Play Skyrim Like Never Before with the Skyrim - Very Special Edition

At long last, Skyrim is coming to the Amazon Echo as an audio-based adventure. It's the Elder Scrolls/Dungeons & Dragons crossover you've always wanted!
P.S. This is a joke. This is only a joke.

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Relientk771316d ago

This video was hilarious, absolutely loved it!

-Foxtrot1316d ago

They can take a joke...I'll give them that XD

aarogree1315d ago

I just tried it out on my Amazon Echo Dot. It works.
It may have been a joke, but it's a joke that is real.

ZaWarudo1316d ago

But will the Etch-A-Sketch version support mods?

aarogree1316d ago

I'm still hoping for a Speak & Spell port.

porkChop1316d ago

That was hilarious. But I will admit, as someone who used to play text adventures I was actually excited at the possibility.

aarogree1315d ago

Ditto. I'm hoping this is one of those (not) April Fool's jokes that begins life as a joke but eventually becomes real.

Bhuahahaha1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

ahahaha he's good.
feels like he really love skyrim

ninsigma1315d ago

Ha awesome! They should totally make that a thing! XD

aarogree1315d ago

They did. It is an actual part of Amazon Alexa.

Try it out.

ninsigma1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Oooh nice. Don't have an echo though :(

xPhearR3dx1315d ago

You don't need the Echo or any Amazon device. You can just download the Alexa app, link your Amazon account and get the "Skyrim - Very Special Edition" from the Amazon store and you're good to go.

ninsigma1315d ago

Whoa awesome, did not see that coming xD
Will have to give it a shot, thanks!