E3 2018: Devolver Digital Press Conference

Cinco Miller, new CEO of Devolver Digital, presents... something.

Honestly not sure what it is, but they call it a Press Conference. So, just roll with it.

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SegaGamer189d ago

Well, that was a waste of time XD

And i thought EA and Bethesda were bad, this takes bad to a new level. Seriously, i wouldn't waste your time with this, it was terrible.

thatguyhayat189d ago

Bethesda was that bad. Elder scroll 6 was the best announcement today

Larrysweet189d ago

That was no announcment it was stupid scroll over to shut folks up we knew was in dev thats ps5 xbox 2 game after starfield

UltraNova189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Starfield (i think its called) should be good. A proper sci fi game by them is surely an exciting thing, right? I only hope they use a new up to date engine with both SF and ES!

milohighclub188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I hope starfield has the aliens from fallout as a race...Along with the energy guns and flying saucers. Or even the typical "grey" Dunno why space games shy away from them when they are such a large spread phenomenon...

Null1980189d ago

Wow. So that's what acid feels like.

ziggurcat189d ago

no... that was much worse than acid. trust me on that.

Brave_Losers_Unite189d ago

You actually think EA was better than this? You are not a gamer my friend

SegaGamer188d ago

Yes, this was terrible, very unfunny, and they only showed 3 games. It was a waste of time.

PhantomS42189d ago

This was a nice refresher after that terrible Bethesda one. Hilarious.

porkChop189d ago

Devolver tries *way* too hard to be funny and edgy. Last year was so cringey I had to turn it off. This year is no different.

They're a good publisher, but they really shouldn't be holding conferences if this is the best they can do.

Christopher189d ago

Just FYI, it's not really a conference. It's them filming it on a stage and using canned audiences and sounds. This thing was likely fully recorded last month and then edited together.

porkChop189d ago

Oh I know it's not live, neither was last year's.

Christopher189d ago

Just making sure. You never know on the Internet.

MuddyWaters188d ago

So was it all satire? I turned it off after about 5 minutes.

Christopher188d ago

There were three game announcements in there as well. I think all but one already known.

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1-pwnsause-1189d ago

Better than Konami E3 2010 presser, that was trash

1nsomniac188d ago

Come on man, what is it with people taking this serious.

It’s a gaming convention. It’s a publisher making a 20 minute entertainment piece & promoting some of their games. While at the same time making fun of how fake the industry is.

It’s just clever marketing. The fact that there’s somehow people out there that think it’s real just feeds into the ironic stupidity of its theme.

porkChop188d ago

I'm well aware that it's not serious or "real". That's quite obvious. But that doesn't make it any less cringey or unfunny.

Segata189d ago

People actually bought that thing btw.

ziggurcat188d ago

it's $150 for one of those things - I didn't check right at the beginning, but it would be really funny if the price just went up with each purchase or something like they said it would in the video.

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The story is too old to be commented.