Fallout 76 Is Releasing This November 14th

Bethesda revealed details about Fallout 76 Collector's Edition. Also, they revealed the release date for Fallout 76.


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ZaWarudo131d ago

VATS? Story? i need more information.

JaguarEvolved131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Lol. Rubbish. So many games going online so they can continuously siphon money from players. This is the new thing and I'll be staying away from them. If a game has a proper single player campaign that i can play without being online and it has online elements then I'm interested. To each his own

FlameBaitGod131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

You can play it off-line..........

Not really

-Foxtrot131d ago


Oh? You can select “play offline” can you? No? Then it’s not offline

You can play online and ignore players to go solo, that’s it...not the same

Lightning Mr Bubbles131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

So divided on this. Partly I'm disappointed and thinking, it's what I feared, just an online game not a real fallout game. But there was times when I played Fallout 4 and I was building my settlements that I felt this would be perfect to create and share, and have other people see my settlement and vise versa. So I can see the idea, and it might be fun. I'm just so divided, never been this divided about a game. They did mentioned you could play on your own but are they really taking the single player story serious or just tacking it on to an online game kinda of like the first Destiny.

I am a bit excited, if nothing else because it's coming out this year. But I am super divided, not sure how serious to take this as a Fallout game. Don't know if I'm looking at it wrong to just think it's a not a mainline Fallout game, just a mmorpg Fallout. Not even sure if Bestheda knows, they're just tying something and see what happens.

-Foxtrot131d ago

Always Online...I agree

This is not Fallout. It's like they wanted to do Fallout: Online but didn't want it to clash with Elder Scrolls Online

If you can't pause as a single player gamer then you are playing by Online rules, that's forced whether you try to defend it or not.

MONOLITHICIDE131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Thought it was stated can be played singleplayer aswell.

dumahim131d ago

You can play on your own, as in no friends, but being entirely online it would seem all the other people in the game will still be controlled by real people. Of course they didn't make it very clear, but I think when they said "entirely online" is very telling.

-Foxtrot131d ago (Edited 131d ago )


You can play solo you just wont get the full experience as it's not made for single player gamers

How many times during a Deathclaw fight would you go into your inventory, where it would PAUSE, so you can sort shit out? You won't get that in this game, it will be like Destiny, The Division and Monster Hunter Online where you get no breathers.

I like taking my time and I just can't believe they can't do an offline mode.

It's so sad to see people support this, it could have a DRASTIC effect on their future games, I don't want to see online in their main games.

porkChop131d ago

"You can play solo you just wont get the full experience as it's not made for single player gamers"

That's just not true. That goes against everything Bethesda stands for. Just because they're adding multiplayer doesn't mean solo players won't get the full experience. Todd Howard made very clear that they wanted to still provide the same great solo experience they're known for. Adding multiplayer doesn't take away from that.

-Foxtrot131d ago


“Todd Howard made very clear that they wanted to still provide the same great solo experience they're known for”

Really? You believe that? How many times have developers said something like this?

COME’s to sell more copies and calm people down, you must know that deep down

If they wanted to stand with what they are known for this game wouldn’t exist.

porkChop131d ago

"How many times have developers said something like this?"

Bethesda hasn't. They haven't done this before. Even ESO wasn't made by them. Bethesda has a proven record of providing great solo experiences. There's nothing to suggest that won't be the case with Fallout 76.

I get that other devs have made those promises and failed to deliver on them, but we're talking about a studio that lives and breathes singleplayer. They've consistently provided great SP experiences when everyone else has been moving away from those.

I understand being skeptical, that's fine, but you're going beyond that. You're acting like you know this as fact, as if it's literally impossible for Bethesda to do it right unlike everyone else.

No Way131d ago

Foxtrot - "If they wanted to stand with what they are known for this game wouldn’t exist. "

So, essentially.. they should just ignore what millions of their fans are asking for? If you don't want an online Fallout, MOVE ON. Why is that concept SO HARD for people on this site? Regardless, millions of their fans want a co-operative/online Fallout. And now they are getting it; deal with it.

-Foxtrot131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Millions of fans were not asking for this, just a very noisy minority who weren’t happy with what Fallout was in the first place

Don’t kid yourself, it wasn’t loosing them sales or money

If it ain’t broke...

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PhantomS42131d ago

The more they showed the worse it got =/ Fell into the nope pile when they said online only

winter_hill131d ago ShowReplies(1)
Vegamyster131d ago

I was worried it would have been a straight Dayz/Rust clone in a Fallout skin but this looks solid, shame it's always online but at least you can play the story/quests by yourself, looks like it will be a lot of fun with friends.

showtimefolks131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

No fallout 3 remaster

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