xbox, there will never be another Xbox, Xbox will be just a service on Windows and all that type of talk. It was to establish that Microsoft is 100% committed to providing a new console(s)

"We all know what will happen if PS5 launches before the next xbox and so do Microsoft. "
Who is we and all? The only thing I know if that happens is the PS5 is released first. That is it. The same thing if the situation is reversed or are you saying that then a more powerful PS5 a year later matters. The point is we don't know what anything means. Going first does not mean anything. Releasing later doesn't mean anything. Won't it be about the games? We already see that Microsoft is planning for the future with these new studios, that is where we will see their work. Let's remember fortunes can change and arrogance is what causes that to be true. Making mistakes with arrogance is what damaged this generation initially for Microsoft. I don't see with the changes they are making recently that Microsoft is going let that happen again.

TheProblem129d ago (Edited 129d ago )


Do you really think Phil Spencer cares about what PS4 fans think? Spencer cares more about the fact that PS5 is coming and more than likely will be launching before the next xbox.

You've seen what happens when playstation launches a year behind xbox. You've seen what happens when the launch side by side. If playstation launches a year a head. It will be decimation. Playstation is too strong a brand. That's why he is desperately mentioning the next xbox now. Just like he did when the pro was coming

rainslacker130d ago

Ms wouldn't be in a good position to always be following Sony. It'd be fine for them if they had a stronger 1st party to keep people following the brand. Last gen it was the strong exclusive line up that helped them the most, not just the year head start.

MS just released a console, so if Sony releases next year, ms would be hard pressed to justify a new console so soon.

But, ms needs to release before or near Sony to not just be left behind. The vast majority of the hardcore will still only pick one console per generation, and if sony gets them early, they've won.

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lociefer130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

''While confirmation that Microsoft is working on a new set of Xbox consoles (note the plural) wasn't particularly surprising, hearing it come from Phil Spencer's mouth on-stage at this year's E3 was''

So maybe they will introduce a base xbox, a high end xbox and a streaming xbox next gen, i also like his response to Guillemot' statement.

Let's see if they can convince me of buying an xbox next gen

UltraNova130d ago

Hmm...pretty interesting idea you got there. It seems very plausible they go that route!

starchild130d ago

I hope Sony will offer a higher end "Pro" model right at launch since that is the model I want to buy.

lociefer130d ago

That would be dope, i would definitely shell out the extra cash for it

conanlifts130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Ps5 plus with backwards compatibility. Now offering God of war and TLOU 2 in full 4k/60.

Now that is a console worthy of those games. I would buy it instantly.

UltraNova130d ago

I've been saying that for a year now. They should totally be releasing both a regular and Pro SKUs simultaneously.

tontontam0130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

"deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming."

yup that's very easy to do, just wait for the competitor to release first and if it turns out that your system in development is weaker revise the specs and charge $100 more.

Septic130d ago

It's not that easy because you don't just halt R&D and the lay in wait like you suggest. You don't just conjure up a powerful console overnight. The machine has to be well thought out and capable and strong.

And a year long delay is not an easy thing to concede. We saw how a year's headstart in the 360 era was so important.

nix130d ago

so you think Sony is just sitting there all this time making great games only?

Septic130d ago

What? How did you get that from my comment?

OffRoadKing129d ago

"Xbox finally got its shit together and that's the main thing."

Literally zero proof of that at this point but carry on.

"You're obviously clueless."

Calling a guy clueless when he stated nothing but facts.

"Your comment alone tells me Xbox is doing things the right way."

And your comments have proven to everyone here you're not as impartial as you'd like everyone to believe.

Septic129d ago


"Calling a guy clueless when he stated nothing but facts. "

Nothing but facts? These are facts?? =

"you guys love being a yoyo. this is pretty much what MS has been doing all these years since last few years of 360. bare-bone game lists, dependent on multi-plat and powerful hardware. but every year you guys cheer MS for doing the same f*cking thing. you guys are hilarious and i feel pity sometimes."

"And your comments have proven to everyone here you're not as impartial as you'd like everyone to believe."

LOL please stfu and chat to someone else. Your comments are shit tier.

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343_Guilty_Spark130d ago

You can’t revise specs like that. Consoles are in development for years.

The 10th Rider130d ago

Not to mention they involve working with the chip makers such as AMD. You don't just go "oh hey, I know we're twelve months out from release, but we need to really boost that GPU power on that custom chip you've already almost finished up"

SpringHeeledJack130d ago

off the shelf components, not bespoke, you can easily swap out out parts and put better ones in, increase the RAM like Sony did with PS4 at the last minute.

ImGumbyDammit129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

@SpringHeeledJack There is quite a difference between adding more standard parts (like memory) then there is changing a highly customized APU like both consoles are/will be designed around. Not that they can't be working on multiple development paths for a console but, the differentiation between those paths are not huge. And the final path is usually solidified into the final system design a long way out. <-- there is a lot of testing a verification done those last six months before the final APU production begins (which is usually tapped out around 5 months before a consoles release). Any changes before taping out will be minor,

PhoenixUp130d ago

I still don’t support the idea of iterative platforms

starchild130d ago

I absolutely do. It's one of the best things to ever happen to console gaming. There's really no downside, except maybe the hurt feelings of those that choose to stay with the lower end models and don't like the idea of somebody having something better than them. I think having more choices is a good thing. Those that don't care or can't afford the higher performance model can still play all the same games on a cheaper model, while those who care about performance and image fidelity can buy the higher performance model.

I actually wish they would take this idea further and release more powerful versions of each console around every two years. I would upgrade from my PS4 Pro to a more powerful model if it were available right now.

I also think Sony and Microsoft should offer two versions of their next consoles right at launch. A base version and a more powerful version. This would satisfy a wider range of gamers.

Sunny_D130d ago

You essentially have a PC if you upgraded every 2 years.... I don’t know. I feel like I have my console to be a console. Not a glorified PC. (Technically it is)

MuddyWaters130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It's clear some don't like change, that's all it is. The PC gets the same new games (other than console exclusives of course) and it clearly works well on that platform. One company is just taking backwards compatibility more seriously and when you see things like Red Dead Redemption allowing the hardware do the magic, like you said, what's the downside?

Your console is still a game console, you're not going to be pulling out the CPU and GPU and you are not being forced to upgrade either. The Xbox One X has many great upgrades but it didn't force Xbox One owners to buy one. Eventually you will need to upgrade but that is the situation it's always been except now you have more options when to.

"except maybe the hurt feelings of those that choose to stay with the lower end models and don't like the idea of somebody having something better than them."

This is likely the case as well

yomfweeee130d ago

@Sunny_D, your PS4 is still a PS4 and it will last just as long as PS1,2,3. You can ignore the iterative version and wait for the next main release. Act like the Pro never existed, there's no harm to you.

ClanPsi1130d ago

I don't mind iterative consoles, but announcing a new model is in development when your current newest model is only half a year old is f*cking r*tarded. Of course, it was Phil Spencer who said it, so...

Xavi4K130d ago

LAMFO and many people in here were saying mocrosoft going to be third party company next gen...Xbox brand is here to stay with the five new studios they are going to deliver next gen.

ConsoleGamer130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Well, based on comments they very well could go 3rd party for the other consoles while also keeping their xbox consoles.

Microsoft Studios: "We Remain Committed to Xbox, Open to Other Platforms"

So by releasing games on other platforms than windows 10 and xbox, they technically become 3rd party.

DiRtY130d ago

Just as much as Sony is 3rd party with PSNow being available on Smasung TVs.

That was their point, their streaming service is building up and they release a mobile GoW game.

ClanPsi1130d ago

We can only pray to the gaming gods that you're wrong.