Was Bethesda Able to Sell Fallout 76 at Their E3 Conference

Bethesda's conference has arrived, and there isn't a publisher in the industry that's able to celebrate themselves like Bethesda does. With the conference focusing on devs and gamers alike. With a focus on games like Rage 2, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein Young Blood, and most importantly Fallout 76. Was Todd Howard able to sell sceptical gamers like Joseph on the multiplayer focused survival RPG?

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Barneyco222d ago

If I can play offline without interference from other players I'm in, otherwise this is a pass.

PhantomS42222d ago

They said on stage it's online only. You can play by yourself but you will still be online.

Barneyco222d ago

That sucks. Thanks for the info.

Kane22222d ago

you arent really solo either...cause the other players can attack you at ant time which i dont like at all...its forced pvp in a pve environment..

Razzer222d ago

“you arent really solo either...cause the other players can attack you at ant time ”

What? Is that true? Then what he said about playing alone was a flat out lie.

MuddyWaters222d ago

I don't mind the always online if the world is constantly changing but I don't want PvP in my single player games. Too many idiots online. They do say your save progression goes with you (and your account) but to me it sounds like GT Sport where you can only save to the servers.

-Foxtrot222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Anytime a developer says something like " can still play solo" as a finishing thought it usually means that it'll be half arsed as it's not aimed at you, a way to secure more sales.

Heard it before with Destiny, The Division, Wildlands, For Honour and hearing it with Anthem...what it means is that you can but you won't get full experience, you'll get a half arsed one where you'll still be online and won't have functions like the single player games do.

UltraNova222d ago

Guys instead of consuming yourselves just wait for the game to release let some reliable reviews come out and decide wether to get the game or not. Forget pre orders and day 1 stuff if you dont like the idea of a shared online half assed SP prospect and whatnot. Its as simple as that.

-Foxtrot222d ago


Free country...

Palitera222d ago

"Players can attack you at anytime":
There's a source for it? In the conference it is never said you can attacked while playing SOLO.

"Half arsed SP":
It's a MP game, no doubt. You can play it solo, but MP is how devs imagine/balance their MP games. Even coop games are not "meant" to be played alone.
There are a few exceptions, like Borderlands and Diablo, but everyone expecting a full Fallout (lots of heavy choices, lots of big consequences etc) out of this is probably going to be severely disappointed.

It's a MP game.

fiveby9222d ago

What is the difference if the occasional player is human controlled or game AI? Is it really that different than running across an NPC in a traditional SP game? If anything it makes the challenge better. I think running across other players may not be constant anyway as the map is very large and only a relatively small number of players will be on map at the same time.

Palitera222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

The difference is so huge I won't even explain.

Just a tip: if you encounter another player, there's around a 50% odd that you'll either kill or be killed. This is very very far from the odds of a single player game, where you also make your own pace.

Elwenil222d ago


That is kind of the point. If this setting were real, if there was a real apocalypse, and people were struggling to survive and competing for resources, this is how it would be. Just like the "Dark Zone" from The Division was in the beginning before Massive screwed it up, you could cooperate, or go adversarial. You had to keep your guard up and protect what was yours, but at the same time, you might not have wanted to risk an unnecessary battle that you might lose. I think it creates an interesting tension to the game and not knowing if a player is friendly or not or is going to betray you or not is a good game dynamic. It adds an extra layer of depth to the conflict. Unlike a competitive shooter where you know who your friends and enemies are, in the wasteland, you won't know and they won't know. You could possibly trade with them to the benefit of both, you could kill them to wipe out their settlement, you could team up to take on a Deathclaw, or you could just shoot each other on sight. I'm sure there will be some of the latter, but then 90% of the enemies in any of the Fallout games will try to kill you on sight. Raiders, Super Mutants, various factions, etc.

For me it all depends on how the players and Bethesda handle it. It could be a very interesting dynamic or it could turn into the cowardly troll-fest that GTA Online turned out to be. But I am going to give it a chance since I love Fallout and I like the idea of everyone starting from scratch and not knowing who they can trust. I'm sure there will be frustrating moments and moronic players who just want to be a childish pain in the ass, but I think it can be managed.

morganfell222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

"For me it all depends on how the players and Bethesda handle it. It could be a very interesting dynamic or it could turn into the cowardly troll-fest that GTA Online turned out to be."

Let's be honest. Think about the nature of a great many gamers. Which do you think it will be? See? People will love to get together and just spend all their time robbing and killing the people that want to explore, build, and experience something besides continually looking at the You Have Been Killed screen. Pretty soon the only way to survive is to commit the same actions. Now it isn't Fallout, its The Road Warrior.

Of course if you are having to fight a lot it makes those add on packs of weapons, materials, sentry guns, etc etc a lot more tempting to purchase.

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Aclancy83222d ago

That’s exactly how I feel, not really into playing mp let alone a fallout game in mp so if I can play offline by myself then I’d consider getting this game during a sale. I have a feeling this game is gonna be full of MT’s unfortunately.

Thunder_G0d_Bane222d ago

Well it’s not for you and that’s ok.

I on the other hand was not expecting a sequel to fallout 4 cause it’s too soon an elder scrolls sequel is due beforehand.

So this is a welcome surprise for me an online only fallout. I’m sooo in for this.

fiveby9222d ago

I am intrigued. I would like to know more. Frankly my console is always online so being online for me is about the same as saying I keep the electricity on. I'm fine with Bethesda taking some risks. Maybe some people won't like the changes and that's their choice. I won't pre-order as I can just wait till November to see what the game is like before purchasing. But I am hopeful the game could be fun. Frankly, I enjoy co-op games and 'some' pvp. Bethesda did say it was not some amusement park type of gameplay. We shall see....

Kane22222d ago

but heres the thing. bethesda just like other companies are still trying to get solo players to buy their game...

Thunder_G0d_Bane222d ago


And I agree, I really think they should be absolutely clear about what type of game to expect. Same with Anthem.

Problem is, that publishers care about profit margins and want everyone they can to buy the game.

Sad for us unfortunately. But this is why it pays to be a well informed consumer.

nucky64222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

you just stated my thoughts exactly.

edit- thanks for the info below guys. it's a pass for me.

DevilishSix222d ago

Sorry Barneyco its an always online game according to Todd Howard. You can play solo be its primarily an online multiplayer survival game or at least that was my take from the show.

manabyte77222d ago

I’m kinda surprised nobody has brought up the absence of the V.A.T.S. system. That combat really set the game apart from other FPS. It was noticeably absent from the trailers, Todd Howard didn’t say a word about it, and I’m not sure how you’d implement it in an all online world. That’s one of the best mechanics in Fallout, and it’s actually a bigger deal breaker for me than being pure online.

Thunder_G0d_Bane221d ago

Well obviously VATS can’t be used in an online game. You can’t freeze time with other players in the same world.

And how easy would it be to get kills if you can target someone’s head each time with VATS.

This isn’t fallout 5. It’s a fallout mmo basically.

Nineball2112222d ago

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but could you even use the V.A.T.S. system if it's an online game?

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deckardreplicant222d ago

They kinda did and didn't it's polarising for sure

Thunder_G0d_Bane222d ago

I thought Todd Howard did a great job detailing the game. I’m so amped for it.

This is what BioWare needed to do with anthem. Cause we didn’t get any real details about what the aim of the game is. I was left confused about anthem. It’s obviously a destiny like game but they gave us nothing.

fiveby9222d ago

I thought the presentation was very good. I am interested and not upset it has an online requirement. That just doesn't bother me anymore. Looking forward to seeing more about FO76 and am cautiously optimistic.

Opinionatedlovesme222d ago

Why? Why is there so much hate on N4G for online games? I never get it. This will be the same Fallout we all love and enjoy. Now your friends can actually join you in that fun of exploring. People have been asking for years for a coop fallout.

Barneyco222d ago

I don't hate online its just not my jam. I hope the people who want the online fallout experience have fun. I just wont give them my money and move on.

Palitera222d ago

It's a Fallout aimed for MP.
How can this be the "same Fallout we all love and enjoy".

I'm probably gonna buy it mostly because of its novelty factor, but it's not the same game at all.

nucky64222d ago

being online isn't really the issue for me - having to engage in pvp over and over is the problem. if the game can be played without interference from other players, i'm all for it.

BuildTheWall222d ago

Many people don't have a stable internet connection , fast enough internet for online gaming & if they do have a stable internet connection that is fast enough for online gaming they don't want to put up with the douchebags commonly encountered online!!!

BayouGooner222d ago

Because of the amount of online griefing. Multiplayer games especially ones where there is a pvp encounter tend to be very toxic.

Really bummed about it because the co-op looks fun. But pvp pushes this game back for me. I wont purchase at full price. But maybe when it hits $20.

dumahim222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Did you watch the same presentation I did? The same Fallout that won't have VATS? No NPCs, dealing with random assholes online instead of taking my time, no hint of a story and pausing for a couple minutes when I want?

I understand some people like this kind of thing, but why turn Fallout in to this? Make something different instead.

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Veneno222d ago

They didn't communicate very well what the experience will be like. It was so vague. Im thinking this will be disappointing to a lot of fans.

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