Xbox and Phil Spencer display a masterclass in E3 101

After Blair finished watching the Xbox E3 press conference again, he puts his thoughts to words as to how well Xbox and Phil Spencer demonstrated a masterclass in E3.

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chrisx132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

masterclass?...ok. the only major xbox game this year is Forza. no new IP announced. all major games shown on ms e3 I'll play on my ps4. if that's masterclass then alright.

AngelicIceDiamond132d ago ShowReplies(1)
Septic132d ago

It absolutely is a masterclass. Everyone doubted the future of Xbox and now very clearly we know that Xbox is taking it seriously with 5 studio acquisitions in one year. And that's just this year.

These are big long term moves and Microsoft is intent on making their next gen console best in class as well. That all is extremely positive news.

We will see what these new studios bring. We already know of Playgrounds new IP and we'll see what Ninja Theory is cooking. We'll have new Battletoads as well which is great.

People might bemoan the usual gears halo and forza as well but look how good they look this time. A whole new engine for Halo, 60fps and 4k for Gears and Forza with a 60fps option and a game that looks absolutely stellar.

This year is weak absolutely except for the incredible looking Forza. That is a given but the future looks great.

Xbox fans will love what Spencer managed this E3 and that's restore faith in the Xbox brand when everyone was talking about them turning into a service, not having a new Xbox or whatnot.

That's a big narrative shift. Xbox is taking gaming seriously and finally making the right moves after making such a blunder at the start of this gen.

chrisx132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Dude nothing ms presented gave a "reason to buy xbox" vibe. These are basic things that should have been done and for now yet more promises for the future. you just said it yourself, more halo Forza gears, and also admitted obviously that this year is weak for xbox. If really these can amount to a "masterclass" to you then uh ok.

Septic132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

"These are basic things that should have been done and for now yet more promises"

Promises? They've gone and bought those 5 studios. It's not a promise anymore, it's done deal. Yes they neglected to do this before but now they are and that's that really.

They have variety in their line-up beyond the usual 3 now with these new studios working for them along with Japanese games and others.

Those usual 3 are big things for Xbox fans particularly cause they look so impressive. It's just a starting point now for Xbox to grow at a time when people were calling for the demise of the Xbox brand

corroios132d ago

Don't mislead gamers.. 5 studios. How many of those are already doing games just for the Xbox??? How many? Its easy PR.

The studio they got is Ninja theory this means how many new games next gen? 1, 2?

ABizzel1132d ago

This is the first time I disagree with you about Xbox E3.

Masterclass is a huge stretch, it was a good conference and good showing, but they needed much more for this to be a "Masterclass". They needed a full 2018 line-up instead of a we'll see you in 2019 and get ready for the next Xbox from there. They needed new exclusives outside of Gears, Halo, and Forza. Finally they needed announcements for the games being developed by these 5 new studios, and honestly 1 big studio outside of Ninja Theory that wasn't already making exclusives for MS to begin with. That would have been a "Masterclass".

It was a good conference, but it was good for the future of the Xbox brand and would have been great if this was the Xbox 4 reveal, but for the XBO holiday 2018 this was lackluster.

A bad 2018 carried by 3rd party, in order to produce a solid 2019 offering, and pave the way for Xbox 4 in 2020 (if not holiday 2019, since MS is all about generations not mattering anymore with Game Pass and Play Anywhere).

firelogic131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Studio A: Only made State of Decay games exclusively for Xbox/PC
Studio B: Only made Forza games exclusively for Xbox/PC
So nothing really changes with those acquisitions. It'd be like Sony buying Quantic Dream. Not a difference maker because they only make games for Playstation anyway.

Studio C: We Happy Few - not really a big get (solely based on that game)
Studio D: Ninja Theory. They could turn into a AAA studio with proper funding. Not there yet.
Studio E: Who knows. They're totally new.

Also, I don't think they should be applauded for a few studio acquisitions this late in the game. This should have happened a decade ago. They've been in the console market for 18 years.

DarXyde131d ago


Xbox is clearly about One X now. Great for those with one, bad for anyone else. I wasn't convinced to upgrade, I'll say that. And sure, the original Xbox One is getting those games too, but it's still relying considerably on Xbox One X's power to make multiplatform games look better.

I thought they had the best showing they've had in years and will probably have a better showing than Sony. On the other hand, Sony has the least to prove and the games we know about (which will probably be what's shown at E3) are pretty damn solid. Never sleep on Nintendo.

Not knocking Xbox here since they're beginning to get a finger on the pulse. Moves in the right direction, but I think the fanaticism is a bit much.

Elda131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

The Initiative a new studio is credit,Undead Labs been working with them for a while now for their mediocre State of Decay.Playground has be doing their Forza games,Compulsion another mediocre indie developer & Ninja Theory which was the best out of them all.Hopefully NT doesn't go in the direction Rare did.MS acquisition of these developers is ok but nothing major,guessing with the 2 out of 5 it's a start.

PUBG131d ago

The only people who bemoan Halo, Gears and Forza are people who aren't fans of shooters or driving games. For fans of these big game franchises, I'm sure that there was nothing but delight.

It just goes to show, with all of the negative comments from a noisy and maniacle playstation fanbase, that they will never bring moderation to their ridiculous, intolerant and insane opinions. Best thing to do is ignor them from here on out, since they can't be reasoned with.

morganfell131d ago


Studio D already put their last 3 games on Xbox so no real gain there. And MS dumped them once before so they know what's coming.

ClanPsi1131d ago

I'm interested to hear your opinion after the PS conference has ended.

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Christopher132d ago

1. Yeah, we all know they are hurting now for content compared to Sony.

2. But I don't get how you can move goal posts to say no new IP when they did show new stuff coming in 2019 and thereafter.

Halo Infinite
Gears Tactics
Gears Pop!
Gears 5
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Sea of Thieves expansion
FH4 Official reveal
PUBG content update
Black Desert
Cuphead DLC

3. None of that is on PS4.

4. Maybe it's not good enough for you, but for others, it's the right stuff. It isn't nothing, though.

The 10th Rider131d ago

I think people are also seriously overstating what Sony is publishing for the year. God of War, Detroit, Dreams, Spiderman , and two remakes. Microsoft has Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and Forza Horizon 4. I don't really count remakes considering the Xbox One can already play tons more older games, which would make it 4 VS 3. There's a definite difference in *quality*, but it's not like Sony is publishing that many more titles this year than Microsoft is.

As I said, huge difference in quality, as Forza Horizon is really the only one of Microsoft titles that will be critically acclaimed, but in terms of quantity there's really not a huge difference.

AngelicIceDiamond132d ago

Fanboy calls another person a fanboy, typical fanboy 101. I got no history of fanboyism unless you can point to where I talked down at Sony or spread, hate, negative agenda's, lies, or just a asshole pessimist towards Sony. And yes you did say that you said " If wishes were horses". Its like spitting in someones face and saying you didn't do it or denied it. Are you really that stupid, extreme denial, or living in your own world? Or all 3, most likely all 3.

Sony isn't the issue I like Sony its their annoying ass fans such as yourself I have big time problems with and can't stay out of Xbox articles. If you gotta be a fanboy do it on Sony articles, bash, hate, lie, make fun of, high five around the MS hate parade for all I care just do it in articles you like. Doing what you do to a piece of entertainment that you hate, but others may like, makes you look like an asshole and gives me the right to take you down ( in which I will every time so get use to it) because I consume Xbox content amongst other gaming content. Fanboyism is a choice and you're choosing it, now suffer the consequences and get owned every single time, because you know I'm a little tired of it, just a little.

As I said wheres all the multimedia stuff and what happen to MS being a 3rd party ONLY. Tell me where bro?

michellelynn0976131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

You said exactly what a lot of us think. It is like, no one on this site is allowed to be happy but Sony fans. The radicals on here take a lot of fun out of this site. I am happy for Microsoft fans and MS looks like they will be buulding a bright future.

Sitdown131d ago

I agree with you both; regardless of what Microsoft does, people will knock it. It's like they can't enjoy their console of choice without bashing other's preferred system if it differs from theirs. Unless you own stock in your preferred gaming platform, it's just ridiculous. While these companies have competing systems, they are competing together to keep our hobby alive.

AngelicIceDiamond132d ago

"These are basic things that should have been done and for now yet more promises for the future." So now these are basic things now no big deal right? So whatever happened to MS being a service only? No new console? They'll never have exclusives? You must love the taste of your foot.

JaguarEvolved132d ago

Halo, gears, Forza? Then revealing indie studios with a mediocre studio that'll probably have games in probably 3years or more. Microsoft failed at e3

Automatic79132d ago


For once admit the show was good and stop trying to downplay. The show was well paced, had excellent reveal and shows MS is doubling down on Xbox.

Elda131d ago

I agree with ChrisX,he stated exactly what I thought.

SuperSonic91131d ago

The 8th Gen of Consoles are coming to an end and its kinda too late for this so called master class. None of them five is even in yhe league of Mojang ot how Rare used to be or even Naughty Dog for that matter.
We want games not promises.

Aceman18131d ago

It was a good presser, but nothing about it was masterclass come on now lol.

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PhoenixUp132d ago

But this conference didn’t do a good job at enticing people who otherwise wouldn’t get an Xbox One console to suddenly do so.

FallenAngel1984132d ago

This conference still didn’t do much to improve Xbox One’s 2018 exclusive lineup, which will be unlike the case with Sony’s & Nintendo’s upcoming conferences that will focus on a lot of upcoming 2018 exclusives.

But I guess when you been starved for quality exclusive content for so long, anything can seem masterclass.

ShottyatLaw132d ago

I'm not expecting much more for 2018 from Sony other than Spiderman, though. Do you really expect more?

Forza, Spiderman, and Smash plus Red Dead, Tomb Raider, Fallout, BFV, and so many others shows me that MS, Sony, and Nintendo would be wise to focus on 2019 instead, which it looks like they're doing.

It didn't get much attention, but I've also got high hopes for Ashen, too. It's my sleeper pick for indie of the year.

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XiNatsuDragnel132d ago

There conference was good, not masterclass.

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